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Jet Ski Boat Converters have become extremely popular in recent years, which is not surprising.

When you’re finally ready to buy a recreational vessel, deciding between a jet ski or a boat is not easy.

Wouldn’t it be great to have both? But that doesn’t make a whole lot of sense for most people when you consider the hefty price tags and the ongoing maintenance costs.

Being realistic, owning both is simply not an option for most people.

So, buyers have generally had no choice but to force themselves to pick one or the other, until NOW. Thanks to the development of jet ski boat attachments (a.k.a. jet ski boat combos) watersport enthusiasts can have BOTH!

These innovative units usually operate just like a speedboat, but rather than having an engine the personal watercraft itself powers them!

And what’s so great about these units is that you can quickly detach the jet ski from the unit right there on the water. You don’t have to return to the dock before going out to enjoy jet skiing. Great, huh!

We at JetDrift have compiled a list for you of the primary benefits of jet ski boat combos, plus a list of the best options for turning your jet ski into a boat!

What is a Jet Ski Boat Attachment?

What is a Jet Ski Boat Attachment?

The jet ski boat attachment is a special boat that is powered with a jet ski instead of a regular inboard or outboard engine. The jet ski can be attached or detached to the boat in seconds, which makes this setup flexible. The jet ski boats are known as “jet ski boat converters” or “jet ski boat attachments” as well.

How Much is a Jet Ski Boat Attachment?

Jet ski boat attachments cost around $3,000-$40,000 depending on the make and the model. The smaller RIB jet ski boats are usually the cheapest models, but larger fiberglass jet ski boats cost around $15,000-$40,000 depending on their size and capacity.

Benefits of Having a Jet Ski Boat Attachment

Aside from giving you so many fun options, a jet ski boat attachment offers a ton of other benefits as well:

  • No need to choose between the two – you get both: If you’re trying to decide whether to get a jet ski or boat, you can now have both with a jet ski boat converter. And the best part is you don’t have to service the boat because it doesn’t have an engine or any other mechanical parts. The jet ski powers everything, so that’s the vessel you’ll pay to maintain.

  • Tons more fun: What could be more fun than enjoying one of the fastest jet skis on the water at speeds up to 65-70 mph? Not much, unless you are able to turn your jet ski into a boat anytime you feel like it!

  • Your own private space: If you’re used to riding out in the ocean or on lakes far from the shoreline, where can you go for some privacy? With a jet ski powered boat you can create your own private island where you can lay out, work on your tan and just relax when you want!

  • Room for more guests: PWCs accommodate a maximum of 3 people only. If you want to take more along, you’ll need a boat unless you have a jet ski boat combo. You can have plenty of company with one of these units as they can accommodate 4-8 passengers, and even your pets!

  • More storage space: Jet skis have very little storage space, especially with the weight limits so low. When you have a jet ski to boat converter unit, you’ll have plenty of room for all your gear!

  • Added comfort & convenience: These combo units typically come with nice comfortable seats and sun beds. So, after an exhausting day of jet skiing, you can simply lay out and relax in the sun. If you’re worried about getting sunburned, you can pull out the Bimini top, which comes with some models. These units also have tables, coolers and other conveniences to make your day out on the water even more enjoyable.

  • Better protection for safety: You, your passengers and your gear are better protected for safety with a jet ski boat attachment. Your wave boat gets it power from the jet ski, not a standard propeller, so everyone around is much safer, including nearby swimmers or wakeboard riders.

  • More versatility: These units are so versatile that many water rescue teams routinely use them, and even firefighters depend on them in certain situations. Jet ski boat combos make a great addition to the fleet of any watersport or jet ski rental business.

  • Explore new areas: With a jet ski boat combo you can explore all kinds of places that a standard boat could never access. This unit can easily navigate in shallow and even rough waters, due to its low draft, speed and maneuverability.

  • Enjoy fishing: It is much easier to go on a fishing trip with a jet ski boat converter. It gives you a lot more room for reeling on baiting, not to mention room for your gear. And the big benefit is that you can take your friends and family along!

  • More watersports: Do you like to participate in other watersports like tubing or wakeboarding? For these you need a lot of accessories, which these converter units have storage space for. Also, some models even have a wakeboard tower! Furthermore, these units are great for Flyboard activities as well:

There Are a Few Disadvantages We Should Mention

Aside from all the advantages of these jet ski boat attachments, we would be remiss if we didn’t mention a few of the disadvantages.

It’s true that these units can be described as, “A Jack of all trades, but a master of none.”

With the jet ski, they are the same size, weight and price of many standard boats. However, they provide much less seating and storage space. Compared to a standard boat, their seats are less comfortable, have no large sundeck and no windshield. So, if you are primarily looking for convenience and comfort, this combo unit may not be for you.

