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11 Different Sea-Doo Modes Explained [Video]

11 Different Sea-Doo Modes Explained [Video]

All modern Sea-Doos are equipped with the innovative iTC (Intelligent Throttle Control), which offers many different riding modes, including:

  1. Default riding mode (Touring mode)
  2. Slow Speed mode
  3. ECO mode
  4. Ski mode
  5. Sport mode
  6. Speed Limiter Mode (Cruise mode)
  7. Trolling mode
  8. Learning key modes
  9. Limp mode
  10. Launch control
  11. Drown mode
If you want to find out more about these riding modes, you’ve come to the right place.

We at JetDrift have compiled all you need to know under one roof!

What Are Riding Modes on a Sea-Doo?

The different riding modes on a Sea-Doo are various power delivery modes programmed for specific purposes. The basic models came with only a few modes like Sport and ECO, while on a flagship Sea-Doo you can choose from no less than ten options.

How can you activate these modes?

How do You Change Modes on a Sea-Doo?

As a rule of thumb, the Riding Mode buttons on a Sea-Doo are always located on the left handlebar.

Older and base Sea-Doos have dedicated controls like ECO and Sport buttons. You can find them right next to the VTS buttons.

In contrast, the latest high-end models come with a complex system utilizing a multifunctional MODE button.

To change the major operating mode on these Sea-Doos, you need to:

  1. Press MODE button,
  2. Acknowledge the safety message by pressing and holding MODE button will get the SPORT mode,
  3. Pressing MODE button again will activate the SKI mode (if equipped),
  4. Pressing MODE button again will activate the ECO mode.
Let’s get down to the nitty-gritty and discuss these modes in detail!

11 Different Sea-Doo Modes Explained

1. What is Sea-Doo’s Default Riding Mode?

Also known as the Touring Mode, the Default Riding Mode on a Sea-Doo provides a very smooth linear power delivery upon acceleration. This setting is ideal for touring and riding with passengers, thanks to its moderate performance.

Keeping safety in mind, each Sea-Doo starts in Default Riding Mode by default.

2. What is Sea-Doo’s Slow Speed Mode?

Slow Speed Mode on a Sea-Doo – is this a joke?

No! Modern Sea-Doos with iTC allow you to set and adjust the idle speed. This comes in handy in many situations, like riding through no-wake zones and navigating in tight spaces.

Thanks to the Slow Speed Mode, you can select an idle speed between 1 and 7 mph.

How do you activate Slow Speed Mode on a Sea-Doo?

  1. Release the throttle lever to idle RPM.
  2. Press the SPEED CONTROL button on the left keypad.
  3. The Speed Control indicator will come on in the multifunction display to indicate activation.
  4. A message will scroll in the multifunction display to specify that you are now in slow speed mode.
  5. The default slow speed setting of 5 will show in the numerical display
How do you change the set slow speed on a Sea-Doo?

To increase or decrease the set slow speed, press the UP/DOWN button on the RH handlebar once, or repeatedly.There are 9 slow speed settings available (1 through 9). Adjust slow speed mode to desired speed.When pressing the up/down button, a message “SET LEVEL” will appear.You can select from one of the 9 slow speed setting (1 to 9).Level 5 is the default and it correspond to the normal idle of the vehicle.By using level 1-4 you can slow down the vehicle and go as slow as 1 MPH. The slow speed mode can be used as a trolling mode and is useful for fishing. Level 6-9 gives you the ability to go up to 7 MPH without touching the throttle lever.How do you deactivate Slow Speed Mode on a Sea-Doo?

The slow speed mode can be deactivated using any of the following methods:

  • Pressing and holding the Speed Control button.
  • Depressing the iBR lever.
  • Accelerating past the set slow speed.
When deactivating SLOW SPEED MODE by accelerating using the throttle lever, the iBR gate stays in the forward position. When using the iBR lever, the iBR gate will move towards the reverse position, then neutral when the lever is released.Note:You can only activate the Slow Speed Mode when riding slower than 9 mph. Also, Slow Speed Mode is unavailable if the Speed Limiter Mode is engaged.

It’s also good to know that Slow speed will vary depending on the load and external conditions.

3. What is ECO Mode on a Sea-Doo?

ECO Mode is the most fuel-efficient riding mode on a Sea-Doo. According to the manufacturer, this setting improves fuel efficiency up to 46%. In return, the engine provides a moderate performance, which translates into a smoother throttle application.

How do you activate ECO Mode on a Sea-Doo?

ECO Mode can be activated and deactivated by the ECO button on the left handlebar (if present).

On more advanced Sea-Doos, you have to press the MODE button a few times until you reach ECO Mode in the menu.

4. What is Ski Mode on a Sea-Doo?

As the name suggests, Sea-Doo’s Ski Mode is designed with tow sports in mind. This mode offers controlled launches (Ramp function) and towing a wakeboarder or skier at a preset speed (Target Speed function). It’s available on special models like the Sea-Doo Wake and Wake Pro.

How do you use Sea-Doo’s Ski Mode?

