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BRP just revealed its 2024 Sea-Doo PWC lineup, which includes the following models (starting prices, USD):

  • Spark 60 for 2: $6,999
  • Spark 90 for 2: $8,399
  • Spark 90 for 3: $8,299
  • Spark Trixx for 1: $9,099
  • Spark Trixx for 3 : $9,699
  • GTI 130: $11,499
  • GTI SE 130: $12,299
  • GTI SE 170: $12,899
  • Wake 170: $14,099
  • GTR 230: $14,099
  • Fish Pro Scout 130: $15,099
  • GTX 170 $15,199
  • GTX 230: $16,199
  • GTR-X 300: $16,999
  • Fish Pro Sport 170: $17,399
  • GTX 300: $17,899
  • Wake Pro 230: $18,399
  • Explorer Pro 170: $18,899
  • RXP-X 325: $19,199
  • GTX Limited 300: $19,699
  • Explorer Pro 230: $19,899
  • RXT-X 325: $19,999
  • Fish Pro Trophy 170: $20,499

(Besides PWCs, the popular Switch pontoon boats are still part of the fleet, and the new Sea-Doo Rise is also coming soon!)

If you want to find out more about the 2024 Sea-Doo Lineup, this post is for you.

We at JetDrift have compiled all you need to know under one roof!

What’s New in the 2024 Sea-Doo PWC Lineup?

The 2024 Sea-Doo PWC lineup returns with some major changes, the most important of which are the following:

  • New 325hp engine (availability: RXP-X 325, RXT-X 325)
  • New PWC model #1: 2024 Explorer Pro 230
  • New PWC model #2: 2024 GTR-X 300
  • New Boat: Switch Cruise Limited
  • Discontinued model: RXP-X APEX 300
  • Redesigned Spark family
  • iDF (debris removal) is standard on additional models
  • New color schemes
  • Higher prices

Let’s drill into the nitty-gritty and talk about these changes in detail!

2024 Sea-Doo PWC Lineup

New 325hp Sea-Doo Engine

There’s no question that the most important novelty in the 2024 Sea-Doo PWC lineup is the upgraded 325hp Rotax 1630 ACE engine.

This 4-stroke, supercharged, 1630cc, triple-cylinder Rotax marine engine is based on the proven 300hp variant, which has been in production since 2016.

Are you wondering what the difference is between this new 325hp power mill and its predecessor?

In a nutshell, the key upgrades on the new Rotax 1630 ACE 325hp include:

  • All new, faster-spinning supercharger (smaller impeller, larger intake, etc.)
  • Ceramic thermal-coated pistons for less friction and better heat mitigation
  • Lower crankcase
  • Upgraded, thicker valve rockers
  • Exhaust manifold with o2 sensor
  • Larger diameter, less restrictive air intake
  • Redesigned intake valve train for increased airflow
  • Increased REV limit (8000 to 8250 RPM)
  • Fully upgraded fuel system
  • Upgraded engine management system
  • Updated spark plugs

Are you wondering where this extra 25hp is coming from?

Simply put, the new faster-spinning supercharger combined with increased maximum engine RPMs can deliver this extra power without any issues.

Thanks to these upgrades, the 325hp Rotax ACE 1630 is now the most powerful jet ski engine out of the box.

(Its closest competitor is Kawasaki’s supercharged 1498cc, inline-4 Jet Ski engine rated at 310hp.)

These extra ponies translate to an industry-leading power-to-weight ratio and incredible acceleration. According to the manufacturer, the latest 325hp RXP-X can do the 0 to 60 mph run in 3.4 seconds!

The all-new 325hp engine is only available in the RXT-X 325 and the RXP-X 325, but we’re sure that it will find its way to other high-end models like the GTX and GTR series very soon.

The 2024 RXP-X 325 is almost identical to the 2023 RXP-X 300 Apex 300 except for its upgraded 325hp engine and new color scheme. This means the APEX-exclusive features including the fiberglass hood and the hydraulic steering damper come standard on the base RXP-X 325.

