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Jet Ski Fun Accessories: All You Need for Entertaining [Chart]

Jet Ski Fun Accessories: All You Need for Entertaining [Chart]

When it comes to jet ski riding, the whole riding experience is associated with great fun. On the other hand, there’s the hassle associated with launching, trailering or even maintenance!

But when you’re out of the water, are you riding your jet ski continuously? Not really!

Many riders enjoy hanging around and having a rest, beaching, sunbathing and listening to music on the jet ski. Other riders are more active and engaged in other activities like fishing, snorkeling or shooting videos.

It’s clear that to make these times more memorable and enjoyable, you’ll definitely need some jet ski fun accessories.

Unlike jet ski safety equipment, this gear is not essential, but it’s definitely worth considering. Usually, jet ski fun accessories bring more fun not just for you, but for your passengers or even your whole family!

For your convenience, we at JetDrift have collected the best and most popular jet ski fun accessories for you.

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The Best Jet Ski Fun Accessories

Without further ado, you can find the best jet ski accessories for entertaining in this chart below. If you’d like to learn more about each category, don’t hesitate to follow the links or read further!

Jet Ski Fun Accessories
Jet Ski speakers
Gopro cameras
Gopro mounts
Solar charger, Extra battery
Camping gear
Inflatable jet ski toys
Jet ski gifts
Watersport gear

Jet Ski Speakers and Sound Systems

When it comes to jet ski fun accessories, jet ski speakers and sound systems are probably the most popular items.

We listen to music at home, in our car, so why should we miss the music during our jet ski rides? If you want a jet ski sound system as well, depending on your model, there are two solutions to choose from.

Factory-Installed Jet Ski Speakers

One solution is to get a speaker from your manufacturer that fits on your jet ski. But unfortunately, jet ski speakers are still not available for many recent PWC models. And don’t even mention the older models, as in the past, speakers were not typical PWC accessories at the time.

On the other hand, some of these factory-installed as well as many aftermarket speakers, are installed in place of the mirror. Before you replace your mirrors with speakers, keep in mind that some states require you to have mirrors on your jet ski if you want to perform tow sports like wakeboarding.What’s more, in many cases these factory units aren’t the best or the most effective jet ski speakers, especially since most of these models are not portable.  Don’t even mention their hefty price tags!

That’s why many riders prefer portable Bluetooth speakers!

Alternative Jet Ski Speakers

If factory-installed PWC speakers are not available for your model, or you simply want something more affordable and portable, then Bluetooth speakers are for you.

There are several good jet ski portable Bluetooth speakers on the market which are waterproof and sand-proof as well. Their great advantage is that you can take them with you no matter where you go. This means you can detach them easily from the jet ski and take them with you while you’re beaching.

And don’t worry, today’s Bluetooth speakers are pretty loud as well, which is why many riders are choosing these models!

You may be wondering where to attach these speakers during your rides. One of the best solutions on the market is the PWC Brackets.

You can install them on the handlebars without drilling or cutting the fiberglass (depending on the model). If this solution doesn’t work for you, they can still be attached to the front storage bin, or to the passenger handrails, depending on the speaker’s size and your needs!

Jet Ski GoPro Cameras

Action cameras like GoPro are really popular jet ski fun accessories. If you shoot great footage, you can edit it into a nice short video that you can share with your friends or family.

If you look around, there are several good jet ski GoPro models on the market to choose from. GoPro models are among the highest quality and are the most popular among jet ski riders and other motorsports enthusiasts as well.

Jet Ski GoPro Mounts

If you’d like to use a GoPro, you’ll definitely need some jet ski GoPro mounts as well to attach the camera to your jet ski – or even on you.

Selfie sticks are really popular nowdays, and they can be great if you ride at low speed. But if you ride at higher speeds, you’ll probably need both of your hands – especially on choppy water.

Because of this, it’s wise to choose a jet ski GoPro mount you can attach the camera to on your jet ski in several places, as well as on your helmet or your body.

Without a proper camera mount, footage is usually bad quality and unstable. Having the most suitable jet ski GoPro mount helps you to shoot much smoother footage, which will be more enjoyable and professional looking.

Jet Ski Drones

When it comes to making videos, we have to mention the drones as they have become more and more popular nowadays, and with good reason.

You can shoot amazing footage of your rides with drones, and the surroundings as well.


A problem is that if you’ve ever tried to operate a jet ski and a drone at the same time, you probably realized that it’s quite tricky. So if you’re in need of really great footage, you’ll  have to ask your friend to operate the drone. But who likes riding alone, right? So it’s usually not an issue!

