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Jet Ski Watersports Accessories: All You Need for Tow Sports

Jet Ski Watersports Accessories: All You Need for Tow Sports

Tow sports with jet skis have become more and more popular nowadays. Towing with a jet ski has some advantages, so many people choose a jet ski instead of a boat!

Jet skis are more affordable to buy and maintain. Beyond affordability, they’re much smaller and more lightweight compared to a boat. This means you can tow it easily with your car!

Due to these pros mentioned, on the water you can see more wakeboards and tubes being pulled by a jet ski. If you’re considering trying tow sports as well, you’ll definitely need the best jet ski watersports accessories available.

Before you hit the water, we highly recommend you check our step-by-step jet ski wakeboard guide to learn how to start!

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The Best Jet Ski Watersports Accessories

Without further ado, please find the best jet ski watersports accessories in this chart below. If you’d like to explore each category, don’t hesitate to follow the links or read further for more reviews!

Jet Ski Watersports Accessories
Wakeboard Pylons / Tow eyes
Wakeboard racks
Wakeskates, wakeboards, skis
Tow ropes and handles
Clothes and protectors
Siker-Down flag
Impeller protector (shock tube)
Tube inflators/compressors
Booster Ball
Snorkeling kits
PWC Racing accessories

PWC Watersports Safety Gear

Safety is always the most important goal on the water, especially when it comes to tow sports. If you don’t follow the rules (or common sense) your trip may end with an accident, or even with serious injuries.

For proper safety, it’s essential to know the laws that apply to you in addition to the local regulations. The best start is if you get a jet ski license (boating safety course)!Beyond this information, you’ll definitely need some safety accessories that can keep you safe and legal!

Life Jacket

The most important jet ski watersports accessories are the life jackets (also known as life vests). Every jet ski operator, passenger, as well as towed person needs to wear United States Coast Guard-(USCG) approved life jackets. They’re not just compulsory, but they can save your life. Never ride without one!

The best and most convenient models are made from neoprene. Thanks to the various sizes, you can find one that fits you perfectly.

Jet Ski Mirror

Most states require you to have an observer onboard while towing.  In a few states, you can substitute the observer with a jet ski mirror.

When it comes to mirrors, it’s good to know that the factory-installed mirrors are not accepted in some states, as they require larger, wide- angle mirrors on your jet ski.

Don’t forget to check your state’s rules and regulations regarding jet ski mirrors before starting tow sports!

Skier-down Flags

Just like mirrors, waterski flags (known as skier-down flags) are also required by law. It’s a regulation-sized, red, or orange colored flag. You have to use it every time someone is in the water and before and after being towed on a wakeboard or tube.

In some states, reboarding steps or ladders are also required. They don’t just keep you legal, but reboarding is much easier with them!

Jet Ski Wakeboard Tower / Tow Eye

If you’d  like to tow with a jet ski, you’ll definitely have to attach the tow rope to the ski. The good news is that most of models are equipped with a ski tow eye or U-bolt by default. You can attach your tow ropes easily to them. Drawbacks?

They hold the tow rope in too low a position, which increases the chance your jet ski can suck up your tow rope, which is always a pain! What’s more, it’s always wise to attach your tow rope to a higher point on your jet ski. It make starting easier and the riding experience better for the wakeboarder.

Due to the factors above, you may want a jet ski wakeboard tower (known as a jet ski wakeboard pylon, or ski pylon as well.)

Being honest, these jet ski wakeboard towers are not as high as the classic towers on boats, but they can still offer a higher point to attach your tow ropes, so most wakeboard riders do like them. You can upgrade your PWC with a tower easily as several different models are available on the market.  What’s more, some of the newest PWC models arrive with pylons by default.

But it’s good to know that these towers are designed just for pulling a wakeboarder/wakeskater. If you’d like to tow a tube, you have to attach it to the tow eye in any case!

Other Useful Jet Ski Tow Sport Accessories

Jet Ski Impeller Protector

If you don’t want to invest a tower, but still want to reduce the risk of sucking up your tow rope, you can consider a jet ski impeller protector (shock tube).

These units keep your tow rope away from the intake grate, so that means less risk for sucking up and rolling your rope into your drive shaft.

Jet Ski Wakeboard Racks

As space is pretty limited, storing a wakeboard on a jet ski could be another issue. The good news is that several different jet ski wakeboard racks are available on the market.

For some PWC models you can even find OEM racks that fit your craft properly. If an OEM rack is not available for your ski, don’t worry. You can also find universal jet ski wakeboard racks on the market that fit most of today’s watercraft models!

Jet Ski Tow Ropes and Handles

For tow sports, you’ll definitely need a tow rope. In fact, if there are no dedicated jet ski tow ropes on the market, you can choose from “universal” tow ropes that work great with boats as well as PWCs.

When it comes to the length of the jet ski tow rope, it depends on the towing device and your skills. For jet ski wakeboarding, especially if you’re a beginner, you can start with a shorter rope, around 65-70 feet.

If you have some experience, you should choose a longer rope, around 70-75 feet, while pro riders prefer the longest ropes, around 75-90 feet! It’s good to know that a professional wakeboard rope has no starch!