With the unit added to the jet ski, you do lose some flexibility and the easy handling of just the PWC on the water. You will also need more storage space on land than you would for just your jet ski.

But all in all, these jet ski-boat converters certainly have a place in the world of watersports, so let’s now find out more about them:

How to Handle Your Jet Ski Boat Attachment

Watersport enthusiasts who have never seen a jet ski boat combo naturally have a lot of questions about these units. This section of the article will seek to provide the information you will need to better understand not only how to store, trailer and launch them, but the impact of their weight, compatibility issues, performance and versatility:

  • Storing, trailering & launching: There is no question that trying to trailer and launch two units with two separate trailers would be a huge hassle. But with these jet ski boat attachments, you only need one! It all fits on one standard boat trailer, making life so much simpler. This means you can store, trailer and launch it like you would a boat:

  • Handling the weight: People are understandably concerned about the issues surrounding the weight of these units. Can they tow the entire combo with a regular sized car? There is no denying that the entire unit weighs a lot more than just the jet ski.

    The Sealver models weigh from 700 lbs. to 1300 lbs., while an average-sized PWC’s curb weight ranges 800 lbs. to 1,000 lbs. So, when you combine the two and add in your gear, you would be towing 1,500 lbs. to 2,500 lbs.

    You can’t forget you’d also be towing the trailer and those are 400 lbs. to 500 lbs., which brings the total weight to 2,000 lbs. to 3,000 lbs. that would need to be towed. So, it would definitely be a problem if you drive a small car. We recommend that you check your car’s towing capacity before you buy!

  • Compatibility issues: Because there are a variety of PWC manufacturers and models you need to know how compatible these jet ski boat comboss to your PWC. Most manufacturers offer a variety of kits, which means you can find one that will attach to your PWC no matter the brand. Furthermore, if you buy a different model PWC, you can just replace the kit to make your new PWC compatible with your converter.

  • Speed: Enthusiasts addicted to speed may be concerned that these jet ski powered boats won’t go fast enough to give them the thrill they’re seeking. These concerns are not justified because they can go up to 60 mph, depending on the jet ski’s performance of course!

  • Versatility: Once you own a jet ski boat combo and decide you want to launch just the jet ski, what happens then? There’s no problem at all. Just launch your jet ski and leave the boat converter on the trailer. You have all the flexibility in the world!

5 Best Jet Ski Boat Attachments

Sealver Wave Boats

One of the most established jet ski boat attachment manufacturers is Sealver.

The company is located in France, with their models are also being sold in New Zealand, Australia, Canada and in the US as well. If you live in another country, use Sealver’s dealer locator to find a dealer near you as there are many across the world.

A Sealver Wave Boat can turn your jet ski into a speed boat in a matter of seconds. If you already have a jet ski, this is the most affordable means of also owning a powerboat. You can create the perfect party boat for entertaining your friends and just disconnect your jet ski when you want to ride. And, everyone can give it a try!

When your jet ski is not attached to the boat, you can spread out the (optional) inflatable mattress or a board so that you have something to lay down or even stand up on, so that space is not left empty.

Sealver 656 Wave Boat

Sealver 656 Wave Boat

Sealver makes 5 different models for a variety of needs. They have models with fiberglass hulls as well as rigid inflatable hulls (RIB), which is why their models are so varied.

Sealver’s smallest model is the 444, which is 14’ 5” in length, weighing 683 lbs., which is very compact in design. The Sealver WB656 is considered the “big brother” and it measures 21’ 6” in length and weighing 1,322 lbs. Sealver also makes special-purpose models for various professionals.

If you want to compare the various available models, check out the chart below:

ModelLengthBeamWeight (Lbs)Passenger

Sealver also makes a variety of add-ons to their models, the most popular being the “Full Wake Pack,” which includes a Bimini top for shade, a wakeboard tower, navigation lights, table with cushion, a gel coat colored hull, and many others.

In addition to the sport packages, Sealver has a number of convenience packages that include a table, cooler, canopy and others depending on which model you have. All models are compatible with most of the PWCs from different manufacturers. (Sea-Doo, Yamaha, Kawasaki)

DockitJet Jet Ski Powered Boats

For increasing PWC stability and capacity, DockitJet offers quite different solutions, with one being an inflatable (RIB) boat hull that is propelled by the jet ski:

They also have another interesting solution, which they call the “DockitJet RIB Kit Inflatable Collars.”

These inflatable parts can be added to the hull of your jet ski quite easily. This increases the stability and safety of the PWC to better assist in sea rescue operations and in fueling on the open waters.

