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5 Best Places To Jet Ski in Orlando, Florida [Video]

5 Best Places To Jet Ski in Orlando, Florida [Video]

Are you looking for the best places to jet ski in Orlando? Please let us help you with this!Also, don’t miss our infographic step by step Jet Ski Rental Guide!It’s no surprise that visitors who come to Orlando, are coming for the famous line of theme parks.

Universal Studios and the always popular Disney World are top destinations for tourists here, with other exciting options including the nightlife setting, branded shopping, and dining that do not require a pass to explore.

While theme parks are a great destination in Orlando, the city has much more to offer. Water adventures are a unique way to explore the many beaches, lakes, and waters in Orlando.

Though jet skiing may not quickly come to mind when you think of Orlando, this thrilling water activity can spice up your vacation in Orlando, and ensure a day of fun and excitement for any water enthusiast.

Here are four of the best jet ski rentals in Orlando that have been optimized for you to experience Florida’s nature in all of its glory.

The 5 Best Places To Jet Ski in Orlando, Florida

Buena Vista Watersports

Owned and managed by the Benjamin family, Buena Vista Watersports is a tropical playground located less than 10 minutes away from Universal Studios, and only 5 minutes away from the Disney World entrance.

Buena Vista Watersports is a 450-acre space that is home to a natural, spring-fed lake. Surrounded by tropical foliage and cypress trees, you’ll get the unique feeling that you are on a private island. It’s one of the best places to jet ski in Orlando!

Their professionals offer jet ski adventure lessons, giving beginners and intermediate level riders the confidence they need to take on the waters. This free lesson is conducted before your time even starts.

If you are an experienced rider, however, you’ll definitely love the top-of-the-line jet ski fleet at Buena Vista. The jet skis are amazing and the private lake is all you need for a truly satisfying vacation in Florida.

Gnarly Water Sports

Established in 2016, Gnarly Water Sports jet ski rental has a desire to provide good, clean family fun for everyone in their community.

They work on maintaining their affordable prices so everyone has the opportunity to enjoy the open water the way they deserve too.With multiple locations, we are sure to nearby and able to meet your needs.

Their top of the line equipment can be rented in intervals ranging from 15  to 60 minutes. Gnarly Water Sports jet ski rental also offers jet ski tours that can last between one and two hours.

Following your jet ski experience be sure to check out any of their other rentals that this location has to offer like: water tubes, wakeboards, kayaks, and kneeboard rentals.

What sets Gnarly Water Sports jet ski rental apart from other water sport rental companies is their VIP membership rewards program.

In an effort to give back to the community, Gnarly donates money to schools, academies, and after-school care programs in Central Florida.

Donations of at least $20 will give you access to purchase a water sport activity of your choice at a discounted price for a month. 50% of your donation will be put aside to reach the stated goal of $1,000.

Once they hit the aforementioned amount goal, where the money will be donated is revealed to the public.

The other half of the donation is used to buy new equipment for Gnarly Water Sports so guests can enjoy the latest equipment as part of their experience.

Orlando Jet Ski Rentals

Orlando Jet Ski Rentals is another popular rental service located just 4 miles from Disney World.

They have grown significantly over the years, bring the fun to you, and offer the highest level of safety standards.

No need for prior experience when you come here, as their professional staff will walk you through the jet ski operation and handling process, so you can feel confident in your abilities to ride through the waters without fear.

If you are an experienced jet ski enthusiast and would like to go on your jet ski adventure unguided, no problem.

They also have a 10% military discount. Come enjoy a wonderful family experience.

In any case, you can rest assured you won’t be disappointed with the family-friendly Orlando Jet Ski Rentals.

Beyond on-site jet ski rentals, Orlando Jet Ski Rentals offers offsite jet ski rentals as well.  They also rent paddle boats, fishing boats, Kayaks, fishing equipment, and more.

This jet ski renal buries every excuse that could surface. You’ll have such a memorable experience, that you’ll want to purchase a gift certificate to Orlando Jet Ski Rentals for your friends or family to experience the same.

