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The 5 Best Jet Ski Forums to Join

The 5 Best Jet Ski Forums to Join

Are you looking for places to go where you can discuss watercrafts with other riders? Or, are you a beginner with a few questions?Either way, you should visit an online jet ski community! These amazing sites have helped countless riders over the years.

For your convenience, we at JetDrift have compiled the best jet ski forums available.

We’ll discuss what these forums are all about and take a short look into their stats as well.

Most of these sites are general jet ski forums, but you also can find some that are dedicated to a specific brand like Sea-Doo or WaveRunner.

It also has to be mentioned that all of these forums are US-based. This is not surprising since the US has the most jet ski owners in the world!

Now, without further ado, let’s take a closer look at the 5 best jet ski forums!

The 5 Best Jet Ski Forums

Based on our research, these are the 5 biggest online jet ski communities:
  • PWC Today: members: 107,400
  • Sea-Doo Forum: members: 88,800
  • GreenHulk: members: 63,300
  • PWC Forum: members: 30,500
  • X-H2O: members: 23,800
If you want to learn more about these PWC forums, keep reading!

PWC Today

PWC Today is arguably the largest online jet ski community. As of July 2020, this forum had 107,420 members, 295,130 threads, and 3,142,715 posts.

PWC Today was founded in 2000 by Rob Kennedy, and soon became the most popular jet ski forum.

In 2005, SBT, one of the biggest online retailers of jet ski parts, accessories, and engines acquired the website.

At that time, the forum had around 500,000 posts, and five years later it had over 2,000,000!

Nowadays, PWC Today is more than a regular online forum, as it merged with an online and catalog retailer, known as Watercraft Superstore.

Thanks to this fusion, forum members can easily purchase any part or accessory they need, as more than 5,000 items are available in the store.

Sea-Doo Forum

Sea-Doo Forum is the biggest and most active online Sea-Doo community. As of July 2020, this forum had 101,240 threads, 659,131 posts, and 88,819 members.

If you own a Sea-Doo, this community is for you!

Beyond Sea-Doo PWCs you can find topics on Sea-Doo boats, and some general topics for other PWC brands as well.

The site is owned and managed by PWC Muscle, another reputable PWC parts and accessories retailer.

The company also runs another general online jet ski forum, the PWC Extreme, plus numerous Facebook fan groups dedicated to various PWC brands and models.

Joe Zammataro, a well-known industry expert from PWC Muscle, can regularly be found on these forums. Let’s see what he says about these communities:

GreenHulk is arguably one of the best jet ski forums on the Internet. As of July 2020, the GreenHulk forum had an impressive 2,838,621 posts, 258,229 threads, and 63,365 members.

Just like the other forums listed above, this site supports an online store, known as PWC Performance.The owner and founder of these sites is Jerry Gaddis, who’s a well-known and respected expert in the PWC world.

In 2019 Jerry’s team launched a new store called GreenHook, which offers special jet ski fishing gear.

Jet ski fishing first appeared in South Africa, New Zealand, and Australia, and it’s gaining more and more fans worldwide.

This activity has also become popular in the US, causing a growing demand for PWC fishing accessories as well.

The GreenHulk team grabbed the opportunity and now supply PWC fishing enthusiasts with whatever they need!

PWC Forum

PWC Forum is a general jet ski forum dedicated to all brands, which was started in 2006. On this site, you can find discussions about maintenance, modifications, costs, and many other important topics.

As of July 2020, PWC Forum had around 67,000 posts and 30,500 members. If you already own a jet ski, or are considering buying one, you can find a lot of useful info here!

The site is owned by VerticalScope Inc., a multi-platform media company. VericalScope owns more than 800 websites where you can learn all about powersport vehicles, outdoor activities, technology, and more.


X-H2O is another popular jet ski forum, dedicated to freestyle and freeride jet skis. Although there are just a few of them still in production, these amazing crafts still have a large fan base.

This not surprising because these jet skis offer the best tricks, like backflips, barrel rolls and many more!X-H2O had only 23,800 members but they are very active, as you can find 135,157 threads and 1,639,459 posts on this forum!

If you have a freestyle jet ski, or just want to learn more about these unique crafts, the X-H2O community is for you!

Also, you may find our step-by-step guide on how to ride a stand-up jet ski useful.

Facebook Fan Groups

Beyond regular online jet ski forums, Facebook fan groups are also very popular. The main advantage of these communities is that they are typically dedicated to specific jet ski models.

If you are looking for model-specific jet ski communities, don’t forget to visit Facebook as well!

Why are Jet Ski Forums So Popular?

As you can see, there are many active jet ski forums on the Internet.

If you are wondering what the main advantages of these sites are, we’ve compiled the key benefits of them in a nutshell:

  • Provide comprehensive content/expert resources
  • Discussions with other jet ski owners and enthusiasts
  • Building new relationships
  • Selling or buying jet skis, parts, and accessories
  • Have fun (watching pictures and videos)
On the other hand, running these forums provides excellent opportunities for their owners as well. They receive the following benefits:
  • Free content
  • High search engine rankings
  • Earn money with ads, subscriptions, etc.
  • Interact with customers
  • Community building
  • Increased sales
  • Market research
  • Build loyalty
As you can see, forums offer plenty of benefits for the members and the owners as well. That’s why they are so popular!

This is our short compilation of the best jet ski forums. We hope you find it useful!