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Sealver Wave Boats Can Turn Your Jet Ski Into a Boat [Video]

Sealver Wave Boats Can Turn Your Jet Ski Into a Boat [Video]

Sealver Wave Boats are becoming quite popular these days, and with good reason.

There are a number of other options on the market for converting your jet ski into a boat, however, Sealver continues to have the largest fleet with quite a few models available depending on your needs.

You no longer have to decide between having a jet ski or boat, you can easily have both in one unique unit! This is the perfect solution for many buyers who have been struggling with the question of whether to buy a jet ski vs. boat, causing untold headaches over the years.

Sealver Wave Boats look a lot like a standard boat, but rather than having an inboard or outboard engine, the jet ski powers them! If this is an option you’re interested in, we invite you to keep reading.

We at JetDrift have put together a chart showing you Sealver’s jet ski boat attachments, so you can easily compare each one against the other.

Discover Sealver Wave Boats

One of the most reputable jet ski to boat converter producers is Sealver, which is headquartered in France.

However, their products are also sold in Canada and in the US as well. If you do not live in any of these countries, you can find a nearby dealer using Sealver’s dealer locator, since they sell their Wave Boats worldwide.

What is a Wave Boat?

Wave Boat is the brand name for Sealver’s jet ski boat attachments. All Sealver Wave Boats are powered with a jet ski, which can be detached from the Wave Boat anytime. Most of these durable jet ski boat attachments are made of fiberglass, but you can also find some RIB Wave Boat in the Sealver’s fleet.

It means a Sealver Wave Boat can quickly turn your jet ski into a boat. If you currently have a jet ski, this would be an inexpensive way to also own a power boat.

If you want to party with your friends out on the water, this would be perfect. You can connect it to your jet ski for parties and disconnect it when you want to ride!

There is an optional inflatable mattress that you can use to lay out or stand on when the jet ski is not attached to the boat unit. This allows you to use the space that the jet ski usually takes up.

Sealver has a series of 5 models, each designed for different needs. Some models have rigid-inflatable hulls (RIB) while others come with fiberglass hulls.

ModelLengthBeamWeight (Lbs)Passenger
You can get their smallest model, which is the Sealver 444. It measures 14’ 5” long and weighs 683 lbs. in a very compact design. Or, you can choose the Sealver 656, which is much larger at 21’ 6” long with a weight of 1,322 lbs. You can also find special models designed for specific professional purposes.

Sealver also offers a broad range of additions for their models, with the “Full Wake Pack” being the most widely sold. With this package you get a table and cushion, navigation lights, a wakeboard tower and rack, a Bimini top for shade and many others as well.

In addition to these sport packages, you can choose among a variety of convenience packages that include a canopy, table, cooler and others depending on which model you choose.

Sealver Wave Boat with wakeboard tower

How Much is a Sealver Wave Boat?

Sealver Wave Boats cost around $15,000-$40,000 depending on the model and the features. The cheapest WaveBoat is the WB444 while the most expensive Wave Boat, the WB656 can cost up to $38,000. Be aware that these prices do not include the jet ski, so you can expect to pay another $10,000-$20,000 for it!

Discover Sealver Wave Boats

Benefits of the Various Sealver Wave Boat

  • Invite up to 10 passengers, depending on which model you choose
  • Own both an “all in one” jet ski/boat combo
  • Navigation light add-on allows you to be on the water at night
  • Goes up to 57 mph
  • Perfect for taking your hydroflight gear
  • Attaches to and detaches from your PWC quite easily
  • Standard boat trailer can be used to transport it
  • Customizable options are available
  • Models available with a RIB or fiberglass hull
  • Compatible with PWCs made from a variety of manufacturers (Sea-Doo, Yamaha, Kawasaki)
Sealver Wave Boat 656

Learn All About the Wave Boats by Sealver

Sealver Wave Boat 444

The most recent Sealver Wave Boat in the fleet is the WB444, designed to be practical, small and responsive.

The length of the hull is 14.5 ft., yet it can still accommodate 5 people comfortably. There is storage space up front and in back for picnic gear, towels and water toys and games. The sharp keel splits the chop making it nearly as maneuverable as the jet ski. This is the perfect wave boat for small groups of watersport enthusiasts.

Sealver Wave Boat 525

This Sealver Wave Boat is a little larger and can accommodate a total of 6 people between the boat and jet ski. The WB525 is perfect for family and/or close friends. It has 2 back sunbeds and a removable table, so you can comfortably have 4 to 6 people onboard.

Due to its Category C Certification, you can take it out on the ocean and lakes and have great fun practicing towed watersports.

Sealver Wave Boats 575 & 626

This Rigid Inflatable Boat (RIB) comes in 2 different models:

  • RIB 575 = 5.75 meters in length and accommodates up to 8 people
  • RIB 626 = 6.26 meters in length and accommodates up to 10 people
Both have unparalleled power to weight ratios, which makes these models perfect for large group outings on the water cruising the coastline or diving for lunch.

Each have tough Hypalon tubes for long-lasting durability. Both are perfectly outfitted for the open waters of the sea, while still being able to navigate the shallow waters of an estuary or cove. With their simple sleek design, the RIB575 and RIB626 Sealver Wave Boats offer you both practicality and thrills.

Sealver Wave Boat 656

This is considered the luxury model in the fleet of Sealver Wave Boats. The WB656 offers plenty of space with all the functionality you would expect of the best. The hull measures 6.56 meters in length with this model possessing the same qualities and features of a standard open boat, plus the performance, flexibility and maneuverability of a Wave Boat powered by a jet ski.

You have abundant space up front with a high bow, a razor-sharp wave piercing hull along with a design that comfortably accommodates seven passengers in luxury. This model works great for seas outings because you can go from wakeboarding, jet skiing, diving, cruising or simply sun tanning at anchor.


If you love jet skiing, but would like more seat capacity and storage, why not have everything you want with a Sealver WaveBoat?

Any one of the Sealver Wave Boats in their range can turn your jet ski into a speed boat within a few seconds. Once you know what you’re doing, you can get it all set up in under a minute. If you’re out in the water and want to jet ski, just detach it.

Those still on your Sealver Wave Boat will just work on their tans or watch one another Flyboarding around them. What could be more fun? This is without a doubt the least expensive way to own both a jet ski and a power boat.

And remember, if all you want to do is jet ski, you can simply launch it separately, leaving the Wave Boat behind on the trailer.

Aside from all the benefits, there are a few drawbacks you need to know about:SealverWave Boats are definitely not the least expensive jet ski additions, they are priced in the same ballpark as the higher end jet ski models.

Due to Wave Boats’ size and weight, you will need to figure out the following before buying:The most obvious factor you should consider is the need for a larger trailer. You may also need to figure out if you have space to store the unit because it won’t fit in a standard size garage.

Furthermore, since the entire unit weighs so much more than just your jet ski, you may have a problem towing it with your car. You must find out what the tow capacity of your car is before you make you buy!

Also, because Sealver Wave Boats may not be compatible with your jet ski model, you need to check that as well. But for the most part, Sealver Wave Boats are incredibly versatile, so they are a great option for a lot of riders.

If you want information on other jet ski to boat converters, don’t miss our latest post about several different units currently available on the market!Source and Image Credit: Sealver Canada