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Top 7 Health Benefits of Jet Skiing and Wakeboarding [Video]

Top 7 Health Benefits of Jet Skiing and Wakeboarding [Video]

One of the most fun activities you can do on the water is jet skiing. However, what many people don’t realize is that jet skiing is also a type of exercise!

You wouldn’t think so, but whenever you’re riding a jet ski or other personal watercraft, you’re working a multitude of muscles that you never even knew you had. On this way, jet skiing can be a great way to get and stay in shape.

Sure, a jet ski’s purchase price and its maintenance costs are going to exceed that of a monthly gym membership, but it does add in something a gym doesn’t usually offer – fun! And, if you have any doubts at all, you can easily check out jet ski rental services and partake in the fun and see what difference it can make.

Riding a Jet Ski is a Great Exercise

Now, as you drive and ride a jet ski, you may wonder what kind of exercise you get from it. After all, it’s like sitting on the couch because all you’re doing is sitting on the seat. Not so much!

Think of it this way – calm waters make it easy to ride a jet ski without feeling winded. However, riding in rough waters is a whole separate issue and can give you the kind of workout you never imagined you could get. How so?

The fast speeds in conjunction with the rough waters can give you one heck of a workout, as you must control your body and the jet ski while jumping waves and weaving in and out of wakes.

On top of that, standing up on the machine can help you navigate these rough waters even better, and this means even more physical activity. When standing, you engage multiple muscles:

  • Upper body
  • Core
  • Hamstrings
  • Quads
Think of riding a jet ski on rough waters like you are riding a horse!

Even with calm waters, there are tricks and turns you can do to increase the health benefits you get from riding a jet ski. Hard rides also can be tiring due to their physical activity and there is a plethora of exercise you can get from it.

Bear in mind that it’s dangerous doing tricks and wave jumping with jet skis, and if you’re not careful, you could become injured or worse. You want to be aware of other yachts and boats in the area – to ensure you do not run into them and have an accident on the water.

What Are The Multitude Of Health Benefits Of Riding A Jet Ski?

As noted earlier, there are all kinds of benefits that can be had when you ride a jet ski. What are some of them?

  • Eases Stress – Exercising can release endorphins that can improve your mood. So, if you’re stressed out and anxious, getting in exercise is the best way to combat these feelings. Jet skiing is one exercise that can help you stay focused and enjoy the world around you. There’s a reason people call it fun in the sun!

  • Strengthens Muscles – Your arm and leg muscles get in a great workout when you’re jet skiing. After all, you have to maneuver the jet ski and keep it stable. Your stomach muscles (your abs) are also getting a workout because you have to stay balanced on the machine while riding it on the waves and steering clear of objects in the way.

  • Cardiovascular System Improvement – Regardless if you’re a novice or expert jet skier, your cardiovascular system gets a great workout. When you improve your cardiovascular system, it can lead to an increase in blood circulation, giving the tissues more oxygen and nutrients and help with eliminating waste from the body.

  • Coordination – There is going to be an array of challenges when you ride on the waves. For instance, you may face calm waves and suddenly experience more powerful ones. When trying to stand up, your core muscles will become engaged what ensures these muscles get in a great workout. When you ride a jet ski, you improve your balance which is helpful for the stronger waves.

  • Calorie Burning – People trying to lose or maintain their weight are often obsessed with how many calories an activity burns. They tend to use a program that will keep track of their calorie burning. You may be surprised to know that jet skiing burns a plethora of calories. For instance, a 150-pound person burns between 200 and 250 calories in 30 minutes with jet skiing. Of course, you have to factor in the weather conditions, waves, riding style and speed!

  • Better Concentration – If you are to work efficiently and effectively, you must concentrate on it. And, jet skiing is one of those activities that you must stay focused on when riding the waves. Distraction can lead to falls or even accidents.

  • Fun and Bonding – Jet skiiing always promise a tons of fun and pleasure. Have you ever seen a jet skier not have fun?

Health Benefits of Watersports

As you see, there are a plethora of health benefits associated with jet skiing, as it’s a very physical exercise that demands your attention at all times.

It’s not just fun in the sun; it’s exercise too, with an array of health benefits to improve your mind and body. If you own or rent a jet ski , you can enjoy these health benefits.

However, if just riding a jet skiing doesn’t appeal to you – for whatever reason – be aware that there are tons of other challenging activities you can do on your jet ski trips.

  • Try out tow sports: Jet ski wakeboarding and tubing become more and more popular. If you are familiar with tow sports, you already know how many skills and physical fitness are needed for these sports! If you have a jet ski, you can give a try to these activities as well, but don’t forget to consider the pros and cons of towing with a jet ski!
  • Other Activities – If you’re not into tow sports, and that’s fine, there are other things that you can enjoy. One of the most common activitiy on the water is swimming, which can burn around 900 calories an hour! You also can consider snorkeling or jet ski fishing.
  • Jet Ski Racing – There are a number of amateur jet ski championships that take place around the nation. You can enjoy these events and even train them to get in some exercise.

Handling Your Jet Ski is Also an Exercise!

Beyond the thrilling rides, there are some things you must do to ensure your jet ski is safe to operate at all times. It means you have to do is physically handle your jet ski. The physical activities that can lead to more exercise include:
  • Moving the jet ski trailer by hand
  • Moving and handling of PWC gas cans (and these could be very heavy!)
  • Launching
  • Cleaning
  • Loading and unloading your gear
  • Taking the cover on and off
  • Moving the jet ski from the dolly to the trailer and back

What You Need To Keep In Mind

There are a host of health benefits associated with jet skiing, which makes it one of the best activities you can do and enjoy on the water. If you want to strength your muscles or improve your concentration, jet skiing is certainly the way to do so.

Of course, most jet skiers spend just 30 or so hours a year on their machine. It’s why people are advised to enjoy other watersport activities such as swimming, tow sports and snorkeling.

Don’t forget that you still get exercise from the maintenance of your jet ski as well. And, if maintenance is not the thing for you, you don’t have to buy a jet ski to enjoy the health benefits. Instead, just rent one from any one of the rental services nationwide!