RAMP Function

The RAMP function offers a pre-programmed setting for launching and accelerating the PWC.RAMP 1 provides:

  • Slowest launch (smoothest)
  • Slowest acceleration rate
RAMP 5 provides:
  • Quickest launch
  • Quickest acceleration rate

The TARGET SPEED function limits the maximum towing speed.Once the RAMP has been selected, an average PWC target speed for that RAMP will be visible in the numerical display. The operator may increase or decrease the target speed to any value within the selected RAMP speed range.How do you activate Ski Mode on a Sea-Doo?

  1. Press MODE button to select the SKI mode. Note: A GPS signal is required in order for the ski function to appear in the cluster. To obtain a suitable GPS signal, we recommend that you take the vehicle outside.
  2. Press OK button when SKI icon flashes.
  3. Select ski ramp by using the UP or DOWN arrow button. Ramp 1 will give the slowest acceleration. Acceleration ramp will not behave the same depending on the vehicle type, vehicle load and water conditions. For safety reasons, always start using ramp # 1 to familiarize your skier with acceleration and then change the ramp as needed.
  4. Press OK or RIGHT arrow button to confirm acceleration ramp.
  5. Select the maximum target speed by using the UP or DOWN arrow button.
  6. Press OK or RIGHT arrow button to confirm. NOTE: At any moment you can use the LEFT and RIGHT arrow buttons to change the ramp and speed selection.
  7. After your selection and when you are ready, press the OK button to activate the function.
How do you deactivate Ski Mode on a Sea-Doo?

To end a ski run and completely deactivate ski mode, release the throttle to idle, then press the MODE button.Note: Ski mode remains active and ready until another driving mode is chosen.

5. What Does Sport Mode do on a Sea-Doo?

Sea-Doo’s Sport Mode provides unleashed engine performance resulting in an instant throttle response and the best acceleration available. It’s a dream for performance-minded riders looking for thrilling rides if they don’t mind the significantly higher fuel consumption.

How do you put a Sea-Doo in Sport Mode?

To activate the Sport mode, press once on the MODE button while in DEFAULT riding mode. The sport icon will start to flash and a safety message will scroll. For safety reason, follow the instruction in the safety message to activate the sport mode.Once activated, the SPORT icon will turn ON.

How do you deactivate Sport Mode on a Sea-Doo?

A single press on MODE button will take you to the ECO mode.Once activated, SPORT MODE will remain active until it is deactivated by the operator, or the engine is shut down whereby it defaults back to DEFAULT riding MODE.

6. What is Speed Limiter Mode (Cruise control) on a Sea-Doo?

The Speed Limiter Mode is virtually the cruise control of Sea-Doos. It’s also often called Speed Control Mode or Speed Regulator Mode. This feature lets you preset the machine’s maximum speed, but it doesn’t maintain it.

In other words, once you’ve activated the Speed Limiter Mode, you have to set your desired speed as the first step. Then, holding the throttle lever fully depressed causes the Sea-Doo to run within this preset range.

However, unlike cars, Sea-Doos don’t maintain a preset speed if you release the throttle.

Despite this, the Speed Limiter Mode is a great help as it allows you to focus on the environment rather than the throttle control.

It’s useful for tow sports, longer tours, and riding in limited speed zones.

How do you use Sea-Doo’s Speed Limiter Mode?

Once the maximum speed is set, the operator can vary the watercraft speed from idle speed up to the set speed using the throttle lever. The set speed will not be exceeded even if the throttle lever is fully depressed.As you proceed under a constant speed setting, keep your attention watercraft, only one of the following modes will be activated.Once the desired mode is activated, press the SPEED CTRL button then change the value with the UP or DOWN arrow button while the SET LEVEL or SET SPEED message is active.To exit the selected speed control mode, press MODE button or long press SPEED CTRL button. Slowing down is a matter of releasing the throttle lever further than the set point, or by pulling the iBR lever in.If the iBR lever is pulled in for braking, Speed Limiter mode is overridden but not deactivated.Once the iBR lever is released and the throttle is pulled in to engage forward thrust, the speed limiter function will reengage to limit the watercraft speed as it was set before.Speed limiter MODE can be activated when the watercraft is going at more than 15 km/h (9 MPH).NOTE: Speed limiter mode is not available if slow speed mode is engaged.How do you activate the Speed Limiter Mode on a Sea-Doo?

  1. Maintain a constant speed.
  2. Press the Speed Control button on the left keypad.
You will hear a beep indicating that you are now in speed limiter mode, and the speed control MODE indicator will be lit.Activating speed limiter mode of operation only limits the maximum speed available when depressing the throttle lever. The throttle lever must be held in to maintain forward speed. Watercraft speed can be varied from idle up to the set cruise speed using the throttle lever once the speed limiter function is activated. Watercraft speed may vary depending on water conditions during use.How do you deactivate the Speed Limiter Mode on a Sea-Doo?

  1. Release the throttle lever.
  2. Press and hold the SPEED CTRL button or press MODE button.
Deactivation of speed limiter mode is indicated by: “The speed limiter indicator will go off.”NOTE:If the throttle lever is not fully released when the button is pressed to deactivate the speed limiter mode, the speed control MODE indicator will remain on. The speed limiting function will stay active until the throttle is fully released, then the speed control MODE indicator will go out.