The RXT-X 325 also enjoys the new 325hp power source, but the rest of the ski was carried over without any noticeable changes.

To the greatest delight of many fans, it still enjoys the popular Premium Tech Package.

Let’s move on and talk about the new 2024 Sea-Doo models!

New Sea-Doo Models in the 2024 Lineup

There are only two new Sea-Doo models in the 2024 lineup, which are namely the Explorer Pro 230 and the revived GTR-X 300.

The latter is the bigger brother of the proven GTR 230, but it enjoys an unleashed 300hp engine power.

These siblings share the same PolyTec 2.0 GTI hull, top deck, aluminum steering column, and the race-inspired Ergolock seat borrowed from the RXP-X.

Consequently, it’s safe to say that the GTR-X 300 is basically a Sea-Doo GTI with a 300hp supercharged engine. This combination promises a lot of fun!

Another new model in the 2024 Sea-Doo fleet is the Explorer Pro 230, which is a supercharged version of the proven Explorer Pro 170.

Aside from their engine power, the body and the features of the naturally-aspirated Explorer Pro 170 and its supercharged 230hp variant are basically identical.

Upgraded Sea-Doo Spark Family

BRP also redesigned its deservedly popular Sea-Doo Spark for the 10th anniversary of this extremely popular series.

But no, contrary to expectations the little Sparks still haven’t received the larger 1630cc Rotax engine!

Despite the rumors of a more powerful Spark X, the power source of the 2024 Spark models is still the tiny Rotax 900 ACE triple rated at 60/90hp.

Therefore, if you are looking for a more powerful Sea-Doo Spark, your only option is to consider some aftermarket mods.

But unlike the engine, the body of the Spark has been revised for the new season.

Although the new model and its predecessor look quite similar at first glance, the body received some key improvements.

In a nutshell, the changes on the revamped 2024 Sea-Doo Spark include:

  • Smoother body lines
  • Redesigned rear platform with new rear grab handles for easier reboarding
  • All Sea-Doo Spark models are equipped with the electronic IBR system (Electronic brake, neutral, and reverse.)
  • LinQ accessory attachment points on the rear deck
  • LinQ Lite mounting ports in the gunwales
  • Mounting points for fenders and GoPro cameras on the hood
  • Larger glovebox with watertight smartphone compartment
  • Deck opening to reach the spark plugs, battery, fuse box, and oil filter (without removing the top deck)
  • Redesigned, more convenient seats (for 2 or 3 riders depending on the model)
  • Redesigned portable BRP Audio system
  • Larger, 11-gallon front storage bucket (optional)
  • 5” digital display (features: riding modes, fuel gauge, speedometer, tachometer, temperature, time until empty, and more)

Changes on the 2024 Sea-Doo Spark Trixx include:

  • New, one-person freestyle saddle (1- or 3-person saddles come as options)
  • Redesigned, textured rear deck
  • Revamped iBR bucket (a.k.a. reverse gate) for faster stops and more advanced tricks
  • Redesigned foot wedges for better support and comfort

Other features like a unique color scheme, adjustable steering neck, and extended VTS still come standard on the Spark TRIXX.

Many riders agree that the best improvements on the Spark TRIXX are its one-person seat and the more advanced iBR reverse gate.

These upgrades make sit-down freestyle tricks like powerslides, “submarines”, and donuts much easier!

Other Upgrades and Price Changes

In addition to the above, we also have to mention that the Sea-Doo exclusive iDF comes standard on more models this year.

Labeled as Intelligent Debris Free (iDF) system, this innovative feature appeared on the first Sea-Doos back in 2021. Although the early iDF-equipped models had some flaws, this system is now quite reliable.

On the other hand, it’s good to know that the 325hp engine variant can’t be opted for with iDF due to its unique design.

Besides these upgrades and some new graphics, we can also see some significantly higher price tags.


