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Sea-Doo MOVE Trailer Review [Specs, Prices, Videos]

Sea-Doo MOVE Trailer Review [Specs, Prices, Videos]

Sea-Doos come with many great options and accessories, and trailers are no exception. Labeled as MOVE, these trailers are specifically designed for the different types of Sea-Doo PWCs and they carry one or two skis depending on the model.

If you want to find out more about these trailers, this post is for you.

We at JetDrift have compiled all you need to know under one roof!

Sea-Doo MOVE Trailer Review

Sea-Doos MOVE trailers are available in many variations according to your needs.

They come in single and double configurations, and you can also choose from painted, galvanized, or even aluminum finishes.

The key advantage of these trailers is that they feature a unique design that allows the ski to be in less water when launching and retrieving it.

MOVE trailers are specifically engineered for Sea-Doos, which ensures a perfect fit. However, since the angles of their carpeted bunks are fully adjustable (side-to-side / front-to-back), you can tailor them to fit any other brand or PWC.

Sea-Doo MOVE Accessories

Standard features include water-resistant LED lights, aluminum wheels, adjustable axles, sealed wheel bearings, and double nylon bushing springs for noise reduction.

You can also choose from a wide range of optional features and accessories, including:

·         Walk pad

·         Walk pad carpet kit

·         iCatch bow cup

·         Spare wheel

·         Spare wheel support

·         Heavy-duty swivel mount trailer jack

·         Roller bunk system

·         And more

One of the most innovative features of these trailers is arguably the Sea-Doo exclusive iCatch system, which makes the loading and unloading process quicker and easier.

As the name suggests, this “catch” and release system utilizes a quick-snap handle built into the handle support.

Another useful option is the walk pad, which provides guidance when the trailer is submerged in the water.

Types of MOVE Trailers

Sea-Doo offers seven different MOVE trailers, which came as an option for new sea-Doo PWCs. As their name suggests, the MOVE I line is rated for one while the MOVE II line is rated for two skis.

To be more specific, the available configuration and their main features are as follows:

Single MOVE I Trailers:

·         MOVE I 1250: The smallest single Sea-Doo trailer, ideal for one lightweight Sea-Doo like the Spark

·         MOVE I Ext. 1250: Ideal for carrying any watercraft

·         Aluminum MOVE I Ext. 1250: Singe aluminum Sea-Doo trailer for saltwater use, ideal for carrying any PWC

·         MOVE I Ext. 1500: Largest single Sea-Doo trailer with the highest carrying capacity

Double MOVE II Trailers:

·         MOVE II Spark: The smallest double Sea-Doo trailer designed for two Sea-Doo Sparks

·         MOVE II: Double Sea-Doo trailer, ideal for carrying any watercraft

·         Aluminum MOVE II: Aluminum double Sea-Doo trailer for saltwater use

What Are the Dimensions of Sea-Doo MOVE Trailers?

You can expect the length of these trailers to be in the ballpark of 12.5-17 feet while their width varies between 4.5 and 8.5 feet.

The narrowest Sea-Doo trailer is the MOVE I Ext. 1250, which only measures 4’6” in width. Its larger single relatives are typically 4’10”-5’3” wide and 12’5”-14’3” long.

Regarding double Sea-Doo trailers, the smallest model is the MOVE II Spark designed for the smallest Spark series. This trailer measures 12’5” in length and 8’4” in width.

On the other end of the spectrum, you can find the MOVE II with its impressive length of 16’10”.

For a better comparison, we’ve listed the dimensions of the entire lineup in one chart.

MOVE Trailer Size Chart

MOVE I 125012'5"4'10"
MOVE I Ext. 125013'4"4'6"
MOVE I Ext. 1250 (Al.)14'3"5'0"
MOVE I Ext. 150013'6"5'3"
MOVE II Spark12'5"8'4"
MOVE II (Al.)15'3"8'4"
MOVE II16'10"8'2"

What’s the Weight of Sea-Doo MOVE Trailers?

You can expect the weight of single Sea-Doo trailers to be in the ballpark of 231-276 pounds, while their double counterparts weigh 340-485 pounds.

The exact weight specs of each model are as follows:

·         MOVE I 1250: 231 lb.

·         MOVE I Ext. 1250: 250 lb.

·         Aluminum MOVE I Ext. 1250: 250 lb.