7. Sea-Doo’s Trolling Mode

Another cruise control mode on a Sea-Doo is the “Trolling Mode,” specifically designed for troll fishing.

As expected, the Trolling Mode is exclusively available on Fish Pro models.Here’s a great video on how Trolling Mode works on a Sea-Doo:

8. What is Sea-Doo’s Learning Key Mode?

Sea-Doo’s Learning Key Mode can be activated with a special Learning DESS Key. This Key is programmed to limit engine power and top speed for safety reasons.

Learning keys are commonly used by rental shops and parents who want to make riding safer for their children.

9. What does Limp Mode Mean on a Sea-Doo? 

The Limp Mode on a Sea-Doo is a safety feature that automatically restricts the speed in case of an engine/system failure.

Depending on the fault type, the main computer of the Sea-Doo reacts differently. In case of a severe failure, the computer doesn’t allow you to start the engine. In other cases, the engine starts, but it only runs in a “Limp Home Mode.”When this mode is activated, you can see a “LIMP HOME MODE” message on the screen.

However, a computer error can also cause a Limp Home Mode, restricting the engine’s performance.

10. What is Sea-Doo’s Launch Mode?

Sea-Doo’s Launch Mode (a.k.a. Launch Control) is a special VTS setting to achieve the best acceleration available. This mode sets the jet nozzle into optimum position to limit bow rise and get the hull on plane faster.

The quicker the Sea-Doo gets out of the water, the faster it can reach higher speeds!

How do you use Sea-Doo’s launch control?

To activate the Launch Control, press simultaneously both VTS UP and VTS DOWN buttons. The message ONE LAUNCH will be displayed. When the speed is below 20 km/h (12 MPH), the VTS lowers to its lowest position and the VTS indicator flashes to indicate the system is ready for an acceleration.When the speed exceeds 30 km/h (19 MPH), the VTS returns to the user selected position.When the launch control function is activated, the iVTS icon is visibleHow do you deactivate Sea-Doo’s launch control?

The launch control will deactivate itself after one use.To deactivate the launch control, press simultaneously both VTS UP and VTS DOWN buttons again.The message LAUNCH OFF will be displayed and the last selected driving mode will be activated.NOTE: The launch control function is deactivated when the engine system is turn off

11. What is Drown Mode on a Sea-Doo?

The Drown Mode on a Sea-Doo is designed to crank the engine without firing it up. This mode simply blocks the ignition and fuel injection while allowing the starter motor to run.

It comes in handy in many situations, such as engine tests or an oil change when you want to force more oil into the sump.

Drown Mode can also help you if your engine is flooded as it can effectively dry the cylinders.

How do you activate Sea-Doo’s Drown Mode?

You can activate the Drown Mode on a Sea-Doo if you hold the throttle wide open while pressing the start button. Make sure that you don’t crank the engine longer than a couple of seconds.

To avoid the engine revving up, first release the start button then the throttle lever.

Takeaways – FAQs About Sea-Doo Modes

As a takeaway, we’ve answered the most common questions about the different Sea-Doo Modes.

What are Sea-Doo modes?

Sea-Doo Modes offer various power delivery modes programmed for specific purposes.

Which modes does a Sea-Doo offer?

Sea-Doo designed ten different modes for their PWCs:

  1. Default riding mode
  2. Slow Speed mode
  3. ECO mode
  4. Ski mode
  5. Sport mode
  6. Speed Limiter Mode (Cruise mode)
  7. Trolling mode
  8. Learning key modes
  9. Launch control
  10. Limp mode
  11. Drown mode
Keep in mind that the available modes vary from one model to the next.

How do you change modes on a Sea-Doo?

On the flagship Sea-Doos, you can set the modes by a multifunction MODE button, while their base counterparts feature dedicated SPORT and ECO mode buttons.

As a rule of thumb, these controls are always mounted on the left handlebar.

What is Touring Mode on a Sea-Doo?

The Default Riding Mode is often referred to as Touring Mode.

Does Sea-Doo have cruise control?

The more advanced Sea-Doos come with cruise control, while base models typically lack this feature.

What is Sea-Doo’s Speed Regulator Mode?

Sea-Doo’s Speed Regulator Mode is actually the cruise control of Sea-Doos. Unlike cruise controls in cars, this system requires you to fully depress the throttle lever to maintain your speed. That’s why the name “Speed Regulator.”Does the Sea-Doo Fish Pro have cruise control?

Yes, Sea-Doo Fish Pro models came with cruise control as standard.

Does Sea-Doo’s Spark have Sport Mode?

Yes, Sea-Doo Spark features Sport Mode, but only on 90 HP models.

Does a 60 HP Sea-Doo Spark have Sport Mode?

No, the 60 HP Sea-Doo Spark doesn’t come with Sport Mode.

What is the Launch Mode on a Sea-Doo?

Sea-Doo’s Launch Mode is a preset VTS position intended to achieve the best acceleration.

Disclaimer: This post is just for informational purposes, as modes and their controls may vary depending on the model. Make sure to carefully read the operator’s manual familiarize yourself with the operation of your Sea-Doo before your first ride!