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Do jet skis have hull numbers? – This is a typical question asked by many owners, and with good reason.

Just like cars or motorbikes, jet skis also have serial numbers that uniquely identify the jet ski. Since every jet ski has many serial numbers, it can be confusing at first.

Moreover, it’s also very important not to confuse serial numbers with the registration numbers, which are issued by your state. If you want to learn more about a jet ski’s serial numbers, this post is for you, as we, at JetDrift, have gathered all the important information on the topic!

Do Jet Skis Have Hull Numbers?

Do Jet Skis Have Hull Identification Numbers?

Yes, every jet ski has a hull identification number, which is used to uniquely identify the jet ski. Since jet skis are considered boats, the federal law requires hull numbers on every jet ski in accordance with legal requirements. The hull numbers, just like the engine serial numbers, are assigned by the manufacturer.

What is a HIN Number On a Jet Ski?

The HIN number on a jet ski means the Hull Identification Number. Although this is the official name of this unique number, it’s also often called the hull number, hull ID number, or hull serial number. Finally, all of these terms refer to the same 12-digit number, which is the jet ski’s Hull Identification Number.

Where is the Hull Number On a Jet Ski?

You can find a jet ski’s hull number on the top on the rear platform. You can also find it on the jet ski’s registration, title or even the insurance certificate.

How do You read a HIN number?

The hull number consists of 12 digits, mixed with letters and numbers. Simply explained, the first three letters identify the manufacturer, the second five numbers are the hull serial number, the next two digits refer to the date of manufacture, while the last two numbers are the model year.

For a better understanding, please check this image below:

Jet ski HIN number explained

Jet ski HIN number explained

The letter in the “date of manufacture” section refers to the month. As these characters could be tricky, for your convenience, we’ve included this key to read the months properly:

  • A-January
  • B-February
  • C-March
  • D-April
  • E-May
  • F-June
  • G-July
  • H-August
  • I-September
  • J-October
  • K-November
  • L-December

What are Hull Identification Numbers Useful For?

Just like the car’s VINs, the hull identification number is used to identify each jet ski. You will also use this number to register your jet ski, track its history or to order parts. Additionally, if your jet ski is stolen, the authorities will require the HIN number, as well as the engine serial number to trace your jet ski. Because of this, it’s highly recommended to record these numbers and keep them in a separate place.

Where Is the Serial Number on a Jet Ski?

As a rule of thumb, the main parts of a jet ski have different serial numbers. The first main part is the hull, and that’s identified by the above-mentioned HIN number (Hull Identification Number). Additionally, every jet ski has an Engine Identification Number (EIN) which identifies the engine.

Where is the Serial Number on a Jet Ski?

The serial numbers on a jet ski can be found in two separate places. The hull serial number (HIN number) is located on the top of the rear platform, while you can find the jet ski’s engine serial number (EIN number) on a plate mounted on the front of the engine block.

Where is the VIN Number on a Jet Ski?

Jet skis don’t have VIN numbers. Instead, they have HIN numbers (Hull Identification Numbers) displayed on the top of the rear platform, and EIN numbers (Engine Identification Numbers) on the engine’s block.

How Can You Tell in What Year a Jet Ski Was Made?

You can check a jet ski’s year of manufacture on its title or registration certificate. If these documents aren’t available, you can also read this information from the jet ski’s HIN number, as its last digits refer to the year of manufacture and the model year.


Since jet skis are considered boats, by law, they have HIN (Hull Identification Number) as well as EIN (Engine Identification Number) numbers. These numbers are considered the serial numbers of the jet ski.

You can find the jet ski’s HIN numberon the top of the rear deck and the EIN number on the engine block. You can get a lot of important information from the HIN number like the manufacturer, year of production and the model year. It’s recommended you record these numbers and keep them separate. You may need them if you want to order new parts, want to sell your jet ski, or in case of theft.

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