To increase the jet ski’s deck space by about 33% you can use the RIB Kit Inflatable Sponsons. This can either be used as workspace or for jet ski fishing.

When the RIB Kit is locked onto the jet ski, it cannot be turned over while in the water. What’s more, the jet ski cannot sink either!

SeaQuester Jet Ski Boat Attachments

SeaQuester is located on Australia’s Gold Coast, which is where their manufacturing plant is.

Founder, Russ Weston is a 2nd generation shipbuilder with more than 30 years’ experience designing luxury vessels in both Australia and Europe. Prior to starting SeaQuester, Russ headed up the Design & Development teams of two of Australia’s largest boat builders.

This gave him the experience he needed to develop SeaQuester’s Jet Ski Boat Combo.

There are two different models, the SeaQuester 530F and the 530S, with both sharing the same basic specs: 208” (530 cm) in length with an 85” (216 cm) beam and weighing 772 lbs. (350 kg).

There are differences in the maximum number of passengers they can carry (4 to 5), and in the standard features.

Models can be customized in terms of colors and graphics. The bilge pump along with the navigation lights come standard. SeaQuester models are compatible with PWCs from different manufacturers. (Sea-Doo, Yamaha)

2 Eazy Jet Ski Boat Converters

2 Eazy is another well-known jet ski boat manufacturer in Australia. Although they offer one model, it’s compatible with almost any jet skis with 160–310 HP engines.

After you’ve purchased your 2 Eazy jet ski boat, the manufacturer will adjust the docking station to fit your jet ski perfectly.   Speaking of dimensions, the 2 Eazy jet ski boat converters are 5.15 m long and 2.51 m wide, while weighing 450 kg. They offer a seat for 6 adults which results in 500 kg weight capacity.

Moreover, these amazing vessels arrive with the following features:

  • Large self-draining storage compartments
  • Self-draining anchor locker
  • Comfortable cushions
  • Navigation lights
  • Glove box
  • Wakeboard tower with bimini
  • Galvanized dual axle trailer

Sanj Jet Ski Boat Attachments

Jet ski boat combos are also manufactured by Sanjiang Boats, which is headquartered in China.

The company’s main business is developing, manufacturing and selling PWCs, aluminum speed boats and yachts. They sell their products in China and in over 30 regions and countries across the world with a fully established after sales’ service system in place.

Aside from boats and PWC, they make jet ski boat combos and currently have two different models:

The SJFZ16 is built with a fiberglass hull, is 5.16 m long and 2.51 m wide, weighing 460 kg with a capacity for 6 passengers.
The larger model has an inflatable RUB hull, is 6.4 m long and 2.86 m wide at the beam.

Shuttle Craft Jet Ski Boat Combos

If you were wondering if jet ski boat combos are new or something that’s been around a while, you may be surprised to know that the Canadian company Shuttle Craft started making them over 20 years ago!

Sadly, they stopped producing their models quite a long time ago. However, you can sometimes find used ones being sold individually at fairly low prices. The problem is that they don’t fit the watercraft models we now have since the PWC hulls grew and grew in size over the years.

But if you find one for sale that also includes the jet ski, you may want to buy it, especially if you are into vintage watercrafts. If you decide to purchase any used jet ski, you should read our Used Jet Ski Buyers’ Guide!

Stand-Up Jet Ski Boat Combos

How crazy would it be to have a jet ski boat combo like the ones we’ve discussed above, but with a stand-up watercraft instead?

Again, you would be surprised to know that something like this was made years ago as well, but nothing like this is available now. Very rarely you will spot these vintage models out on the water. So, if you would like to see one in action, you will have to view it on YouTube:

How Do You Make a Jet Ski a Boat?

If you find the factory-built jet ski boats overpriced, you can consider building your own. To make a jet ski boat you have to modify a regular small RIB or a fiberglass boat. Be aware that you’ll need some skills and tools for this project, and it can involve more work than you expect!

How to make a jet ski boat

How to make a jet ski boat


There are a number of different ways to turn a jet ski into a boat. Apparently, these jet ski boat attachments are the best way for someone with a jet ski to take more passengers along for the ride and create more storage as well.

If you have a family you don’t want to leave behind, or have a lot of fun friends, one of these units might be a great option for you.

There are so many advantages, but they do come with a pretty big price tag, which would be in the same range as the most expensive PWC models, and possibly more!

You also need to consider that they will be much larger and heavier than a single jet ski, so this will be an issue when it comes to trying to store it in your garage and towing it behind your car.

At any rate, the jet ski boat attachment happens to be the most versatile vessels currently available on the market, so they do deserve a serious look!

Image Credit: SeaQuester, Sealver Canada

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