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If you have a jet ski, you probably ride it only 30-50 hours per year, so that means 8,700 hours still remain when it won’t be in use.

In other words, your jet ski will have to be stored
for 99.9% of its entire lifetime!

Due to your jet ski’s downtime, it’s essential to store it properly and securely. Fortunately, you can choose from several ways to store your jet ski.

For professional storage, you’ll definitely need the best jet ski storage accessories available. Some of this gear is essential, while other gear just makes your life easier or helps you save more space in your garage.

For your convenience, we at JetDrift have compiled a list of the best jet ski storage accessories for you.
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The Best Jet Ski Storage Accessories

Without further ado, you can find the best storage gear and accessories in the chart below. If you’d like to learn more about each category, don’t hesitate to follow the links or read further!

Jet Ski Storage Accessories
Floating PWC docks
Jet ski Lifts
Jet ski stands and dolly
Trailer accessories
Hoist and Cranes
PWC Locks
Fenders and Bumpers
Dock lines
Shelves and racks

Floating Jet Ski Docks and Lifts

When it comes to PWC storage, floating jet ski docks and jet ski lifts are definitely the most convenient units. You can launch your craft in just seconds and you can also avoid long wait times at public boat ramps.

Of course, these units are not for everyone, but if you have a waterfront home or keep your craft in a marina, you can consider purchasing one of them!

Jet Ski Stands or Dollies

Jet ski stands (also known as jet ski dollies) can be very useful if you store your jet ski in your garage.

These units are basically just small carts designed to carry a jet ski. The main advantage of a jet ski dolly is that you can move your PWCon them very easily.

You can also save tons of space in your garage if you move your jet ski from the trailer to a stand. If space is an issue, this could be a huge benefit!

You can purchase stands from several manufacturers, and most of them are pretty similar. Usually, the main differences are with the bunks, as some models have adjustable bunks, while others arrive with fixed bunks. Usually, the majority of them do the job well!

One detail you should pay attention to is the weight limit of jet ski stands. Jet skis are quite huge and heavy nowadays, so don’t forget to check your jet ski’s curb weight before you purchase a jet ski stand!

Jet Ski Cranes, Hoists and Slings

As you’ve seen, there are several advantages to jet ski stands, so you may want one (if you haven’t purchasedone already!)

You may alsobewondering how you canmove your jet ski from the stand back to the trailer. This task is very easy because you can simply pull your jet ski from the stand to the trailer with the trailer’s winch. Just be careful not to damage your hull with the trailer’s bunks.

This method works best if you a have a trailer with rollers instead of carpeted bunks.

As you can see, moving your jet ski from stand to trailer is quite easy. But the problem occurs when you want to move your craft back from your trailer to the stand. This is not easy to manage without any mechanical assistance!

Moving your craft back to the stand more easily with jet ski cranes and hoists. With these units, you can move your craft effortlessly to the stand, and back again.

Smaller electric jet ski hoists (also known as ceiling hoists) are more common in many garages. If you can install them into the beams or ceiling properly and securely, they could be the most cost-effective solution for this purpose.

If you can’t install a hoist on your ceiling (or just simply don’t want to bother with one) you can consider a small crane. They offer a professional way to lift your PWC. But it’s good to know that these units are more costly compared to hoists, and additionally, they also take up space in your garage.

And don’t forget about the slings, as you’ll definitely need them to lift up your jet ski!

Jet Ski Trailer Accessories

Unless you keep your craft in a marina year-round, you’ll definitely need a jet ski trailer to move it around. What’s more, if you don’t move your craft to a stand in your garage, it means it will spend most of itslife on your trailer.

Because of this, it’s essential to choose the right jet ski trailer accessories which can make storing, trailering and launching tasks much easier.

Most of the trailers arrive with the winch pre-installed, but if you have a trailer without a winch, it’s highly recommended that you get one. It makes the launching/retrieving process much faster and easier.

Beyond the winch, you can set up your trailer with several useful accessories, such as:

  • spare tires
  • tongue jacks
  • wheel chocks
  • backup alignment balls
  • trailer light adapters
  • trailer guides
  • straps
  • trailer locks

As you can see, there are several usefuljet ski trailer accessories you can choose from. The most important are the winch and straps used to attach your ski on the trailer properly!

Jet Ski Covers

If there is one essential jet ski storage accessory, it’s the cover. It protects your jet ski from the elements, dust and damage, while it’s stored.

If you don’t already have a cover, it’s wise to purchase one to keep your jet ski in good shape. The money you spend upfront on the cover will help maintain its value over the long term!

