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Jet Ski Fishing Accessories: How to Set Up Your PWC [Chart]

Jet Ski Fishing Accessories: How to Set Up Your PWC [Chart]

Fishing from a jet ski has become a popular means of recreation nowadays.If you would like to give this sport a try, first you will need a jet ski suitable for fishing of course. But beyond that, there are a few essential jet ski fishing accessories you cannot do without on the water.

These accessories typically include jet ski fishing racks or rod holders, coolers, boxes, or bags for your gear, canopies, jet ski clothes, and many other useful stuff that would make things a lot easier for you when you are out there on the water.

You would surely want your experience out there to be as enjoyable and comfortable for you, right?

For your convenience, we at JetDrift, have compiled the best jet ski fishing accessories available out there to make the decision-making process easier for you!

Jet Ski Fishing Accessories Chart

In this chart, we’ve tried to compile all the gear you will need for PWC fishing. This way, you will know what exactly you would need on your jet ski fishing trip to make it as smooth as possible.

If you would like to know more about each item, read on further to know more!

Jet ski fishing accessories
Jet ski fishing racks/arches
Jet ski cooler
Fishing rod holders
Map, compass
Rescue board
Stabilizer kits (collars)
Baiting table
Canopy /Beach umbrella
Clothes/Sun protection
VHF Radio
Fishing gear

Jet Ski Fishing Accessories #1 – Racks and Towers

Jet Ski Fishing Racks

Now, when it comes to fishing from a PWC, jet ski fishing racks are the most popular setups amongst fishermen.

What is a jet ski fishing rack?

The jet ski fishing racks are metal frames that are usually equipped with 2-6 rod holders depending on the model. You can place it on the rear deck of the jet ski. This way, your gear is within easy reach when you need it. These units are called jet ski cooler rack as well because they sometimes have enough room to accommodate a cooler. Usually, it is recommended to get a rack that fits a cooler.

Some larger models can accommodate extra fuel cans on the side of the rack as well. This way, you can take extra fuel with you for longer trips to avoid any mishap. No one would want to be stranded alone on the sea with no fuel!

The main advantage of these racks is that you can remove them quite easily when you need them.

Jet ski fishing rack with cooler

Jet Ski Fishing Rod Holders

Jet ski rod holders are the smaller versions of racks. If you don’t want to take a cooler with you on your trip and want something smaller, there are tons of rod of holders you can choose from to suit your needs.

Unfortunately, most of the models require you to drill the fiberglass so you can fix them on your jet ski efficiently. Now, no one would want to ruin one’s jet ski. If you drill the fiberglass to fix rod holders and wish to sell it later one, chances are that you will not get much price for it. The holes tend to depreciate the value of your jet ski.

Due to these reasons, when you start to shop for jet ski fishing accessories, it is better to begin with rod holders. You can mount them to the rear tow hook or passenger handrail.

Usually, these holders can easily accommodate 1-3 fishing rods which are enough for a beginner. If you fall in love with jet ski fishing, then you could definitely upgrade to a jet ski fishing rack later on. Maybe with a cooler!

Jet Ski Fishing Towers

If you are a serious fisherman and deeply involved in this activity, a permanent setup will suit you more. You could go for permanent setups (known as jet ski fishing towers) similar to the ones commonly seen on the fishing boats.

What is a jet ski fishing tower?

The jet ski fishing towers are metal arches featuring many rod holders, a place for cooler and extra fuel tanks, canopy, storage units, windscreens, or even antenna and radar. These units are quite large in size and fall under attractive jet ski fishing accessories. Also, they are recommended for regular fishing trips.

If you survey the market, you would find several manufacturers who can provide you with these arches in different sizes so you can easily fit with different jet ski models.

What’s more? You can even order a custom set up for your jet ski depending on your needs.

Custom metal jet ski fishing arches Drawbacks?As you know, you or the manufacturer may have to drill the fiberglass on different places at the deck to fix these arches on your jet ski. On the other hand, these units are permanent setups and are going to be your constant companions on all of your jet ski trips.

Keep in mind that these permanent setups add extra weight to your ski. So, always check the height of your garage door as well. Ideally, your ski fits easily in your garage with the extra arches.

What To Look For!