As one may expect, prices of the latest Sea-Doos have risen significantly.

As a rule of thumb, the price increase of most Sea-Doos falls into the neighborhood of $300-$1,000, but some upper-level models like the Explorer Pro 170 and the RXP-X 325 cost $2,100 and $2,400 more, respectively.

Therefore, the average 2024 Sea-Doo prices by class are as follows (starting prices, USD):

  • Rec-Lite: $6,999 – $9,699
  • Recreation: $11,499 – 12,899
  • Tow-Sports: 14,099 – $18,399
  • Adventure: $18,899 – $19,899
  • Fishing: $15,099 – $20,499
  • Performance: $14,099 -$19,999
  • Touring: $15,199 – $19,699

The Canadian manufacturer also released a new Switch pontoon boat christened as Switch Cruise Limited. It’s based on the 21-footer 230hp Switch Cruise but comes with more bells and whistles.

This top-of-the-line model is intended to be the flagship Sea-Doo Switch, which is reflected in its price tag of $50,999.

The starting prices of the 2024 Sea-Doo Switch pontoons by class are as follows (USD):

  • Switch (Base): $23,699 – $36,199
  • Switch Sport: $28,299 – $42,699
  • Switch Cruise: $33,099 – $50,999

Although these prices look attractive, don’t forget that Switch pontoon boats are highly customizable, and their options and accessories don’t come cheap.

If you want to read and compare the 2024 Sea-Doo prices in one list, keep reading!

2024 Sea-Doo Prices

For your convenience, we’ve compiled the 2024 Sea-Doo models and prices into these charts:

2024 Sea-Doo PWC Prices

ModelMSRP (USD)HPTop Speed (mph)
Spark 60 for 2$6,9996042
Spark 90 for 3$8,2999050
Spark 90 for 2$8,3999050
Spark Trixx for 1$9,0999050
Spark Trixx for 3$9,6999050
GTI 130$11,49913052
GTI SE 130$12,29913052
GTI SE 170$12,89917055
Wake 170$14,09917055
GTR 230$14,09923067
Fish Pro Scout 130$15,09913052
GTX 170$15,19917058
GTX 230$16,19923067
GTR-X 300$16,99930067
Fish Pro Sport 170$17,39917055
GTX 300$17,89930067
Wake Pro 230$18,39923067
Explorer Pro 170$18,89917055
RXP-X 325$19,19932567
GTX Limited 300$19,69930067
Explorer Pro 230$19,89923067
RXT-X 325$19,99932567
Fish Pro Trophy 170$20,49917055

2024 Sea-Doo Switch Prices

ModelMSRP ($)Lenght (ft)HP
Switch (Base)$23,69913’130
Switch (Base)$27,69916’130
Switch (Base)$36,19919’170
Switch Sport$28,99913’170
Switch Sport$39,69918’230
Switch Sport$42,69921’230
Switch Cruise$33,19918’130
Switch Cruise$37,19918’170
Switch Cruise$40,69918’230
Switch Cruise$40,69921’170
Switch Cruise$43,69921’230
Switch Cruise Limited$50,99921’230

These charts are for informational purposes only! For exact specifications, please contact an authorized Sea-Doo dealership.


The 2024 Sea-Doo lineup is far less exciting than the previous years’ when BPR introduced the innovative Switch pontoons and the unique Explorer Pro series.

However, the good news is that we got more this season than just some “bold new graphics.”

As a takeaway, we’ve listed the key upgrades and novelties in the latest Sea-Doo lineup:

  • New 325hp engine (availability: RXP-X 325, RXT-X 325)
  • New PWC model #1: 2024 Explorer Pro 230
  • New PWC model #2: 2024 GTR-X 300
  • New Boat: Switch Cruise Limited
  • Discontinued model: RXP-X APEX 300
  • Redesigned Spark family
  • iDF (debris removal) is standard on additional models
  • New color schemes
  • Higher prices

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