In many cases, ropes come by default with handles that are 5-15 inches wide and have chamois or rubber covers. Most of these handles typically work well, but if you’d like to do tricks, choose a wider handle as it’s easier to pass it behind your back during tricks.

For wakeskates and kneeboards, riders usually like 65-75 feet length tow ropes, while typical waterski ropes are in the 70-75 feet range.

Waterski ropes are typically made of polypropylene which will stretch 2-3%.

Jet ski tube ropes are slightly shorter, and should be between 50 and 65 inches.

Jet Ski Tubes

Let’s face it; wakeboarding behind a jet ski is not for everybody.

If you’ve tried riding a wakeboard, you know that it needs some athletic skills as well as practice. A great wakeboard ride is really fun, but it’s a big workout at the same time.

What’s more, if you fall, especially on your face, its called a “scorpion” because it hurts. A lot.

This is one of the main reasons why so many people prefer tubes over the other tow sport devices. The other main advantage of the tubes is that they can be used by anybody, no skills needed.

Beyond the above, there are several other advantages you can consider:– they fit everyone (no sizes or bindings)

– children can use them too

– starting with a tube is easy

– switching between riders is much easier

– much less dangerous

– much less tiring

– there are larger models for a wider variety of tube riders

– you can ride them in various positions

– easier to store (if deflated)

As you see, there are many advantages of choosing a tube. If your main focus is on the fun rather than physical activities, then tubes are definitely for you.

Since they’re  available in countless size and shapes based on your needs, you can ride them in various positions like sitting, kneeing, lying or even standing position, based on the modes. But the sitting “donut shape” style tubes are still the cheapest and most popular models on the market.

If you’re a real jet ski enthusiast, you may like these special jet ski tubes. These tubes looks like small jet skis; your kids are going to go crazy for them!

Don’t forget that to inflate your tubes you’ll  need a pump, or what you can use more easily on a jet ski, a small compressor or electric portable pump. Their main advantage is that you can deflate your tube with these electric pumps, which can be really convenient, especially if you have a bigger tube.

Booster Ball for Jet Skis

If you’ve ever used a tube, you may have noticed that as the ropes connect to the low point on a jet ski (or boat) it can generate a lot of spray in your face. The booster ball is the solution for this problem.

It’s an inflatable buoy in the middle of the tow rope which can keep your rope out of the wake. This means a much better towing experience and significantly less water spray for riders!

What’s more, it arrives with a tow rope in the package, so you don’t have to deal with it separately. If you’re  a serious tuber, a booster ball is a must-have accessory for you.

Jet Ski Wakeboards and Wakeskates

When it comes to wakeboards, it’s good to know that there are no special “jet ski wakeboards” designed for towing behind a jet ski. You can use your regular board or purchase one that can be used behind boats as well.

Wakeboards are available in different sizes and bindings.  If you want to choose the right wakeboard for you, we can recommend this guide here. You can also find the basic steps on how to ride behind a jet ski here.

Nowadays, more riders prefer wakeskating to wakeboarding with a jet ski. The reasons?

Wakeskates are smaller and have no bindings on them.  This means it’s easier to store them, which is a key point on a jet ski. Additionally, you can switch between riders much faster, as you don’t have to bother with the bindings every time!

Clothes and Protective Gear for PWC Watersports

Clothes and protective gear are essential jet ski watersports accessories for any tow sports. As mentioned, life jackets are barely the minimum, so beyond them, wetsuits and gloves are the most common clothes used by many riders.

If you like to jump from ramps, a helmet is a must-have accessory.  It’s also mandatory equipment if you’d like to use the ramps in many wake parks.

Jet Skiing and Snorkeling

Have you ever thought to combine jet skiing and snorkeling? You’d be surprised how many riders like to try them out and get engaged in snorkeling.

The most basic equipment you need is just a dive mask with a pipe, or even a full-face snorkel mask. These are relatively smaller items you can store easily.

If you consider a complete snorkel set with fins, with onboard storage issues in mind, make sure that you choose one with shorter fins. Overall, a snorkel kit could be a great jet ski watersports accessory for anyone.

A key point you have to watch for if you snorkel is anchoring the jet ski properly. It’s never a good feeling if your ski is far away from you on the open sea.

Jet Ski Racing Accessories

While it’s not tow sports-related, when it comes to sports with a jet ski, we have to mention the official and amateur competitions as well.

If you’d like to race your jet ski, you’ll definitely find several upgrades for jet ski racing accessories. If you’re an experienced racer, you’re probably aware what is best for you and your ski. If you’re  thinking about taking part in a competition, we can recommend starting your research here.


As you can see, there are several good jet ski watersports accessories on the market. Some of them are essential, while others just make life easier.

If you’re considering tow sports with your jet ski, a life jacket, skier-down flag and mirrors are required by law.

Beyond these, you’ll definitely need a tow rope with handles. If you prefer physical activities, you can consider a waterski, or more commonly used by jet ski riders, wakeboards and wakeskates.

If you ride your wakeboard regularly, you may want a jet ski wakeboard tower and a wakeboard rack which gives a better riding experience and makes life easier.

If you have children or friends with no boarding experience, the tubes are for you. You can choose tubes in several different shapes, sizes and capacities. With a booster ball, you can reduce the water spray caused by the tow rope.

And don’t forget to have insurance on your jet ski; it never hurts to have it!