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2024 Kawasaki Jet Ski Lineup [Price List, Specs, Videos]

2024 Kawasaki Jet Ski Lineup [Price List, Specs, Videos]

Just like Sea-Doo, Kawasaki also released its new PWC lineup at the end of this year. Without further ado, 2024 Kawasaki Jet Ski models and their price tags are as follows (MSRP, USD):

  • SX-R 160: $11,999
  • STX 160: $11,999
  • STX 160X: $12,599
  • STX 160LX: $14,299
  • ULTRA 160LX-S: $17,199
  • ULTRA 160LX: $18,199
  • ULTRA 310X: $19,199
  • ULTRA 310LX-S: $20,199
  • ULTRA 310LX: $21,199
If you want to find out more about these models and their features, you’ve come to the right place.

We at JetDrift have compiled all you need to know into this post!

What’s New in 2024?

Despite Kawasaki Jet Skis celebrating its 50th anniversary, the Japanese manufacturer isn’t surprising its fans with too many novelties.

To be more precise, except for the appealing anniversary color schemes and higher price tags, 2024 Kawasaki models are completely identical to their 2023 predecessors.

You read that right, there isn’t a single new model, an upgraded engine, or at even any new gadgets for the celebration.

It’s quite sad, especially in light of the fact that competitor manufacturers came up with a lot of upgrades for this season.

For example, Yamaha released its new 200hp, 1.9L HO marine engine as a replacement for the proven 1.8L HO.

Meanwhile, the Canadian Sea-Doo revealed the amazing RXP-X 325 and RXT-X 325, which deliver an industry-leading performance of 325hp. Besides these high-performance skis, the Spark series was also revamped for its 10th anniversary.

In contrast, Kawasaki only upgraded their Jet Ski line with some new dresses.

Nevertheless, let’s get down to the nitty-gritty and talk about these models in detail.

2024 Yamaha Kawasaki Jet Ski Lineup

2024 Kawasaki SX-R 160

The Kawasaki SX-R 160 is the most powerful stand-up PWC in the marketplace.

This model was released as SX-R 1500 in 2017 and was rebranded to SX-R 160 for the 2023 season.

Aside from its new name and color scheme, this ski has been manufactured unchanged since 2017.

In terms of specifications, the SX-R 160 is built on a very large platform, which is considered the most stable stand-up jet ski hull available. It measures 104.5 inches in length, 30.1 inches in width, and 33.1 inches in height, while its curb weight is a whopping 551 pounds.

Under the hood, you can find the proven naturally-aspirated, 4-stroke, 1498cc, DOHC, inline-4 engine rated at 160hp. This power source is shared with the STX 160 and Ultra 160 series.

Kawasaki markets the 2024 STX 160 for an MSRP of $11,999, which means a price increase of $400.

2024 Kawasaki STX 160 Series

Kawasaki revealed its recreation-class STX 160 for the 2020 model year as the upgraded version of the deservedly popular STX-15F.

This means the hull, engine, and pump were carried over from the 15F without any significant changes. On the other hand, the new STX 160 has an entirely new top deck and a wide range of innovative features.

Regarding dimensions, the ski is 124.1 inches long, 46.5 inches wide, and 54.4 inches high. You can expect its curb weight to be anywhere from 864-878 pounds depending on the model.

Its power source is the 1498cc, 160hp, inline-4 Kawasaki engine, which is pretty much the same as you will find in any non-supercharged Kawasaki Jet Ski.

The biggest drawback of the STX 160 is that it lacks an electric brake and reverse system, and only features a manual reverse.

Even though the manufacturer has already introduced its “KSRD” (Kawasaki Smart Reverse With Deceleration) system, it’s only available on Ultra models.

The 2024 STX 160 series involves three different models, which are as follows:

  • STX 160: $11,999 (up: $600)
  • STX 160X: $12,599 (up: $600)
  • STX 160LX: $14,299 (up: $600)
You can find out more and compare these models in this detailed STX 160 review.

2024 Kawasaki Ultra 310 Series

The Kawasaki Ultra 310 series represents the high-end supercharged models in the Kawasaki Jet Ski fleet.

These luxurious skis were completely redesigned from scratch for the 2022 season.

They returned with a new 22.5-degree, deep-V hull, a revolutionary top deck design, an electric brake, and reverse system, a rearview camera, and many other bells and whistles.

They come with impressive dimensions since they measure 140.9 inches in length, 47 inches in width, and 46.5 inches in height. The curb weight of these models averages between 1032-1089 pounds.

These large heavy machines can be used for various activities like touring, and PWC fishing.

Unlike the body and features, the engine of the Ultra 310 series was carried over from its predecessor. This unit is a supercharged configuration of the 1498cc, inline-4 engine, rated at 310hp.

Until the appearance of the 325hp Sea-Doo engine, this was the most powerful PWC engine off the shelf.

Except for its new color schemes, the Ultra 310 series has been marketed without any noticeable changes since 2022.

The 2024 Kawasaki Ultra 310 models and their price tags are as follows:

  • ULTRA 310X: $19,199 (up: $900)
  • ULTRA 310LX-S: $20,199 (up: $900)
  • ULTRA 310LX: $21,199 (up: $900)

2024 Kawasaki Ultra 160 Series

As the name suggests, the Kawasaki Ultra 160 series is a mix of the STX 160 and Ultra 310 lines.

These Jet Skis house the naturally-aspirated 160hp engine option but borrow their massive deep-V platform and features from their 310hp brothers.

This all-new Ultra 160 series was released in mid-2023 as a replacement for the outdated Ultra LX.

Except for the new color schemes, this line has remained unchanged for this model year.

The models and the prices of the 2024 Ultra 160 series are as follows:

  • ULTRA 160LX-S: $17,199 (up: $900)
  • ULTRA 160LX: $18,199 (up: $900)

2024 Kawasaki Jet Ski Price List

For better comparisons, we’ve listed the 2024 Kawasaki Jet Ski models and their prices in one chart:
ModelMSRP ($)HPTop Speed (mph)
STX 160$11,99916062
SX-R 160$11,99916062
STX 160X$12,59916062
STX 160LX$14,29916062
ULTRA 160LX-S$17,19916052
ULTRA 160LX$18,19916052
ULTRA 310X$19,19931067
ULTRA 310LX-S$20,19931067
ULTRA 310LX$21,19931067
This chart is for informational purposes only! For more information, please contact an authorized Kawasaki Jet Ski dealership.


It’s safe to say that 2024 Kawasaki Jet Skis are completely identical to their 2023 predecessors.

Except for the 50th-anniversary color schemes, the 2024 lineup was carried over to 2023 without any changes. Despite this, prices climbed up $400-$900 depending on the model.

The cheapest Kawasaki Jet Skis in 2024 are the SX-R 160 stand-up and the base STX 160, which share a modest price tag of $11,999.

The latter is offered in two upper-level configurations (160X, 160LX), which cost $12,599 and $14,299, respectively.

These skis are classed in the recreation model line and come with mid-sized hulls and a 160hp naturally- aspirated engine.

If you are looking for a larger non-supercharged Jet Ski with electric brake and reverse, the Ultra 160 series is for you. These models are built on the 310 platform but feature the naturally-aspirated 160hp engine option.

Be prepared to pay $17,199-$18,199 for these innovative machines.

The high-end luxury models in the 2024 Jet Ski lineup are the Ultra 310s, including the 310X, 310LX, and 310LX-S.

They come with an abundance of convenience features and the high-end 310hp supercharged engine option.

The only drawback of these skis is their hefty price tags, which range between $19,199 and $21,199 this year.