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About JetDrift

About JetDrift

JetDrift is made up of a group of personal watercraft (PWC) enthusiasts who have taken it upon themselves to share valuable information with other riders.

Our Mission

We started our site when we realized how difficult it was to find basic information about PWCs in one convenient place. Another issue we found was that even with all the information available online, it is often too technical for beginners, or even average riders, to understand without mechanical knowledge.

Because of this, we at JetDrift have compiled the basics under one roof, so that riders can quickly find the information they need and have it explained in the simplest possible way.

Our commitment is to share the latest news, along with the most relevant information with the PWC community.

To accomplish this most effectively, we rely on three main pillars: informative in-depth articles, innovative tools, and the power of social media.

Our Articles

We release new long-form articles every week on various topics, such as:

– Beginners’ guides
– How-tos and DIYs
– Riding tips
– Industry news
– PWC and product reviews
– Buyers’ guides
– Events coverage
– And more

Our team not only enriches each article with informative visuals and engaging pictures, but also includes the most relevant and valuable videos on each topic.

Our Tools

We at JetDrift realize that many problems cannot be solved by simply reading an article.

Therefore, beyond our articles, we’ve developed some unique tools to better serve the PWC community. These innovative tools are as follows:

  • PWC Browser Tool: We gather all the new PWC models from the main manufacturers into this tool year-after-year. Our readers can browse the latest models by price and specs, helping them make an informed purchase decision. This unique browser tool has become the ’go-to’ source for many PWC buyers, which is why this is our most visited tool.
  • PWC Comparison Tool: Many readers like comparing models side-by-side, which they can easily do with our PWC Comparison Tool. With this tool our readers are not only able to do side-by-side comparisons of the newest PWC models, but they can also compare PWC models from the last decade. Thus, this tool is very useful for buyers who want to compare their existing PWCs to the newest models, or for those shopping around for a used PWC from years past.
  • Product Sheets: We’ve included individual product sheets for each of the newest PWC models, as well as previous models from the last 10 years. This allows our readers to learn about these PWCs quickly and easily, as these sheets contain numerous specifications, pictures, and videos about each model. Our team has not only included the most important specifications released by the manufacturers, but has also compiled and calculated lots of other important data, like top speeds, curb weights, and even the power-to-weight ratios, all of which would be very difficult to find anywhere else.The Product Sheets are available from the Browser Tool as well as the Comparison Tool, which operate as a complete system.
  • PWC Rental Locator Tool: Readers who want to rent a PWC rather than own can find the closest PWC rental shops using our nationwide PWC Rental Locator Tool. Our team has put together information on more than 750 PWC rental shops across the US and feature them all on one map. Moreover, each rental shop has its own Introduction Page, which includes their contact information.
  • Boat Ramp/Marina Locator: Readers can easily find the closest marinas, boat ramps, and fishing spots with this interactive map. (Powered by
  • PWC/Boat Registration Tool: This tool helps buyers register their new PWCs in the shortest possible time. (Powered by

Our team devotes a significant amount of resources in the development and maintenance of these tools year in and year out in order to serve the PWC community at the highest possible level.

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