One factor you need to look for here is the size of the drone, as the storage space on a jet ski is quite limited. Try to choose a model that’s smaller so you can store it easier on your ski.

Another solution is to purchase a backpack for your drone. For the most popular models, special backpacks are available so you can transport the drone in them easily and securely.

Jet Ski Solar Charger or Extra Battery

Jet ski speakers and audio systems, phones, cameras, drones, GPS, fishfinders and many other electronic jet ski accessories sometimes need a recharge while you’re on the water.  You can consider a installing a 2nd jet ski battery.

The alternative to dual jet ski battery installations is if you get a jet ski solar charger. You can charge your battery anytime with this unit when you’re under the sun. If you want to overnight somewhere where there’s no electricity, you can make good use of them.

On the other hand, keep in mind that you don’t use your jet ski every day as you do your car. This means you probably have to charge the battery in your jet ski occasionally. In this case you can use your solar charger again!

Keeping your battery on charge can extend your battery’s lifetime, so you won’t miss the return on your investment.

Jet Ski Camping Gear

You may be wondering where can you overnight when is no electricity.  While jet ski camping is not very well known until recently, it’s becoming more and more popular.

As jet skis become larger, many of them already look like small boats. This means you can even store your camping gear on them with a bigger jet ski rack!

If you consider jet ski camping, these are some factors to look for:– Be prepared: Don’t forget to check the boat ramps in the area where can you launch your ski, as well as the weather forecast.

Choose your spot carefully: While you may discover abandoned areas, be aware that camping is not allowed at many places. Always choose a dry spot which is high enough above the water level!

– Take extra gear with you: Don’t trust your fuel gauge; always take extra fuel with you if you go for a longer trip.

– Check the weight limit: Jet ski camping gear is considerable weight for your ski. Don’t forget to check your jet ski’s weight limit and pay attention to the proper weight distribution as well.

– Food/drink: Beyond the camping gear, don’t forget to take enough food and drink with you. Enough fresh water could be key on warm days.

Watersport Gear and Clothes

If we talk about jet ski fun accessories, we can’t overlook watersports gear, as jet ski wakeboarding and tubing are more popular nowadays. If you’d like to discover the best accessories for watersports, don’t hesitate to discover all of them in our detailed post here.

If you’re looking for a certain category, you can choose from the categories here, separately.


Also, do not forget about the jet-powered hydroflyers like Flyboard, Flyride or Hoverboard:

Inflatable Jet Ski Toys

Your kids go crazy for your jet ski, but they aren’t big enough for a jet ski ride? Don’t worry.

You can choose from several nice inflatable jet ski toys out there. Actually, these works in the same way as regular inflatable mattresses. Enjoying these inflatable units, you don’t have to go to a beach.

Your kids can use them as regular pool toys, which means they can enjoy these units even in your pool!

Jet Ski Gift Ideas

Christmas, birthdays or other occasions are coming and are you’re wondering what present would be the best for your jet ski fan friend?

Don’t worry, as you can choose from several good jet ski gift ideas based on your budget. Clothes, as well as other jet ski accessories, may work well, like goggles, gloves, boots, or even just a bluetooth speaker.

Beyond this gear, you can choose from several exciting PWC-related gifts on the market. Be creative, and don’t surprise anybody with a bunch of socks!

And don’t forget the children again. There are countless PWC-related toys, like Lego jet ski kits or RC jet ski toys. Do you have a daughter? Don’t worry; jet skis are available for Barbie dolls as well. As you can see, jet skis are everywhere if you look around carefully!

And let’s face it, when you purchase a toy for your children, you’ll probabl play with them sometimes. So it never hurts to develop your fleet with some jet ski toys as well!


As you can see, there are several good jet ski fun accessories you can choose from.

The most popular activities are still tow sports, but  jet ski fishing and snorkeling have become more popular as well.

Jet ski speakers and audio systems are a must-have accessory for every rider. They are considered to beone of the best jet ski accessories around, and with good reason. The music is with us everywhere; why should we miss it on our jet ski?

When it comes shooting videos, jet ski GoPro cameras are the most popular choice with many riders. GoPro is a well-known and reputable action camera manufacturer, so you can’t go wrong with one.

Don’t forget to get some jet ski GoPro mounts that work the best for you. They arrive in several styles based on your needs, but complete kits are available as well.

If you’d like to create more professional videos, you can consider getting a small drone with a backpack. To charge these electric units you may want a jet ski solar charger, or a 2nd battery.

If you go overnight, you can’t miss the essential camping accessories. (And the proper preparation!)

And when Christmas or other occasions arrive, you can choose from several creative jet ski gift ideas as well.

This was our short review of the best jet ski fun accessories.  We hope you’ve found the best gear for you!