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How Fast Can a Sea-Doo Spark Go? [Video]

How Fast Can a Sea-Doo Spark Go? [Video]

When it comes to buying a Rec-Lite watercraft, Sea-Doo Spark’s top speed and acceleration are the most sought specs.

Rumors and misinformation on the internet revolving around the Sea-Doo Spark’s performance claim that it is slow. It is far from the truth. It is anything but slow!There are faster PWC models on the market, but you should know that high speed is not the only thing that makes your rides fun and thrilling.

Acceleration, power to weight ratio, curb weight, and hull’s dimensions are the key factors that impact the attitude of a watercraft. Don’t hesitate to discover these specifications through the links above!

Also, don’t forget the owning costs and purchase prices, as Sparks is available at a price as low as $5.300, while the average PWC costs $12k and prices go up till even 18k! So if you are on a budget, you could also consider this option.

If you would like to discover Sea-Doo Spark performance specs, read below.

In this review, you are going to discover all of the important specs of Spark and Spark TRIXX models, and you can even compare them with the competitor Yamaha EX WaveRunner.

If you are looking for the cheapest PWC on the market, don’t miss our review with the most affordable models from the main manufacturer!

Discover Sea-Doo Spark top speed numbers

Sea-Doo Spark top speed

When it comes to Sea-Doo Spark top speed numbers, we can’t talk about just one single number. Why?

Because Spark is currently offering two different engines. Both of them are Rotax 899 cc, non-supercharged, 4-stroke engines with 3 cylinders, cooled with closed-loop cooling system.

The Rotax 900 ACE produces 60 HP, while the 900 ACE HO offers 90 HP. Depending on the engine, you can expect a different top speed on each model!

Without further ado, let’s check what are the hard numbers:

Don’t hesitate to discover the models by clicking on their names above!

You can find all specs, pictures, and videos on the model pages, as well as a comparison tool where you can compare the models side by side!

If you check the top speed of other Sea-Doo models, it is evident that Spark does not reach the same level of maximum speed as the most powerful supercharged PWCs.

You should know that the feeling of riding on a watercraft weighs only 460-470 pounds which is quite thrilling with 50 mph, it could be as much fun as riding a large watercraft with 300 HP, but with around 1000 pounds weight!

It’s hard to pen down how it feels exactly, you should give both a try to experience the difference between the two. At some PWC rental services, Sparks and top-performance models are available for rent as well, which means you can try both of them at the same time.

Sea-Doo Spark TRIXX top speed

If we are looking atthe Spark series, the TRIXX models need a separate in-depth discussion.

TRIXX is an upgraded version of Spark, equipped with additional features like adjustable handlebar, step wedges, and the unique VTS (Variable Trim System). With these extra features, you can do a variety of cool tricks like “wheelies”, etc.

This line is equipped with the iBR (Intelligent Brake and Reverse System), which makes your riding experience much smoother and safer. You can read more about it, check specifications, pictures, and videos of Spark TRIXX here.Without further ado, let’s take a look at the Sea-Doo Spark TRIXX top speed numbers:

Sea-Doo Spark acceleration 0-30 mph

Without further ado, please find the Sea-Doo Spark acceleration numbers below:
  • 60 HP Sea-Doo Spark acceleration 0-30 mph: 3,6 s
  • 90 HP Sea-Doo Spark acceleration 0-30 mph: 2,4 s
  • 90 HP Sea-Doo Spark TRIXX acceleration 0-30 mph: 2,4 s
When it comes to PWC performance, there is a lot of emphasis on horsepower and top speed specifications. However many buyers still overlook acceleration and the power-to-weight ratio specs.

The problem with the high-performance supercharged PWCs is that their engine is less reliable, heavy, and burns a lot of fuel. Thus, their gas tanks are large, which means the additional weight on the craft.

On the other side, they need bigger and stable hulls for safe rides. Result?

Huge and heavy watercraft weigh around 1000 pounds, which seems like large boats if you compare them to the older and small two-stroke crafts.

On the other end of the spectrum, there is the Spark series with 450-500 pounds curb weight. So, it seems they weigh less than half compared to the big boys. We have to mention, of course, that the top performance models arrive with 250-310 HP from the main manufacturers, while the Spark is available only with 60 HP or 90 HP engines.

But the good news is that you can upgrade Sea-Doo Spark’s engine to 110 HP easily, or even 160-180 HP if needed!

If you would like to know how it is possible, keep on reading!

The small Sea-Doo Spark accelerates well

Sea-Doo Spark tuning kits

Some PWC enthusiasts may argue that 50 mph is not too fast, because such stock PWCs exist that can hit the 65-67 mph speed range.

That’s true, there are several types of watercraft on the market, with higher top speeds, and for experienced owners who get used to these higher speeds, this 50 mph may not be enough.

If you are experienced or a performance-minded buyer, maybe the Spark and the Yamaha EX are not going to be your top choices.

