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How much does a 2020 WaveRunner cost? – This is one of the most common questions among Yamaha fans when the spring comes.

If you’re also interested in 2020 WaveRunner prices, this post is for you. We, at JetDrift, have compiled a list of the current models with their price tags and performance specs for you in one chart!

2020 WaveRunner Prices in One Chart

In this chart, you can compare the 2020 Yamaha WaveRunner models head-to-head. If you want to learn more about each model, please feel free to click on a name. You can find additional specs, videos, and pictures in the links!

BrandModelHPMSRP ($)
YamahaEX100$6 899
YamahaEX Sport100$7 899
YamahaSuperjet73$8 699
YamahaEX Deluxe100$8 899
YamahaVX-C125$8 999
YamahaEXR110$9 399
YamahaVX125$9 899
YamahaVX Deluxe125$10 699
YamahaVX Cruiser125$10 999
YamahaVX Limited125$11 399
YamahaVX Cruiser HO 180$11 799
YamahaGP1800R HO180$12 299
YamahaFX HO180$13 699
YamahaFX Cruiser HO180$14 199
YamahaGP1800R SVHO250$14 399
YamahaFX SVHO250$15 699
YamahaFX Cruiser SVHO250$16 399
YamahaFX Limited SVHO250$17 599

Disclaimer: This chart is for informational purposes only. Sources:

2020 WaveRunner Prices vs. Competitor Models

If you don’t stick to Yamaha WaveRunner models and are open to other brands, you should take a look at the next chart which includes all of the new personal watercraft (PWC) models in 2020.

You can learn more about each model by clicking on their names. (You can sort the rows by clicking on the header.)

BrandModelHPMSRP ($)Label 5
Sea-DooSPARK 2up 60HP60$5 4990
Sea-DooSPARK 2up 90HP90$6 0990
Sea-DooSPARK 3up 90HP90$6 6990
YamahaEX100$6 8990
Sea-DooSPARK 2up 90HP iBR90$7 0990
Sea-DooSPARK TRIXX 2up90$7 5990
Sea-DooSPARK 3up 90HP iBR90$7 6990
YamahaEX Sport100$7 8990
Sea-DooSPARK TRIXX 3up90$8 1990
YamahaSuperjet73$8 6990
YamahaEX Deluxe100$8 8990
Sea-DooGTI 9090$8 9990
YamahaVX-C125$8 9990
YamahaEXR110$9 3990
KawasakiSTX 160160$9 5990
KawasakiSTX-15F160$9 6990
YamahaVX125$9 8990
KawasakiSTX 160X160$9 9990
KawasakiSX-R160$9 9990
Sea-DooGTI 130130$9 9990
YamahaVX Deluxe125$10 6990
Sea-DooGTI SE 130130$10 7990
YamahaVX Cruiser125$10 9990
KawasakiULTRA LX160$11 1990
Sea-DooGTI SE 170170$11 3990
YamahaVX Limited125$11 3990
KawasakiSTX 160LX160$11 6990
YamahaVX Cruiser HO 180$11 7990
Sea-DooWake 170170$12 1990
YamahaGP1800R HO180$12 2990
Sea-DooGTR 230230$12 3990
Krash50 CAL130$12 5990
KrashReaper130$12 5990
KrashPredator130$12 5990
KrashFootrocket130$12 5990
Sea-DooGTX 170170$12 9990
YamahaFX HO180$13 6990
Sea-DooGTX 230230$13 9990
YamahaFX Cruiser HO180$14 1990
YamahaGP1800R SVHO250$14 3990
Sea-DooWake Pro 230230$14 8990
Sea-DooFish Pro170$14 9990
KawasakiULTRA 310X310$15 2990
Sea-DooRXP-X 300300$15 3990
YamahaFX SVHO250$15 6990
KawasakiULTRA 310X SE310$15 7990
Sea-DooRXT-X 300300$16 1990
Sea-DooGTX Limited 230230$16 1990
KawasakiULTRA 310R310$16 2990
YamahaFX Cruiser SVHO250$16 3990
KrashFootrocket Pro130$16 7990
Sea-DooGTX Limited 300300$17 1990
YamahaFX Limited SVHO250$17 5990
KawasakiULTRA 310LX310$17 9990

Disclaimer: This chart is for informational purposes only. Sources:,,,

How Much is a WaveRunner in 2020?

