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Sea-Doo RXP and RXP-X History and Models [Video]

Sea-Doo RXP and RXP-X History and Models [Video]

Sea-Doo revealed its race-ready RXP series with the introduction of the RXP 215. This supercharged PWC family is designed to be Sea-Doo’s high-end performance line. The latest ski in this breed is the RXP-X 325, enjoying the all-new Rotax 1630 ACE 325hp enigne and many race-inspired features.

If you want to find out more about the Sea-Doo RXP line and compare the latest as well as older RXP and RXP-X models head-to-head, you’ve come to the right place.

We at JetDrift have compiled all you need to know under one roof!

The History of the Sea-Doo RXP

The history of the Sea-doo RXP line started in 2004 when the manufacturer revealed the all-new RXP 215.

This ski replaced the deservedly popular high-performance 2-stroke Sea-Doo, the XP DI.However, the real predecessors of the RXP 215 were the GTX 4-TEC SC and the much smaller GTI.

The former housed the first supercharged Sea-Doo engine ever built, which was carried over to the RXP line. This engine was planted in a modified GTI hull and the RXP 215 was born.

Therefore, it’s safe to say that early RXPs were supercharged GTIs with some minor hull modifications.

The RXP 215 was manufactured from 2004 through 2010, but in the 2007 and 2008 seasons, it was also offered with a naturally aspirated 155hp engine (RXP 155).

Their bigger brother, the RXP-X 255 hit showroom floors in 2008 and remained in production until 2011.

For the 2012 model year, the ski was redesigned from scratch. The all-new T3-R platform replaced its outdated GTI hull while its engine power was increased from 255 to 260hp.

Labeled as RXP-X 260, this all-new ski also came standard with the innovative iBR brake and reverse system.

Since then, this model has gone through two power upgrades, first in 2016 when it got the all-new Rotax 1630 ACE rated at 300hp as well as some minor hull changes (RXP-X 300).

Its power was also increased for the 2024 season; the latest RXP-X 325 has been designed with a 325hp engine.

In summary, a complete list of all the Sea-Doo RXPs and RXP-Xs is as follows:Models:

(You can discover each model by following the links above.)

Let’s get down to the nitty-gritty and talk about each in detail!

The Sea-Doo RXP Family

2004-2010 RXP 215

The 2004-2010 RXP 215 was the first Sea-Doo RXP ever made, which is often referred to as the first Sea-Doo “musclecraft.”This ski was built on a modified GTI hull, which was upgraded with a wider intake, revamped chines, and bow spray deflectors.

The top deck of this RXP was also based on the GTI, but it was heavily redesigned to get a more aggressive look.

It was dressed in a distinctive yellow/black dress with some chrome elements, and had a smaller seat rated at 2-riders. However, just like sports bikes, the RXP was designed for solo rides.

Regarding specifications, the RXP 215, which measured 121 inches in length and 47 inches in width, weighed 792 pounds.

Its power source was the Rotax 1503 4-TEC SC, which debuted in the 2003 GTX 4-TEC SC.

This unit was the first supercharged Sea-Doo engine ever built. Boosted by a high-performance supercharger, this 4-stroke, 1494cc, 12-valve, SOHC triple delivered 215hp at 8000 RPM.

This outstanding engine power combined with its small hull made the RXP 215 the fastest Sea-Doo at the time.

As far as performance numbers go, the ski could reach 60 mph in about five seconds while its top speed was 65-67 mph in stock condition.

With some aftermarket mods, it could be increased up to 70-75 mph!

2007-2008 RXP 155

The RXP 155 was a lighter, non-supercharged 155hp version of the proven RXP 215. But unlike its supercharged brother, the RXP 155 never really became popular.

It wasn’t just because of her modest performance, but this ski was also known for having weaker parts and less durability.

Believe it or not, the pump of the RXP 155 was made of plastic, and it had cast pistons. It also lacked the useful VTS trim.In contrast, the RXP 215 featured an aluminum pump housing and forged pistons, and also came standard with VTS.

Due to a lack of customer interest, Sea-Doo discontinued the RXP 155 after two short years of production.

2008-2011 RXP-X 255

As the name suggests, the RXP-X 255 was the first RXP featuring the advanced “X-package.”This included the adjustable X-steering completed with a billet aluminum finger-throttle, high-performance adjustable sponsons, X-traction mats, and a racing seat.

It also had a unique color scheme, an innovative dashboard, and a high-performance VTS trim system.

