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Jet Shark in Action: Discover the Seabreacher! [Video]

Jet Shark in Action: Discover the Seabreacher! [Video]

The popularity of the amazing Seabreacher has grown significantly over the last several years.

What makes them so different from regular personal watercrafts is their shark-like, killer whale-like properties. Think of it as a killer whale or shark with rockets strapped to the fins. If you’re unconvinced of the design being similar to these watery creatures, then look no further than the paint job.

It really is a jet shark!

Want to see the watercraft in motion? Check out the following video:

A Look At the Seabreacher – The Jet Shark

The Seabreacher has changed the recreational boating industry. In the last 10 years of painstaking engineering and continuous testing, manufacturers have come up with a safe, stable watercraft that can withstand the abuse the marine environment brings at it.

Every Seabreacher is designed based on consumers’ own specifications, meaning no one Seabreacher is the same. The Seabreacher has three different styles for consumers to choose from:

  • Shark style X (Jet Shark) model
  • Killer Whale Y model
  • Dolphin style Z model
Every Seabreacher is unique, based on what consumers choose for their own style. The watercraft’s body is a sight one can never forget with a twisted amalgamation of a high-performance fighter jet to a marine mammal. With the underwater viewports and acrylic canopy, both the pilot and passenger can get a 360-degree view as they speed through the water.

All Jet Shark models are sanctioned for the sale and use of recreational activities. In the majority of countries, these vehicles can be registered as an inboard powerboat. While it may come across to some as a Jet Ski or submarine, it’s anything but those.

Seabreachers, when diving, can still be clearly seen; identical to what some jet ski pilots can do when they force their vehicles under the water. A wake is left behind, and the noise is still prevalent.

Keeping safety in mind, the manufacturer encourages the use of a chase boat with radio communication capabilities to be in contact with the Seabreacher.

How To Use The Jet Shark

Most personal watercraft work on a 2D plane, whereas the Seabreacher works on three complete axis of control – yaw, pitch and roll. This enables the Jet Shark to turn left, right, jump up, drive under and cut through waves. The latest Jet Shark model even has the ability to do a 360-degree barrel roll on the water.

The hand sticks, which are linked to the front wing, can be moved backward and forward. When both are pushed forward, the wings are forced down, and the center of the machine goes under the water. When both are pushed back, the boat goes up a plane. If one stick is forward and another is back, the boat will roll to its side and vice versa.

The pedals will move right and left, turning the jet nozzle right and left and the boat too. The pedals can also be moved down and up, which causes the jet nozzle and rear elevators to go down and up. If you push your toes forward, the jet nozzle goes downward, which causes the nose to point downward and the boat will dive. Pull the toes back, and the jet nozzle goes up, and it comes out of the dive.

The primary wings must be held down in the dive but work similarly to airplane wings but in reverse. This will offset the vehicle’s buoyancy and keep it underwater. Different control variations at various times allow for an array of maneuvers.

Take The Seabreacher Diving

How long can seabreacher stay underwater?A Seabreacher can only stay underwater for short periods of time. Of course, this is also dependent on how experienced you are. The majority of riders go no more than 10 seconds at a time with some of the snorkels just above the waterline. The more experienced users can do a longer diver before coming back to the surface.

How deep can seabreacher go?Seabreachers typically do not go deeper than 6 feet becasue of its design. At the top of the vehicle, the snorkel/dorsal fin is the engine’s air intake. If you dive below the snorkel depth, the engine will stall, which means the boat will need to pop back up to the surface.

One of the most significant aspects of the Seabreacher is its buoyancy and its ability to self-right itself. Say you have a cylinder, and add metal weight to the bottom of it and lightweight foam at the top.

Should the cylinder begin filling with water, the heavier part of it is going to the bottom while the lighter section will stay floating at the top. This is similar to how the Seabreacher works.

In earlier jet ski models, this is what happened. However, the bigger and wider they got, the less capable they were to self-right themselves, and they stay inverted. Due to the Seabreacher’s cylindrical shape, it’s easy for the vehicle to the right itself. The engine weight and heavy wings are located low on the vessel, which means gravity will pull them over to bring it right side up.

The Seabreacher water jet can comfortably seat two people on the machine to do a host of dives, spins, breaches and more at speeds of up to 50 mph. The Jet Shark X model weighs more than 1,200 pounds, has 260 HP with powder-coated stainless aluminum and steel that can cause a great fear of galeophobia in people who don’t have a fear of sharks eating them to death.

What Are Some Of The Seabreacher Features?

The streamlined design of the Seabreacher allows it to move easily through the water – through dive to surface. Its thrust system is a replication of the tail movement of many shark breeds – tiger sharks, great whites, hammerheads, etc. It’s a truly unique experience to operate one of these devices.

The vehicle is equipped with a double snorkel, which gives its four-stroke, 1500 cc engine constant access to oxygen. Manufacturers encourage drivers to keep the snorkel above the water – going no deeper than five feet.

Another significant aspect of the Seabreacher? It can be used in freshwater or saltwater. The choice is yours!

Innerspace manufacturers the Seabreacher based on individual preferences based on the exhaustive list of both interior and exterior choices. There’s also the choice of adding high-tech equipment to the Seabreacher such as:

  • Snorkel-mounted camera, which will transmit live video to LCD screens
  • On-board stereo system with an iPod docking station
  • GPS navigation
The basic dimensions of the Jet Shark are 16-foot long and 3-foot wide with a 7’10” wing space. You also have the option to get the less scary looking Dolphin J and Killer Whale Y models.

Should You Buy or Rent A Seabreacher?

The Seabreacher manufacturer creates just 20 boats a year – each one already spoken for. Therefore, buying them costs a lot of money.

How much is the seabreacher?For instance, the Model X has a starting price of US$80,000. If you wanted the Model Z, it could be as much as US$130,000. These are luxury items, and the design is a reflection of that lifestyle:

  • Custom leather seats
  • Custom paint job
  • Four-speaker marine-audio setup
Do you really need one? In most cases, people don’t have a lot of time on the water, which means buying them doesn’t make financial sense. Not only is it the cost of buying one but the upkeep of the craft. There’s no reason to buy one, and waste your money in this way.

However, if you’d like to ride a Jet Shark and don’t want to purchase one outright, you can always look for jet ski rental services that offer you the opportunity to rent a Jet Shark.

In most rental shops, you also have the option to rent a Jetpack, Hoverboard, Flyboard and more. Since buying these devices (and maintaining them) can be expensive, a majority of folks choose to rent them when they want a good time on the water.

These companies offer to rent them by the hour and will even give you lessons on how to operate the vehicles safely – and you don’t have to go into debt to have the exciting experience the Seabreacher can bring!