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Krash Freestyle Watercrafts Ride into the US Market! [Video]

Krash Freestyle Watercrafts Ride into the US Market! [Video]

KRASH Industries is well known for their highly demanding and high performance freeride & freestyle watercrafts. They offer complete, turn-key models that are ‘Ready to Perform’ at reasonable prices.

And now, finally, KRASH watercrafts have made their way to the US as well. It’s something many watercraft enthusiasts have been waiting for!

Instead of having to endure a long introduction here, take a look at their promo video of what these amazing rockets can do on the water!

If you want to learn more about the KRASH watercrafts don’t hesitate to read more.

Beyond their story, you can learn about their models, specifications, demo rides, and what you need to do in order to win one!

How it started

Krash initially started off as an aftermarket hull builder in 2008.

They began their business in Australia and after years of success there, Krash has finally made its way to the US!

After recognizing the frustration and horrible experiences that customers had to go through in order to bring together their freestyle/freeride crafts using aftermarket hulls, Nick Barton, the CEO and President of Krash industries, decided to design and offer a complete turn-key solution for the customers.

Nick, himself a well-respected and highly decorated freestyle champions, happens to be the driving force behind Krash and its brand.

He has designed and created every single part you need to make a complete, turn-key watercraft. From the KV 997 engine to the smallest nuts and bolts, Nick crafted everything with the customer in mind.

Nick’s vision is what led to the creation of Krash and it also happens to be what propels the brand forward. With his vision being ever-present in all of Krash’s operations, the company finally launch ready to perform complete watercrafts five years ago.

Krash watercrafts = 130 HP and around 300 lbs weight - or even less!

Models, prices & specs

Are you looking for a freestyle/freeride PWC? Why do you constantly struggle to build a custom watercraft if you can simply purchase one through dealers?

It might sound surprising, but it typically costs around $20,000-$25.000 or more to build a complete freestyle watercraft with an aftermarket hull. In contrast, KRASH models are available for far more affordable prices.

More than that, Krash industries works like any other OEM brand, providing you with complete unit sales, knowledge of parts, services, and a complete dealer network.

They even offer customers the opportunity to finance their Krash watercraft through their dealer. This allows you to choose your model, hit start, and become Ready to Perform!

Want to learn more? Don’t hesitate to click on the links below to discover Krash’s unique watercrafts. You can find their specifications, check pictures and videos, and compare them head by head with any competitor’s models!

All of these models arrive with the KV997 twin-cylinder, naturally aspirated 997 cc 2-stroke engine (with open-loop cooling), expertly developed using high pressure die cast aluminium with bored steel sleeves.

For now, Krash Industries is in the final stages of a project that aims to develop a direct-injection engine that can meet the CARB regulations. Slated for a release in 2020, the electrical system on these engines is going to be innovation incarnate.

The electrical system in it is designed to hold 3 pre-set maps that can help you jump from 70hp to 100hp to 130hp with the rotation of a single switch.

Amazing jumps and performance!

Outstanding power to weight ratios

All watercrafts from KRASH are highly lightweight, coming in just around 273-321 Lbs depending on the model. It makes them the lightest among all available watercraft models.

These lightweight hulls and strong engines lead to an outstanding power to weight ratio. Most of the models arrive around with 1:2.5 (0,4) power to weight ratio. This means that you are only carrying 2.5 lbs for every single horsepower.

The lightest model, the Foot Rocket Pro, is made from 100% carbon fiber. It weighs in at just under 275 lbs. and the power plant is good for 130 horsepower. It means an amazing, 1:2.1 (0,48) power to weight ratio!

If you compare this numbers with competitor watercraft models, the Yamaha Superjet weights 306 lbs with 73 HP, which amounts to. 1:4.2 (0,24) power to weight ratio.

On the other hand, the stand up Jet Ski from Kawasaki, the SX-R, offers a remarkable 150 HP performance. However, if we count with its weight – which balances out at 551 lbs – the Kawasaki’s power to weight ratio turns out to be 1:3.7 (0,27).

