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8 Best Jet Ski Rentals in Marathon And Florida Keys [Video]

8 Best Jet Ski Rentals in Marathon And Florida Keys [Video]

Are you looking for jet ski rental in Marathon Florida Keys? Please let us help you with this!Teeming with plenty of activities for all backgrounds, interests, and age groups, Florida Keys is a perfect vacation destination.

Your time on this island can be as relaxing or as action-packed as you desire.

If you are an adventure seeker, you can trust your trip to the Florida Keys can’t go wrong. You can test your skills on a fishing charter, get up close for a view of the tropical fish on a snorkeling tour, or dive into the waters on a jet ski to explore the island’s captivating beauty.

Based on at least 100 reviews on TripAdvisor, we have gathered a list of 8 of the best jet ski rentals in Marathon and Florida Keys.

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The 8 Best Jet Ski Rentals in Marathon and Florida Keys

Spray Watersports

Spray Watersports prides itself on providing the newest and most unique jet ski rental fleet for visitors in Islamorada.

All the jet skis here are spacious, equipped with top-quality amenities for your safety, and designed to operate in shallow waters.

Before your water adventure, experienced staff will conduct a demonstration, explaining all of the equipment and controls of the jet ski. They will also provide you with plenty of safety-related advice and tips before you begin.

Whether you’d like to enjoy a calm cruise through the waters or want to challenge yourself to some open wave jumping, the playground here is your ideal location.

Spray Watersports is the only jet ski rental in Islamorada to offer half-hour rentals, allowing you to have as much fun as you’d like in the beautiful waters of the Florida Keys.

A1A Watersports – A Great Jet Ski Rental in Marathon

A1A Watersports is a family-managed jet ski rental that offers jet ski rental in Marathon, Key Largo, Islamorada, Tavernier, and the Upper and Middle Florida Keys.

A1A Watersports is your ideal jet ski rental if you are looking to enjoy freedom riding, as they have the largest open water riding area on the island.

The jet ski fleet here always includes the latest jet skis available. Each jet ski is stable and comfortable for one to three persons.

Whether you’d like a slow cruise across the waters or you need to feel the adrenaline rush that comes from high-speed jet ski riding, A1A Watersports has the right jet ski rental for you.

Each visitor is given full safety instructions and a life jacket so inexperienced riders can feel confident on the waters.

But there is more good news: as far as jet ski rentals go, A1A Watersports offers visitors two options. Option 1 – explore the open ocean freely with a guide available as needed.

Option 2 – go on a two-hour tour of the islands with one of the professionals as your guide. Either option results in a memorable time for all.

JSK Watersports

JSK Watersports is one of the leading jet ski rental companies in Florida Keys.

Visitors can choose any of the following three jet ski tour options: a 2-hour jet ski and snorkeling tour, a 1-hour freedom ride rental, and a half-hour rental, all at different pocket-friendly prices.

Tropic Watersports

Explore miles of crystal-clear waters on the island, and get up close and personal with the mangrove ecosystems.

If you are not a fan of crowded water adventures, Tropic Watersports still has you covered. You can ride away from crowded beaches and areas.

Jet skis at Tropic Watersports are equipped with a large swim platform, making it easy for a rider to get on and off the jet ski.

Florida Keys Jet Ski Rentals

Florida Keys Jet Ski Rentals offers hourly, daily, and weekly guided tours for visitors on the island.

If you are planning your next vacation to Florida Keys, and want to have fun with jet skis, this is your ideal rental service.

The equipment and vessels used here are standard, the staff is friendly, and instructions are clear and well explained.

Whether you’re an experienced jet skier or a newbie, you will feel confident, even if you choose to go on the jet ski tour alone.

A quick check on TripAdvisor reveals that Florida Keys Jet Ski Rentals has continued to surpass the expectations of visitors, offering safe and exciting jet ski rental services.

Islamorada Watersports

Take advantage of the large jet ski rental fleet with different jet skis, at Islamorada Watersports Company.

Explore over 25 miles of the island’s pristine waters as you circle local reefs and maneuver through the mangrove tunnels.

As you ride through, you can stop to feed tarpon, snorkel, or speed through Islamorada’s open waters.

Captains and guides at this jet ski rental are well experienced in navigating through the waters and know what it takes to make your jet ski adventure an amazing experience.

You are in safe hands when you work with Islamorada Watersports Company on your visit to the island.

Florida Keys Watersports

Florida Keys Watersports is one of Islamorada’s premier jet ski rentals.

Get ready to enjoy a 25-mile tour through the sand bars, mangrove islands/tunnels, and across the reefs of Islamorada. There is plenty of time for visitors to fulfill their need for speed through the island’s open waters.

Florida Keys Watersports offers visitors three choices for their jet ski rentals:

  • The first is the “Freedom Ride”.

    For 30 minutes or 1 hour, visitors partake in a tour of the large riding areas in Islamorada and the Florida Keys. On this tour, you basically explore the entire ocean for as long as the tour lasts. If you are an experienced rider, you’ll have plenty of room to speed up to 50 MPH.On the other hand, less adventurous or inexperienced riders can always enjoy a tour of the calm open waters on their own.

  • The second is the “See it All” jet ski tour. At select times throughout the day, visitors are welcome to go on 1.5 and 2 hours guided tour on their separate jet skis. These guided tours ride you through the beautiful waterways around the Islamorada island, and lead you to the best places only the locals know about.
  • The third is the “Do it All” jet ski tour. In 2-hour increments, the professionally guided tour at Florida Keys Watersports will lead you to the best places on the island. Beginning with an open ocean ride, you get to enjoy a 15-minute “Freedom Ride” in a large riding area.From there, the jet ski tour continues with a 30-minute snorkeling excursion on the living coral reef.You will also tour the sandbar, go under the Whale Harbor Bridge, and navigate the mangrove tunnels. You then have another 15-20-minute “Freedom Ride”, and wrap up with a long relaxing ride back to the marina.
Made up of about 120 miles of tropical islands, Florida Keys is an ideal water adventure destination.

Visitors to the islands come here for a wide range of activities including scuba diving, fishing, snorkeling, and jet skiing. If you are yet to visit, do well to plan your next vacation to the Florida Keys for a truly unique and satisfying water adventure experience.

This was out short list with the best jet ski rentals in Marathon and Florida Keys, we hope you find it useful!