If you’re looking for available jet ski covers, you can choose from original equipment manufacturers (OEM) covers as well as universal covers.

OEM covers are really goodfor quality, and they fit the best on your jet ski as they’re custom-designed for your jet ski. This advantage can also bea disadvantage as sometimes it’s harder to pull the cover on the craft as they are quite tight.

The other drawback is their price, as OEM parts are never the least expensive, especially when it comes to jet ski accessories!

Universal jet ski covers arrive in different sizes and qualities. Before you choose one, don’t forget to check your jet ski’s dimensions to choose the right size!
Or you can even consider a custom jet ski cover!

Jet Ski Locks and Safety Gear

Purchasing, as well as maintaining a jet ski, is a significant investment. It’s not like a pair of sunglasses we can buy for every season!

Because of this, it’s wise to pay attention to security as well. Beyond the other jet ski storage accessories, you should consider a jet ski lock or other security equipment.

But how can you lock a jet ski?

The first case is when it’s on the trailer. In this case, it’s wise to lock the trailer itself as you can choose from several good-quality jet ski trailer locks on the market.

Another easy solution isto use a lock cable to lock the trailer wheels. Just run the cable through the trailer frame and the wheel rims, and that’s it! Or, you can even use a regular wheel lock, as well.

Ok, but now that your trailer is secured, thieves still can remove your ski from your trailer. There’s a good lock for preventing this issue as well. It’s a special J shape lock that goes through to the intake grate and locks the drive shaft. Then you can fix the unit into the bunks, so with the J shape lock, it’s pretty hard to remove your ski from the trailer.

Just don’t forget to remove the lock before you launch your jet ski or you’ll be in for a surprise when your craft sticks to the trailer!

Another issue could be when you have to leave your jet ski in the water near the dock. In this case, you can make good use of a heavy duty locking cable (even with alarm) to secure your ski into the dock. You can also use this cable to lock the trailer’s wheels, or even lock the jet ski onto the trailer itself.

If you’d like to go one step further, you can even consider installing a GPS tracker on your ski.

Beyond all of the above, having insurance on your jet ski never hurts and is worth every penny!

Dock Lines and Jet Ski Fenders

If you leave your jet ski near the dock you will definitely need some ropes – or what are even better – some jet ski dock lines. The best ones are definitely the bungee dock lines as they’re easiest to use.

Jet ski fenders (also known as jet ski bumpers) are also really cheap and essential PWC accessories. Docks can incur scratches or even more serious damage in your jet ski hull. In case of choppy water, they are a must, but don’t forget, even if the water is calm, another rider or boat owner can ignore the speed limit in the no-wake zone – creating wakes near your dock!

Because of this, a pair of jet ski fenders can save your hull from damage. Just place them on the front and the rear sides of your ski before you dock!


Regarding their importance, anchors aren’t considered jet ski safety equipment, butwe have to mention them here among storage accessories as well.

You can simply anchor your craft while you’re beaching, snorkeling or even fishing from your jet ski.

It’s not easy to choose the best jet ski anchor, as there are several good models on the market like screw anchor systems, fluke anchors, mushroom anchors andeven sand anchors.

It’s always wise to do your research upfront and pick one that works the best for you depending on your needs.

And don’t forget, you can’t leave your jet ski in the water for a long time!

Storage Units in Your Garage

If you take every jet ski accessory into consideration, it’s obvious that it’s a great bunch of stuff you will have to store somewhere.

There’salotofgear that’s not in use every timeyouride.Thisistrue especially for jet ski fishing gear or watersports accessories.To keep everything organized in your garage, you’ll definitely need some storage units. Some owners prefer open shelves for this purpose, while otherunits are morelike cabinets.

If you like wakeboarding, you can even consider a special wakeboard wall rack that’s designed to keep your boards organized over time.


As you can see, there are many good jet ski storage accessories on the market. Some of them are essential, while others just make life easier.

If you have the opportunity to purchase one, you may want a floating jet ski dock or even a jet ski lift.

If you store your ski in your garage, a jet ski stand (jet ski dolly) can help you to save space and move your PWC much easier. To move the jet ski between the stand and the trailer, you’ll need a jet ski hoist or even a crane.

When it comes to proper jet ski storage, don’t forget to cover your jet ski with an OEM or even a universal jet ski cover.

If you want to leave your jet ski near the dock, you’ll need ropes or dock lines and a pair of fenders.

As they say, prevention is better than cure, so it’s wise to pay attention to security as well. Locks, GPS trackers and other safety gear mean higher security and more protection for your jet ski.

And don’t forget to have insurance on your jet ski at all times!

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