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Can You Ride a Jet Ski While Pregnant? [Video]

Can You Ride a Jet Ski While Pregnant? [Video]

Jet skiing can be adventurous but dangerous if you don’t know what you’re doing. Before you go jet skiing for the first time, you need to know the inherent dangers you could place yourself in to stay safe.

And, if you’re pregnant, you must understand what these potential dangers are!


Many women, when they first learn they are pregnant, acknowledge that they’re no longer protecting themselves when partaking in dangerous or dangerous-like activities. They realize their condition is fragile and are a bit more vigilant in what they do. 


Other expectant women continue to enjoy their physical activities, and even though exercising is recommended during pregnancy, it’s unclear just what those recommended physical activities should be. 


If you’re the type of person who enjoys water-based activities – jet skiing, boating, snorkeling, etc. – things may change when you learn that you are pregnant. It’s crucial you understand what the dangers of jet skiing when pregnant are and what doctors suggest expectant mothers do if they do go jet skiing. 

Can You Ride a Jet Ski While Pregnant?

Can you ride a jet ski while pregnant?

If you’re wondering if you can go jet skiing while pregnant, the answer is NO! This is not the type of activity that is safe for pregnant women to do, as it can be dangerous in many ways! While doctors and experts advise pregnant women to enjoy yoga or other safe activities, they do not encourage them to engage in extreme sports activities such as jet-skiing, horseback riding, mountain climbing, etc.

Even a woman who is in excellent physical health but is pregnant is advised to take things a bit easier on herself (not just for her own health but for the health of her unborn baby). Anything that could be considered traumatic is considered risky to expectant mothers and should be avoided.

Due to the inherent risks associated with jet skiing, most jet ski rental services will not allow pregnant women to rent a jet ski or ride on one.

The Risks if You Ride a Jet Ski While Pregnant

Now, you may be wondering what these risks are that expectant mothers should be concerned with if they do end up going jet skiing. 


Decrease of Coordination and Increase of Adrenaline 


When women are pregnant, their movement and coordination aren’t the same as it used to be. This is even in the case of very athletic women. The ability to remain balanced is not as it once was, and this can hinder you from walking, running, lifting weights and jet skiing. After all, jet-skiing demands a coordination of various movements at one time as well as balance. 


This also increases the flow of adrenaline circulating through the body, which is not healthy for the unborn baby.

Jolts and Vibration


There are some vehicles (jet skis, for instance) that can be dangerous to an unborn baby because of the jolt it puts on the human body. A sudden jolt can lead to the potential of a miscarriage and premature birth. On top of that, the vibration alone from the engine can vibrate the pelvis leading to miscarriage and premature birth. 


Bumps and Falls 


Adrenaline, vibration, jolts and a decrease in coordination are not even the most serious of the dangers of driving/riding a jet ski while pregnant. 


Keep mind that jet skis are extremely fast – similar to a Ferrari accelerating, which means you need a lot of know-how to operate them carefully (especially when pregnant). You may think that going at slow speeds reduces the chances of complications, but the reality is that slow speeds are still not safe. How so?


When jet skis hit the water, they do so at such a high impact, continually hitting the waves and wakes. The constant up and down motion increases your risk of falling forward onto your stomach at a high force. 


Have you ever stood back and watched a person jet ski? If so, then you probably also saw them fall into the water. Novice riders, experienced riders… it happens to the best of them all! Any type of high impact contact with the water can lead to severe complications in an expectant mother as well as complications for the baby.


If a pregnant woman falls behind her jet ski, the jet ski pump will force water into the vagina, which can be extremely dangerous to the baby. This is a risk noted in every manufacturer’s owner manual and is advised that women who are pregnant and go jet skiing do so wearing a wetsuit.


If there is any reason not to go riding a jet ski when you are pregnant, this is it!

Can You Ride a Jet Ski While Pregnant?




Falls are bad, but if you’re on the water and there is an accident, it can result in numerous injuries. Any impact or collision you are in can be dangerous to your unborn baby. A boat gives you some protection during an accident; a jet ski offers little to no protection. And, if you have an accident, you may not be able to get to a hospital quick enough. 


Heat Stroke, Dehydration


Jet skiing usually happens on hot summer days. Along with the chances of accidents, bumps, jolts and more, there is a chance that expectant women can become dehydrated and suffer a heat stroke.  


When women are pregnant, they are naturally more tired than usual. Add this to heat and dehydration; then, it becomes a serious medical situation. If you start feeling cramps, are nauseous or dizzy, this is not typical pregnancy symptoms, and you need to seek medical treatment right away.


Heat exhaustion is extremely dangerous when pregnant because it increases your chances of dehydration and heatstroke. A heatstroke can affect the muscles, kidneys, heart and brain, and it can result in the unborn child to have fetal growth syndrome as well as many other health problems. 



A pregnancy doesn’t mean the end of fun. In fact, some expectant mothers never stop doing what they are doing and go on to have a healthy pregnancy.

Still, doctors do advise pregnant mothers not to go jet skiing or boating because of the numerous risks associated with it. Therefore, it is in your and your unborn baby’s best interests not to ride a jet ski during pregnancy!

Even if you feel it’s a safe sport for you to do while pregnant, for whatever reason, always talk with your doctor before any risky activity. In most cases, any healthcare professional will advise you not to go jet skiing or boating while pregnant… even if you’re an expert rider!