It might seem that you can load a lot of gear on your rear rack and platforms, see that you don’t end up overloading your jet ski. The best thing is that before you install any rack or holder on your jet ski, see your jet ski’s weight limit. Also, see that your jet ski has enough space for these jet ski fishing accessories.

As you must know, in case you fall from the seat, you can reboard from the rear end of the jet ski using the reboarding step that climbs out to the rear platform. But if your platform is full of fishing gear, it could be problematic to reaboard your jet ski. Not to mention if you are fishing alone on the open sea!

Due to these factors mentioned earlier, it is wise to carry out a test. Before you head out fishing, try a test trip with all of your gear close to the shore. Check if you would still be able to reaboard the jet ski from deep water?

If not, it is time that you take measures for easier access to your jet ski. (If your jet ski is really stable, you can make a try from the side.)

Jet ski fishing accessories #2 – Coolers and Storages

Jet ski fishing accessories involve things beyond racks too which you could integrate with your PWC for a better fishing experience!

Jet Ski Coolers

As stated earlier, coolers usually fit easily with PWC fishing racks. These jet ski coolers typically arrive with 48-54 quarts capacity. Also, they are equipped with drain plugs.

One of the well-known manufacturers is YETI, which has some smart coolers for fishing purposes. All of these coolers are quite durable. Not only that, you can keep your baits, beverages cool all day long and store your catch of the day too.

These are special coolers by Sea-Doo which you can easily connect to any Sea-Doo model. The main advantage of this system is that it doesn’t require an additional rack around the cooler because you can mount these directly on the rear platform.

What’s more, the rod holders are attached to the cooler (depending on the model) so you can easily set up your fishing Sea-Doo.

Extra fuel cans

Jet ski fishing always means higher distances, especially if you change your fishing spots frequently. More engine hours mean more fuel.

If you have a LinQ system installed on your Sea-Doo, you could even attach extra fuel cans or storage units with this on the rear platform.

If you don’t have LinQ system installed, or have other PWC model, then you can attach extra fuel can into the rack:Make sure that the whole setup is not too wide, or it could be troublesome for you to reaboard in case you fall. You can choose several slim fuel cans on the market, or fix them on the rear side of the rack!

The best thing to do is to purchase the whole jet ski fishing rack set up as one unit: rack+cooler+fuel cans. You will probably need all of them sooner or later. So, it’s best if you get the whole system, which means the cans and the cooler fit into the rack properly!

Extra storage

Storage is a key point when it comes to jet ski fishing accessories. As there is limited space on a jet ski compared to a boat, you have to pay extra attention to the amount of gear you can easily take along with you on the fishing trip – and where to store it.

Based on the above, you can see there are pro-solutions regarding where you can place your fishing rods, coolers, and extra fuel tanks. But where to put the other gear?

If you are lucky, you can store everything in the PWC’s storage compartments. But if you have more gear, you can place the bags on the footwell, or attach them to the seat or the rack. (just don’t forget your jet ski’s weight limit!)

PWC Rescue Boards

However it’s not only the regular jet ski fishing accessories that you will need, but you can also make good use of a PWC rescue board on your fishing trips as well.

It can be really helpful if you fish for something bigger, such as tuna or other bigger fish. Even if you have a regular PWC rack with cooler, you can’t store your bigger catch in it!

Rescue boards can help you with that. You can pull the fish easily on the platform, and transport it back to the shore safely!

You should know that these boards are inflatable and pretty lightweight so you can move and handle them without a hitch.

Jet ski fishing accessories #3 – Other Gear

Jet Ski Fishfinder / GPS

Fishfinder combined with GPS and sonar is one of the most popular jet ski fishing accessories nowadays.

They come with large LCD screens that display a lot of valuable info for you to guide you for the best catch.

With these units, you can locate reefs and wrecks easily so that you can find the best catches! Fishfinders make the navigation much easier and safer for you.

They are usually mounted in front of the handlebars, but others prefer to place it on the front glove compartment as well.

But even though you have installed a unit like this, it’s better to keep a paper map with you along with a compass and a (ship to shore) VHF radio on board, for safety concerns.

You can also consider the option of a second battery due to the additional electronics on your ski.

Jet Ski Canopy vs. umbrella

Due to the nature of jet ski fishing, you have to stay on the water all day. This means that you will be getting a lot of sun, so some protection never hurts.