But if you are a beginner, be aware that 50 mph is not a slow speed, especially not on the water. Many beginners say that they feel comfortable riding a max of 30-35 mph! If you are doubt, rent a PWC, and test it yourself.

You will be surprised that this speed is a lot, especially on a lightweight and small PWC.

But on the other hand, is top speed the only thing that counts in the riding experience? Not really.

Today’s average PWCs are quite huge, and many buyers look for watercraft with small and nimble hulls. This the main reason that brought Rec-Lite PWCs to life. If you are still interested in the Spark but want higher speeds at the same time, don’t stop reading here.

Sea-Doo Spark Tuning and Modifications

You may be wondering if there is any way to increase the top speed of a Sea-Doo Spark?

The good news is that there are several special Sea-Doo Spark tuning kits. One of the well-known kits is the Riva Racing Sea-Doo Spark Performance Kit.This kit contains several items like special air intake, exhaust, and pump components. The good news is that internal engine modifications are not required.With these modifications, you can increase the performance of the engine, which leads to slightly higher top speed, but significantly better acceleration. What’s more? You can expect a much better sound!

Several other Sea-Doo Spark tuning parts are available at PWC Muscle and Greenhulk PWC Performance as well.

It’s good to know, that many kits and modifications also work with the Sea-Doo GTI 90 as it comes with the same engine.

Keep in mind, however, that modifications are only offered by manufacturers for those who are planning to enter competitions.

Though it’s not recommended for casual PWC users to modify their watercraft in this way, it is possible. If you want to do it, you simply need to find a service shop that will assist you.

But be careful, as these modifications are usually against the warranties policy. But not always!  In the end, it always depends on the manufacturer and your dealership.

Sea-Doo Spark Turbocharger

If you are still not happy with 110 HP, or you would like to race your Spark, you can go even higher with the Sea-Doo Spark Turbo kit. By installing this turbocharger kit, you can hit the 160-180 HP range with your Spark. It increases the Sea-Doo Spark’s top speed around 60-75 mph.

What about the cons?

Firstly, the price, of course. This kit is available around 4k. And unfortunately, it’s not included the new impeller, Maptuner, and the tuning license (or even other extra items depending on your needs). These mean extra costs beyond the kit, so you can expect the final price in the 5k+ price range. Yes, that’s the cost of a new Spark, so it’s not a cheap PWC tuning!

Other cons could be the (obvious) higher fuel consumption and the higher risk of malfunctions.

If you would like to learn more about superchargers and turbochargers, don’t hesitate to check out our detailed post on this topic.

The world’s fastest Sea-Doo Spark

Based on the above, you might have gotten interested in the performance of the world’s fastest Sea-Doo Spark? According to WatercraftJournal, it’s not impossible to reach 74 mph on a turbocharged Spark. It is an amazing speed for a small and lightweight PWC.

It does not fall under the beginner’s level.

Yamaha EX top speed

In the PWC community, the Sea-Doo Spark vs. Yamaha EX debate pops up again and again.  Because of this let’s see the Yamaha EX top speed specs as well: As you can see, you can expect the same top speed on a Yamaha EX as on a 90 HP Spark, around 50 mph.

Unfortunately, we don’t have a reliable source for the Yamaha EX acceleration, but the Yamaha EXR accelerates 0-30 mph in 2,4 s, which is the same you can reach on a 90 HP Spark.

These WaveRunners are powered by a 1049 cc, four-stroke, non-supercharged, 100 HP engine, cooled with an open-loop cooling system.

Takeaways – How Fast Can a Sea-Doo Spark Go?

As you can see, there is no winner in this Sea-Doo Spark vs. Yamaha EX competition. Both models are affordable and reliable.

If you are a beginner, it’s recommended to choose a PWC with iBR or RIDE systems, which will make your start much smoother. If you’ve some experience, you can consider buying these models without these systems.

What are the advantages of simpler models? Though, on the one hand, you can expect a lower purchase price, and on the other hand, models with fewer features need less maintenance, and there are fewer chances of malfunctions.When it comes to performance, the top speed of Sea-Doo Spark and Yamaha EX line is pretty close. If you are not happy with the performance, you can still find several tuning kits or even turbocharger kits you can choose from.

Yamaha EX top speed: about 50 mphWhen it comes to the final decision, it mainly depends on the buyer’s taste and preference.

Spark is much more customizable, it has a unique design, and a lightweight and nimble hull. Yamaha EX has a more traditional design, with a larger seat that is much more comfortable for passengers.

Before you choose, it’s wise to compare these models with the cheapest Kawasaki Jet Ski on the market.

It’s highly recommended to ride these before you buy them. Missing the water test is one of the 8 main mistakes that PWC buyers can make.

Nowadays, more and more watercraft rental companies rent Sea-Doo Sparks and Yamaha EX WaveRunners, so you can make a good start with renting these models.

* Top speed and acceleration numbers in this post are for information purposes only. Please note that these numbers are based on real word tests and they could be vary depending on the curb weight of the PWC, rider’s weight and riding style, weather conditions, and many others.