The engine power of the RXP was also boosted from 215 to a whopping 255hp, which ensured the highest hp rating and the best power-to-weight ratio in the marketplace.

This engine propelled the RXP-X 255 from 0 to 50 mph just in 2.9 seconds, while its top speed was a (limited) 67 mph.

Sea-Doo marketed this model from 2008 through 2011 without any significant changes.

2012-2015 RXP-X 260

The all-new RXP-X 260 was revealed in the 2012 model year.

Unlike its GTI-based predecessors, it was built on the new T3-R hull, which offered industry-leading cornering abilities.

So, it was no surprise that this hull became the #1 choice of PWC racers and performance-minded enthusiasts. The hull was completed with the all-new top deck featuring a sporty design, Ergolock seat, and abundant capacities.

The engine of the RXP-X got some minor upgrades, which increased its power from 255 to 260hp.

Besides its new body, another important novelty of the RXP-X 260 was its revolutionary iBR brake and reverse system.

This electric-controlled brake and reverse system debuted on top-of-the-line 2012 Sea-Doos, but in the following years, it became more prevalent on cheaper models as well.

The RXP-X 260 was manufactured from 2012 through 2015 and was phased out by the RXP-X 300 in 2016.

2016-2023 RXP-X 300

The RXP-X 300 was a lighter and more powerful successor of the 260.

Its hull got wider with soft-edged chines and the unique “Shark Gills,” but the rest of its body was carried over from the predecessor.

Unlike its platform, the engine of the RXP-X was completely redesigned.

The all-new 1630cc, 300hp, Rotax 1630 ACE HO 300 replaced the outdated 1492cc, 260hp, 1503 Rotax 4-TEC SC.

Despite the larger engine, the dry weight of the ski went from 812 pounds down to 780. This improved the power-to-weight ratio, which went from .32 to .38 hp/lb.

Thanks to these features, the RXP-X 300 accelerated from 0 to 60 mph in 3.6 seconds but its top speed was still restricted to 67 mph.

2023 RXP-X APEX 300

The RXP-X APEX 300 was a one-year, limited-edition model in the 2023 lineup.

Compared to the base RXP-X 300, it featured a carbon fiber hood, a unique color scheme, and an innovative hydraulic steering damper.

It also came standard with the Tech Package and had a very hefty price tag.

Aside from these differences, the 2023 RXP-X APEX 300 and the 2023 RXP-X 300 were identical.

2024 RXP-X 325

The 2024 RXP-X 325 is the most powerful Sea-Doo RXP ever built.

It’s safe to say that this model is equivalent to the 2023 RXP-X APEX 300, except for its more powerful, 325hp engine configuration.

Sea-Doo introduced the revamped Rotax 1630 ACE 325 for the 2024 season. Delivering an incredible 325hp, this engine will only be available in the RXP-X 325 and RXT-X 325.

Sea-Doo RXP Comparison Chart

For a better comparison, we’ve listed the key specifications of the Sea-Doo RXPs in one chart:
YearsModelHullEngine (Rotax)HPWeight (lb)Length (in)Width (in)iBR
04-10RXP 215GTI1503 4-TEC SC21579212147No
07-08RXP 155GTI1503 4-TEC NA15575012147No
08-11RXP-X 255GTI1503 4-TEC SC25579512147No
12-15RXP-X 260T3-R1503 4-TEC SC260812130.648.3Yes
16-23RXP-X 300T3-R1630 ACE 300300780130.649.2Yes
23RXP-X APEX 300T3-R1630 ACE 300300780130.649.2Yes
24-RXP-X 325T3-R1630 ACE 325325776130.649.2Yes


As a takeaway, we’ve answered the most common questions about the RXP line.

When did the Sea-Doo RXP Come Out?

Sea-Doo introduced the RXP series for the 2004 model year.

How Fast is a Sea-Doo RXP?

The top speed of each supercharged Sea-Doo RXP and RXP-X model is a (limited) 67 mph, while the non-supercharged RXP 215 topped out at 58-60 mph.

How Much HP Does a Sea-Doo RXP Have?

The production RXP-X 325 produces 325hp while older models delivered 155-300hp depending on the model.

Is the Sea-Doo RXP Supercharged?

As a rule of thumb, each Sea-Doo RXP and RXP-X was designed with a supercharged engine, except for the RXP 155.

Is the Sea-Doo RXP a 3-Seater?

Sea-Doo RXP and RXP-X models have always been built on 2-seater hulls, but they are actually only recommended for solo rides.