·         MOVE I Ext. 1500: 276 lb.

·         MOVE II Spark: 340 lb.

·         Aluminum MOVE II: 376 lb.

·         MOVE II: 485 lb.

What’s the Weight Capacity of Sea-Doo MOVE Trailers?

As a rule of thumb, the weight capacity of single Sea-Doo trailers ranges between 1235 and 1499 pounds. Designed for carrying two machines, double Sea-Doo trailers are rated at 1220-2456 pounds depending on the model.


·         MOVE I 1250: 1235 lb.

·         MOVE I Ext. 1250: 1250 lb.

·         Aluminum MOVE I Ext. 1250: 1250 lb.

·         MOVE I Ext. 1500: 1499 lb.

·         MOVE II Spark: 1220 lb.

·         Aluminum MOVE II: 2450 lb.

·         MOVE II: 2456 lb.

How Much is a Sea-Doo MOVE Trailer?

The starting prices of single Sea-Doo trailers average between $1,550 and $1,950 depending on the size and material. If you are looking for a double trailer, be prepared to pay $2,150-$3,450.

For your convenience, we’ve listed the latest known prices of the entire Sea-Doo MOVE lineup:

Sea-Doo MOVE Trailer Price List (MSRP, USD)

·         MOVE I 1250: $1,550

·         MOVE I Ext. 1250: $1,600

·         MOVE I Ext. 1500: $1,800

·         Aluminum MOVE I Ext. 1250: $1,950

·         MOVE II Spark: $2,150

·         MOVE II: $2850

·         Aluminum MOVE II: $3,450

Remember, these are just starting prices, as optional accessories like the spare wheel, walk pad, or an iCatch system come at an additional cost.

Sea-Doo MOVE Trailer Specs Chart

For a better comparison, we’ve compiled the key specs of Sea-Doo MOVE trailers into one chart:

ModelLengthWidthHeight (in)Weight (lb)Weight Capacity (lb)
MOVE I 125012'5"4'10"31.52311235
MOVE I Ext. 125013'4"4'6"31.52501250
MOVE I Ext. 1250 (Al.)14'3"5'0"332501250
MOVE I Ext. 150013'6"5'3"31.52761499
MOVE II Spark12'5"8'4"343401220
MOVE II (Al.)15'3"8'4"34.73762450
MOVE II16'10"8'2"394852456

Takeaways – Does Sea-Doo Make Trailers?

As a takeaway, we’ve answered the most common questions on these high-quality PWC trailers!

How do you transport a Sea-Doo?

The best way to transport a Sea-Doo is by carrying it on a MOVE trailer, which is specifically engineered for this type of watercraft.

How long is a Sea-Doo trailer?

The length of single Sea-Doo trailers varies between 12’5” and 14’3”, while their double brother can be either 12’5”, 15’3”, or 16’10” long.

How wide is a Sea-Doo trailer?

You can expect the width of single Sea-Doo trailers to be 4.5-5 feet and the double trailers to be 8’2” or 8’4” depending on the model. Due to their width, double Sea-Doo trailers don’t fit through standard 8-foot garage doors.

What is the tire size on Sea-Doo trailers?

The advertised tire size of single Sea-Doo trailers and the MOVE II Spark double trailer is 4.80” x 12” while the larger double models come with 7.2” x 13” (ST185/80D13) tires.

What is the tire pressure on a Sea-Doo trailer?

According to the manufacturer, the cold tire pressure of these trailers is as follows:

·         MOVE I Ext. 1250: 413 kPa (60 PSI)

·         MOVE I 1500: 550 kPa (80 PSI)

·         MOVE I: 431 kPa (60 PSI)

·         MOVE II Spark: 413 kPa (60 PSI)

·         MOVE II: 345 kPa (50 PSI)

However, please always check your trailer’s operator’s manual and the pressure marking on the sidewall of your tires.

What is the ball size of a Sea-Doo trailer?

Each Sea-Doo trailer comes with a 2-inch coupler, which fits on any standard 2-inch trailer hitch. Therefore, they can be towed by many types of cars and trucks as long as they can handle the full weight.

How long is the warranty on a MOVE trailer?

As a rule of thumb, each Sea-Doo MOVE trailers enjoy a one-year complete warranty and five years on its axle and frame.

Disclaimer: Specifications in this post are for informational purposes only! For exact specifications, please refer to the factory manual.