Not really widespread, but a few owners add canopies and bimini tops to their ski. These provide you effective protection from the direct sun rays. Some people simply purchase a beach umbrella and place it one of the fishing rod holders on the rack. If there isn’t any wind around they can do the job as well.

Just make sure that you put it away before you start with your ski, as the umbrella can fly away in a second!


Now, unlike umbrellas and canopies, clothes are preferable and easy means for sun protection among jet ski fishermen. To avoid getting badly sunburned, you can choose from an expansive range of clothes, hats, masks, and sunglasses.

On the other hand, the weather can turn chilly as well. In this case, you shouldn’t have to wait until you feel cold before putting on extra layers. Prevention is always better than cure!

If you look through the market, a wide range of jet ski clothes are available for both cold and warm weather conditions. You can make of good use pair of shoes or boots as well.

Even if the weather was calm when you had set out, always keep a rain slicker and additional warm clothing on board (depending on your location).

The fishing gear

If you equip your PWC with all of the gear mentioned above, you’ve already turned it into the best fishing jet ski!

Now, all you need to do is load your fishing gear into it. If you have experience in fishing, you are probably familiar with what you will need on the water.

If you are a beginner, then you can make a good start at jet ski fishing forums. Different rods, reels, lines, hooks, and baits are needed to catch different types of fish, so it’s wise that you do your research before you begin.

Apart from the classic fishing gear, you can also consider snips or scissors, a knife, pliers, and gloves to handle your catch.

When it comes to baiting, remember that you have to keep your bait fresh for the fishing trip. The good news is that you can keep them in your cooler on ice as well. Additionally, there are special small baiting tables which you could use. You can fix one on one of the rod holders for more convenient baiting.

Jet ski bass fishing

Jet ski bass fishing is also quite the rage nowadays. Beyond Jon boats and special bass boats, more and more fishermen are now considering a PWC for bass fishing.

If you would like to learn more about jet ski bass fishing, we would recommend you to begin your research at the Bass Resource forum.

Jet ski fishing boat conversion?

You may be wondering how cool a jet ski fishing boat conversion would be?

Though you can’t completely transform your PWC into a traditional fishing boat, many ways could help you in increasing the space and stability.

One of the well-known solutions is the jet ski to boat converters like the Sealver Wave Boats.

These are actual boats, which are propelled by a jet ski. You can enjoy double benefits with this. You will have a jet ski and a boat at the same time! But, be aware of the combo’s weight and dimensions. You have to take these things into account when you want to tow, launch or store them.

However, this doesn’t turn your jet ski into a fishing boat completely, the other common solution to attach special jet ski stabilizer kits (collars) to the side of the PWCs. These units can increase the stability radically, which means that your jet ski won’t turn over in the water!

They can be inflatable or even fiberglass based on the model. One of the most well-known manufacturers is DockitJet:

If you prefer fiberglass models instead of inflatables, then maybe you could consider the Kommander Fishing Pods. They have a similar concept like the kits from Dockitjet, but these units have closed storage compartments for your jet ski fishing accessories.

What’s more, you could even mount the extra fuel cans and the rod holders on them!

The Complete Jet Ski Fishing Setup

How Do You Set Up a Jet Ski For Fishing?

When it comes to setting up a jet ski for fishing, there are endless accessories on the market to choose from. The most important “must-have” items you need are a dependable GPS/Fishfinder, a jet ski fishing rack with a cooler, and some rod holders if the rack doesn’t feature any.

A correctly rigged fishing jet ski is a lot easier to handle and can be much more economical compared to a boat. That’s why PWCs became more and more popular among fishermen.

It’s good to know that there are special PWC models on the market particularly designed and equipped with the most essential PWC fishing gear. One well-known model is the Sea-Doo Fish Pro, and the other one is the Kawasaki Ultra LX-F (available only New-Zealand currently).

If you choose another model, then you will need to add the necessary equipment we’ve listed above. You might wonder where you can find these jet ski fishing accessories for sale.

Well, you can make a good start at general online shops, or several special shops are selling only jet ski parts and types of equipment you could survey.

If you are shopping for these accessories, you may find them under the category of jet ski fishing gearjet ski fishing equipment, or PWC fishing accessories as well.

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