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The 6 Easiest Modifications on Jet Skis [Video]

The 6 Easiest Modifications on Jet Skis [Video]

Would you like to maximize your jet ski’s potential or just give it a custom look? We at JetDrift have compiled our picks of the six easiest “bolt-on” jet ski modifications, which are as follows:

  1. Ride Plate
  2. Intake Grate
  3. Impeller/Wear Ring
  4. ECU Reflash
  5. Sponsons
  6. Vinyl Wrap
Let’s get down to the nitty-gritty and talk about each one in detail!

The 6 Easiest Jet Ski Modifications

1. Ride Plate

There’s no question that the easiest and most common jet ski modification is upgrading the ride plate. A well-designed aftermarket ride plate offers a better grip in the turns, helps to reduce/eliminate porpoising, fixes “spinning out” issues, and even increases the top speed.Ride plates come in many shapes, and they are usually made of aluminum or fiberglass/carbon fiber. Keep in mind that each ride plate design offers a different riding experience!Replacing this part is very easy as it attaches to the bottom of the ski with only a few screws.

2. Intake Grate

Ride plates and intake grates are often replaced together for optimal performance. These grates are intended to keep debris away, as well as scoop water into the pump. This is why they are often referred to as “scoop grates.”An aftermarket intake grate can increase the top speed and acceleration and offer much smoother rides, giving you more control of the machine. Also, it can significantly increase your ski’s hook up and performance on choppy waters.

Like the ride plate, an intake grate is also considered a simple “bolt-on” modification.

3. Impeller

Aftermarket jet ski impellers offer a better bottom end, higher top speeds, less cavitation, and a better overall driving experience. What’s more, they are more durable than their stock counterparts.

Unfortunately, replacing them is tricky as it requires you to remove the reverse bracket, the drive shaft, and the entire pump.

It takes some time and it’s a hassle, but at least you don’t have to dig into the engine!

4. ECU Reflash

One of the simplest mods on jet skis is the “ECU Reflash,” which is also known as ECU reprogramming. What does this mean?

The ECU (Electronic Control Unit) is considered the “brain” of the machine. This tiny computer is programmed by the factory and often comes with speed and performance restrictions. It also helps to optimize fuel economy and keeps the jet ski’s pollution below legal limits.

Overriding or “reflashing” this unit can unleash this restricted performance, which leads to many advantages such as:

  • Increased RPM limit
  • Eliminates speed limiters
  • Eliminates throttle restrictions
  • Improved fuel maps
  • Improved ignition timing maps
  • Improved throttle reaction and control
Keep in mind that that ECU reprogramming devices/services are marketed for competition use only.

5. Sponsons

Although new sponsons won’t give your jet ski any horsepower, they can increase the grip and stability, especially through the turns.

Many of them feature an adjustable design allowing you more chances to tune your ski.

6. Vinyl Wrap

Besides increasing the performance, you may want to customize the appearance of your craft.

Vinyl wraps are probably the easiest way to change its color and style! Installing vinyl wraps on your jet ski is not only far cheaper than regular marine painting, but it also offers endless design and color combinations.


If you want to make your ski faster, the easiest mods on your jet ski would be upgrading its ride plate, intake grate, and impeller. You can also unleash some extra power by reprogramming the ECU.

For better handling and cornering abilities, you may want to invest in a pair of aftermarket sponsons. Finally, a custom vinyl wrap can give your ski a custom appearance.

This is our short list of the six easiest jet ski modifications. We hope you enjoy it!

Disclaimer: Keep in mind that many of the performance parts are sold for competition use only. Always check the local laws before you make any modification on your ski!