The Cheapest WaveRunners

Are you looking for the cheapest WaveRunner models on the market? Then you should take a look at the Rec-Lite category, which includes the EX family and the EXR.

These are currently the most affordable WaveRunners available, as the EX WaveRunners cost $6,899 to $9,399, depending on the model.

All of these models are powered with the same 4-stroke, 3-cylinder, 1049 cc engine, producing 100 HP. (Interesting fact: Yamaha still uses open-loop cooling system.)

If you are considering something more sporty, the EXR arrives with 110 HP performance and a $9,399 price tag.

These are the smallest and most lightweight models in Yamaha’s fleet, which means you can store, tow and handle them very easily. What’s more, they’re really good on gas and have the lowest ownership costs in general!

Recreation WaveRunner Prices in 2020

Recreation models are probably the most popular PWCs on the market, thanks to their larger and more stable hulls that offer great weight capacity and comfortable seats for 3 riders.

That’s why these models are the best choices for beginners!

Yamaha releases its recreation PWCs under the name of VX. You can currently find 6 different models in this category, and you can expect to see price tags from $8,999 to $11,799.

How much is a Yamaha VX Deluxe? One of the most popular Recreation WaveRunners, the Yamaha VX Deluxe, costs only $10,699 in 2020.

This model is the top choice of many PWC rental outlets thanks to their reliability, good price/value ratio, and low running costs!

Performance WaveRunner Prices

If you’re considering something more powerful, the Performance WaveRunners are for you.

The Yamaha GP1800R HO WaveRunner costs $12,299, and this model is powered with a 1812 cc, 180 HP, non-supercharged engine. It’s bigger brother, the Yamaha GP1800R SVHO, costs $14,399, but this model is powered with a stronger, 250 HP supercharged engine!

If you’re looking for the most powerful WaveRunners, beyond the performance models, you should take a look at the luxury models too!

The Most Expensive WaveRunners

The most expensive WaveRunners are definitely the luxury models, namely the FX series.

These models are powered with the same engines as the performance series, which means they produce 180 HP or 250 HP depending on the model. When it comes to Luxury WaveRunner prices, these models are available for $13,699 to $17,599.

And don’t forget that Yamaha still manufactures its legendary stand-up WaveRunner! If you prefer the stand-up category, don’t hesitate to take a look at this model; this 2020 Yamaha SuperJet costs only $8.699!


How much is a WaveRunner?

2020 Yamaha WaveRunner prices go from $6,899 to $17,599 depending on several factors like performance or features. Also keep in mind that if you purchase some necessary accessories like a cover, trailer, or safety equipment, these items can increase the final price!

Yamaha breaks down their models into a few clear categories for better identification.

You can find the cheapest WaveRunners in the Rec-Lite category, as these small and flexible models costs from $6,899 to $9,399.

It’s understood that the most popular WaveRunners are the Recreation Yamaha PWCs (VX Series). These models aren’t just the best beginner WaveRunners, but the most common models in WaveRunner rental shops nationwide. These models are available from $8,999 to $11,799, depending on the model.

If you’re a performance-minded rider, theYamaha GP1800R series is for you. These high-performance WaveRunners cost around $12,299-$14,399 in 2020.

You can find the Yamaha FX series at the end of the spectrum, as these are the most expensive WaveRunners on the market. You can expect to see price tags from $13,699 to $17,599 in this category.

Also keep in mind that beyond the purchase price, you also have to account for several additional costs like:

  • Taxes
  • Registration fees
  • Financing
  • Trailer
  • Cover
  • Safety equipment
  • Clothes and protective gear
  • Life jackets
  • And other equipment

Additionally, don’t forget to do your budget upfront as you have to expect additional operating costs that come with the WaveRunner!

This was our short review of 2020 WaveRunner prices; we hope it was helpful!

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