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32 Funny Jet Ski Name Ideas [List]

32 Funny Jet Ski Name Ideas [List]

Just like boats, jet skis can also be named by the owner. Based on our research, 34 of the funniest jet ski names are as follows:

  1. Playbouy
  2. Keep’r Wet
  3. Wild Aces
  4. College Fun’d
  5. Liquid Asset
  6. No Worries
  7. Therapy
  8. Money Pit
  9. My Escape
  10. Tax Refund
  11. Wet Dream
  12. Heavy Wetter
  13. Escape
  14. Predator
  15. Wet Lady
  16. Wet Poodle
  17. Wet Nuts
  18. Wet Dream
  19. Wave Breaker
  20. Ecsta-sea
  21. Sea Señor
  22. Sea Dancer
  23. Sea Hawk
  24. Wave Crusher
  25. Wave Dancer
  26. Wave Jumper
  27. Wave Maker
  28. Wave Racer
  29. Wave Slicer
  30. Wave Tamer
  31. Wave Walker
  32. Wave Buster
If you want to find out more about jet ski names and how to put the name on a jet ski, you’ve come to the right place.

We at JetDrift have compiled all you need to know into this post!

Do Jet Skis Have Names?

Boat naming started a long time ago when sailors named their boats in the hopes of a safe return.

Compared to boats, jets skis are fairly new vessels on the water, as they have only been around since the late ‘60s. (The first jet ski was the weird 1968 Bombardier Sea-Doo, which looked like a yellow flying saucer.)

These early machines were very small and considered to be water toys rather than a “real” watercraft. Unlike their ancient predecessors, modern jet skis are huge and look more like small boats.Therefore, more and more owners have decided to name their jet skis!

How to Name a Jet Ski

Let’s face it, naming a jet ski, or a boat always comes down to personal preferences. It’s your machine, so the name is your choice alone. However, to make the naming process easier, here are some basic tips on how to choose the perfect name for your jet ski:
  • Keep it short: Jet ski names should be kept short – best practice is to stick to one or two well-chosen words. Don’t forget that jet skis offer very limited space on which to place the lettering.
  • Keep it fun: Let’s face it, jet skiing is about doing tricks and having fun on the water. Therefore, you can’t go wrong with a funny name that brings a smile. If a glance at your ski’s name makes other boaters laugh, you’ve done a good job.
  • Contrary to popular belief, a jet ski’s name doesn’t necessarily have to reflect the owner’s profession or identity. So, feel free to let your imagination run wild!
  • A good jet ski name shouldn’t use offensive or racist language. Keep it friendly!
  • You also have to avoid words that refer to other jet ski brands. Brand loyalty is extremely high in the PWC community, so it’s not wise to name a Sea-Doo as a WaveRunner. (Since the latter is the brand name of Yamaha PWCs.) For the same reason, you should avoid using the words Tigershark, Sea Lion, and WetBike, as these are also brand names of vintage jet skis.
  • Finally, don’t stress on the name too much. If you can’t come up with a good idea, don’t force it. Since it’s not mandatory, jet skis are very rarely named.

Funny Jet Ski Name Ideas

If you research the “best jet ski names,” you can find a plethora of ideas to choose from. But for your convenience, we’ve done the research and compiled some funny jet ski name ideas in one list:

  • Playbouy
  • Keep’r Wet
  • Wild Aces
  • College Fun’d
  • Liquid Asset
  • No Worries
  • Therapy
  • Money Pit
  • My Escape
  • Tax Refund
  • Wet Dream
  • Heavy Wetter
  • Escape
  • Predator
  • Wet Lady
  • Wet Poodle
  • Wet Nuts
  • Wet Dream
  • Wave Breaker
  • Ecsta-sea (Great for Sea-Doos)
  • Sea Señor (Great for Sea-Doos)
  • Sea Dancer (Great for Sea-Doos)
  • Sea Hawk (Great for Sea-Doos)
  • Wave Crusher (Great for Yamahas)
  • Wave Dancer (Great for Yamahas)
  • Wave Jumper (Great for Yamahas)
  • Wave Maker (Great for Yamahas)
  • Wave Racer (Great for Yamahas)
  • Wave Slicer (Great for Yamahas)
  • Wave Tamer (Great for Yamahas)
  • Wave Walker (Great for Yamahas)
  • Wave Buster (Great for Yamaha’s WaveBlaster!)

How to Put the Name on a Jet Ski

If you’ve picked the right name, you probably want to know how to place the name on your ski. In a nutshell, your options would be as follows:

  • Custom vinyl decal
  • Design a custom graphic kit
  • Painting
The easiest way to place the name of your jet ski is if you order custom computer fabricated vinyl lettering from several manufacturers. You can virtually find endless color and font combinations based on your needs. Just clean the ski and place these self-adhesive letters on the surface.

What’s more, you can even order a complete custom graphic kit for your jet ski, which already includes the chosen name.

Your other option is to paint the letters on the body of the ski, but keep in mind that, unlike decals, painted letters are not removable. Therefore, best practice is to stick to vinyl decals or graphic kits.

Where to place the letters?

The majority of owners place the name somewhere on the top deck. Since today’s jet skis come with fairly complex body shapes, it’s not easy to find space for this purpose!

To stay legal, you have to ensure that the name doesn’t interfere with the registration numbers. If you want to know more about correct name placement for your jet ski, don’t forget to check federal and state regulations.


Just like boats, jet skis can also have funny names. If you are looking for a funny name, you can choose from our list or do some online research. With minimal effort, you can find a plethora of funny jet ski name ideas on the web!

You can stamp the letters on the side of the hull or the top deck. Just make sure they aren’t interchangeable with the registration numbers to avoid legal issues.