This high performances combined with low weight hulls make KRASH models really nimble and fun to ride while guaranteeing high performance.

That is one of the reasons why many of the world’s top riders choose KRASH models!

After successfully selling directly to consumers for several years Krash Industries has started to expand their business by creating a U.S. Dealer Network.

We’ve been updated by the company that they will be releasing a list about these US dealerships in near future. As soon as the listis available, we will be sharing it with you immediately!

Until then you can find additional information about Krash Industries here. If you are from Australia, you can reach the company on their Australian website.

National Recreational Tour with KRASH demo rides

Would you like to check and ride some amazing Krash watercrafts?


KRASH Industries has signed on as Title Sponsor for the 2019 Pro Watercross National Recreational Tour.

“This takes the inaugural year of our Rec. Tour and puts it on a whole new level,” said Pro Watercross’ Jennifer Handler. “There has been an amazing response to the addition of recreational events and to all three of our recreational efforts – the National, West Coast and Midwest tours,” she added. “But having KRASH Industries behind us lends a huge level of legitimacy and excellence that is hard to achieve in the infancy of any event.”Next, they are bringing the Rec Tour back to Florida on the 18th and 19th of May for the Dunedin Invasion hosted by Florida Ski Riders.

The event, being held on the West Coast of Florida at Dunedin is bound to be a relaxing and fun time. It’s going to include a beautiful scenery filled ride through some of Florida’s shining gems: the Anclote Island, Clearwater Beach, and the Caladesi Island.

It’s something that attracts PWC enthusiasts from all around the globe.

KRASH Industries will have all their pro team riders putting on a show, and they’ll be offering demo rides to the public as well!Meet and ride the Krash watercratfs at the 2019 Pro Watercross National Recreational Tour!Not only is Krash’s name associated with the tour, but they are also giving the event their full support and putting in some effort too.

The final round of the event will feature a Krash Industries watercraft that will be given away.

All participants in the tour will get one chance to win the watercraft with each Pro Watercross Recreational tour event attended across the USA!

The exquisite watercraft, donated by CEO Nick Barton and Sam Starkins of Krash, will be on display at the Krash National Recreational tour stops and also at selected Pro Watercross National Tour events.

If you can’t take part of this event this May, don’t worry! You still have many opportunities to visit one of the events being conducted this year. Here is a list of the other steps of the tour:

  • May 18-19, 2019 – Dunedin Invasion-Dunedin, Florida

  • June 15, 2019 – Operation JET-EX-TBD

  • July 6, 2019 – Strong Island Poker Run-Freeport, New York

  • August 3, 2019 – Broward MTS Rec Ride-Key Largo, Florida

  • September 7, 2019 – JetFest-Mayfield, New York

The future

KRASH Industries aims to become a dominant player in the PWC market. Considering how they have started, they are all set to get to that pinnacle.

The company has returned to the roots of PWCs, but are still hard at work to build something that is innovative, fresh, and new for the market. We won’t be surprised if we see more and more KRASH models on the water!

Without further ado, here is the President and CEO of KRASH Industries, Nick Barton’s vision for the future:“… The sport of freestyle jetskiing is currently undergoing a massive resurgence in popularity due in part to the growth in purpose-built freestyle watercraft that have been modified to enable the rider to do what for many seemed impossible. My competition success has been driven by an innovative repertoire. Just as I see my sporting success resulting from innovation, I also see the success of Krash Industries squarely in terms of the company’s ability to assume the mantle of the innovative leader of the industry.Krash Industries under my direction will continue to build, develop and refine a range of high-quality affordable products that will support the growth and recognition of the sport we love. I look forward to your feedback on our products and welcome your suggestions on ways to develop what we do to assist you and your local crew to get the most out of your time on the water.My goal is for Krash Industries to be regarded as the constructor of the best handling, readily available, benchmark quality freestyle adrenaline watercraft in the world.”The future of Krash watercrafts - thy sky is the limit!Did you enjoy what you read here? Don’t forget to share this post with your friends!Source: