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10 Best Places to Jet Ski in Destin You Should Visit [Video]

10 Best Places to Jet Ski in Destin You Should Visit [Video]

Are you looking for the best places to jet ski Destin? Please let us help you with this!Also, don’t miss our infographic step by step Jet Ski Rental Guide!Destin, Florida is known for its emerald green waters and white beaches, and there is nothing more amazing than feeling the wind on your face as you ride through the Gulf of Mexico on a jet ski.

To ensure that you make the most of your trip to this city, we have designed a guide to finding the best jet ski rentals in Destin.

10 Best Places To Jet Ski in Destin

Xtreme H2O

Xtreme H2O is one of the best jest ski rental locations in Destin. As the name suggests, here you will experience “extreme” watersports fun at affordable service rates.

In fact, Xtreme H2O boasts one of the best set of prices in Destin, while still providing a wide array of exciting water sport options.

From parasailing high above the crystal-clear Destin water to enjoy an adventurous ride on a Jet Ski, Xtreme H20 has it all.

Pontoon Boat Rentals are also available at this destination, and of course the fantastic Jet Ski Dolphin Tours where you can spot a playful pod of adult and baby dolphins.

Water activities will be incomplete without fishing, so go fishing on one of the available Destin Charter Fishing boats, and enjoy an awesome time with family creating beautiful memories that will last a lifetime.

When it comes to H2o’s jet ski fleet, their jet skis are fast and not governed, which means there is no speed limit, allowing them to run more than 50 mph!

The company provides visitors with safety equipment, such as life jackets, as they ride their jet skis. The staff takes pride in quality equipment, so you can rest assured the skis are always in prime condition.

Xtreme H20 is one of the best places to jet ski in Destin, as it is located directly across the Crab Island; the location of the largest party!

Known for its top quality equipment, spectacular location, and friendly staff, Xtreme H2O offers fun adventures and security in the waters!

Destin Vacation Boat Rentals

Searching for the perfect dolphin excursion?

Look no further than Destin Vacation Boat Rentals. They are the perfect companion for this type of adventure. All of their rentals are fully equipped; you can find several good jet skis in their fleets.

Whether you’re looking for nighttime attractions, wish to sail off into the sunset, or even if you have a special request, Destin Vacation Boat Rentals offers customized watersports experience to fit your individual needs.

You’re sure to have an enjoyable, safe, and unforgettable experience that will leave you planning your next trip before you leave.

Sunshine Watersports Destin

Looking to enjoy a high-intensity joy ride, or a slow sightseeing cruise along the emerald green Destin waters?

Sunshine Watersports Destin is your ideal jet ski rental designed to help you enjoy riding through some of the world’s most beautiful beaches at your speed.

You can find different jet ski models in their fleet. Located in the heart of the city, they are a perfect one-stop jet ski rental for a variety of water sports activities from snorkeling and fishing, to sightseeing and shelling.

Dockside Watersports

Dockside Watersports is another top jet ski rental service in Destin:

Whether you’d like to go fast or get up close to the wildlife in the waters, their trained professionals will brief you on how to drive a jet ski, advise you on where to go and what to do, as well as what you should avoid.

You can practice how to handle this vessel by doing a test run in front of their dock. The goal is to ensure visitors are comfortable before they ride their own rental.

Even if you’d like to be guided around the local area, you’ll be alongside the best-trained guides for your trip.

Destin Water Fun

While people will say one of the best ways to enjoy Destin is by fishing in Choctawhatchee Bay, this destination offers much more. In fact, this is one of the best places to jet ski in Destin!

Find your way into the waters and get all wet with the most exciting and interesting watersports rentals destinations that you can choose. Services include Pontoon Boat Rentals with fully cushioned boats that can comfortably accommodate 12 people.

Perfect for large family fun or time out with a group of friends!

Destin Water Fun has well-maintained jet skis in their fleet to ensure visitors enjoy an awesome vacation in Destin. Hit the waters with a 3-seater jet ski and go full speed at 50+ mph!

It doesn’t matter if it’s your first time, staff members are available to provide you with detailed instructions for operation, including safety tips.

More than that, you can also go Charter fishing. Boats are equipped with state-of-the-art technology that points you in the right direction to make your best catch. You’ll enjoy an awesome deep-sea fishing experience on a whole different level.

Your travel speed largely depends on how you prefer to squeeze the throttle.

Even if you’ve never tried jet skiing before, there are experienced and knowledgeable guides on the ground to walk you through every step of the way to keep you safe and increase your fun on the water.

Waverunner Rental Destin

Watch sea turtles, swim with playful dolphins, and observe stingrays glide as you take a ride out in style and experience the time of your life under the sun.

You’d be in for an amazing and electrifying treat when you embark on a tour to enjoy the dolphin view.

Whether you’re an experienced jet ski rider or not, Waverunners Rental Destin has a fun package for you.

Power Up Watersports

Power Up Watersports is situated on the beautiful Emerald Coast in Fort Walton Beach.

Some of the many watersport options to enjoy include jet ski rental, boat cruise, dolphin tours, or an excursion to crab island.

Their jet skis have been upgraded to the latest version and can accommodate 3 people (up to 450 lbs) at a time. These models are brilliantly stable and offer comfort and safety on the waters.

The well-trained instructors on site give visitors an overview of the jet ski rental before they embark on their water sport activity.

These trained guides will give you directions, a map of the local waterways, a life jacket, and provide answers to any questions you may have concerning the vessel.  The jet ski rental is fueled without any charges and prepared at the scheduled time for your convenience.

Feeling adventurous? If you are in for some thrilling adventure, you can get on one of the Flyboards.

Meet unending fun at the most competitive prices at Power up watersports. Experience the magic of the sea, zooming through or above water, giving you an unforgettable experience.

The whole family can have fun at the same time with plenty of space to relax.

Boogies Watersports

With Boogies Watersports, you can enjoy a high-intensity thrill that will leave you wanting more or participate in the slow sightseeing cruise along the Emerald Coast that gives you an amazing view of the picturesque environment.

The jet ski controls allow for easy maneuverability, allowing you precise acceleration and turning. More so, Boogies Watersports, unlike some rentals, allows you to ride in an unrestricted area so you can make the most of your trip to Destin, Florida.

While there are lots of water sports activities on offer, most customers here also take time to witness the incredible dolphin sightings.

This activity gives you a close view of the mammal as they enjoy their natural habitat.

Destin Water Adventures

Destin Water Adventures is a great place to jet ski in Destin, as this rental allows you to experience Crab Island on a watercraft!

The jet skis are not only in in the best condition, but accommodates up to three people, and the trained guides will direct you on how to ensure high vessel performance as you ride through the Destin Waters.

If you’re planning a trip to Destin, Florida, check out any of the suggested jet ski rental locations.

No matter which one you go with, you will undoubtedly enjoy your time and make memories with your friends and family.

This was out short list of the 10 most popular places to jet ski in Destin, we hope you find it useful!