Extreme Jet Ski of Orlando

Extreme Jet Ski of Orlando is the onsite sector of a separate jet ski rental location known as Orlando Jet Ski Rentals.

Located just a few minutes away from Disney World, Extreme Jet Ski of Orlando is a top choice jet ski rental company.

They offer state of the art, well maintained, and high-performance jet skis for various levels of experience.

They also provide all of the safety equipment you need to get into the water.

Even children can drive alone with parent supervision. You don’t even have to make a reservation to rent a jet ski here. They’ll be ready for you anytime.

Their goal is to create unforgettable memories for all visitors looking to explore the calm waters of Lake Cecile.

If you are on vacation in Orlando with your family, and you’d like your kids to explore the waters and enjoy some adventure, Extreme Jet Ski of Orlando has you covered.

Come enjoy the calming feel of the Lake Cecile waters.

Signature Watersports

Signature Watersportsof Orlando is able to take care of you and your family both at their Lake Butler Chain of Lakes location and the Cocoa Beach.

These locations are home to athletes and celebrities alike. The beautiful Butler Chain is composed of seven lakes that are all accessible by boat or jet ski.

Cocoa Beach is famous for its watersports, which include parasailing, jet skiing and banana boat rides.

This is a popular spot for guests, as the choppy water is great for jumping waves and getting some serious airtime.

Signature Watersport believes in convenience, quality and affordability when renting a jet ski.

They carry a great fleet of several jet skis, and will handle drop-off and pick-up from your preferred destination.

Their fleet features the incredibly user-friendly and reliable Yamaha Waverunners.

The steering is responsive, which is excellent for beginners as you will always feel in control of your craft.

The rental staff will walk you through all safety protocols as well as a general guide.

The rental agents are located at the top of the boat ramp where you can pick up your life vest as part of the rental and training.

The Signature Watersports Jet Ski rental is located within walking distance of several local hot spots and favorites which the staff will gladly point you in the direction of.

The rental process is only 15 minutes long and once you have completed it, you have the all clear to get on the open water.

Rental staff will not monitor your trip, nor will it seek to restrain your activity.

Additionally, Signature Watersports jet ski rental believes these rides are too much fun to enjoy for just thirty minutes, so they rent out their watercrafts for the whole day!

Jet ski rental Orlando

Move Aside Jet Ski Rental Orlando

Explore the beautiful Chain Lakes with Move Aside Jet Ski Rental’s jet skis. This company is one of the most popular places to jet ski is Orlando which is a reliable source for high quality and cheap jet skis.

At Move Aside Jet Ski Rentals, you get all-day access to first-class jet skis equipped with GPS, stereos, smooth and quiet engines, and dry storage compartments!

Ride through the beautiful Butler Chain of Lakes. The water is clean and surrounded by celebrity multi-million-dollar mansions like the house of Versailles, golfing legend Tiger Woods, and basketball Hall of Famer Shaquille O’Neal!

Be sure to enjoy the sandbars where you can relax and swim away from the crowd. It’s a great way to ride and get a free tour of the area.

They promise the very best Jet Ski experience that the Orlando area has to offer.

This isn’t just some supervised ride around a lake on the back of an old jet ski. No, this is for the true jet ski lover who wants to go on an unguided adventure and check out the lakes, waterways, people, and nature throughout the Orlando area.

If a day touring several lakes sounds fun to you, then you are in for a treat! You can easily go from lake to lake and achieve an uninterrupted waterway adventure!


It is highly recommended to check the policy and the FAQs of the rental thoroughly, so you don’t get any unpleasant surprises at the end.

Don’t forget to check our renting infographic guide before you make any reservations. This will help you make the correct decision regarding which rental to choose.

Lastly, if you are wondering whether there is a jet ski rental near me but don’t know where to find one, then don’t fret!

Our free jet ski rental locator will provide you with a list of all the rentals available within your area in just a few minutes.

However, you need to careful at times. While you will find many jet ski rentals that are fair in their dealings, some may use unethical tricks to increase their profit. Beware of them!

This was our short list of the 5 best places to jet ski in Orlando, we hope you like it!