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Jet Ski Maui: Discover the Best Rental on the Island! [Video]

Jet Ski Maui: Discover the Best Rental on the Island! [Video]

When you visit Maui, chances are you’re going to the beaches. Even if you are an experienced rider or beginner, you may want to consider renting a jet ski. Why not, right?

It’s something you can do yourself, with the family or on a date. Get a little wet and wild when you ride the great Pacific Ocean. Jet skiing offers a unique amalgamation of speed, control and dexterity. And, so much more!

It doesn’t matter if you’ve been curious as to what jet-skiing could be like or you never considered riding on one before. When you’re visiting Maui, it’s a definite must on the bucket list! Think about it for a minute. Your racing along the water on jet skis – that’s got to be a memorable experience.

Need even more reasons for you to get on the back of one of these exhilarating vessels from Jet Ski Maui?

Discover Jet Ski Maui

Maui, the second-largest island in Hawaii, is often called “The Valley Isle” and well-known for its scenic beaches, its atmospheric and nature views, and farm-to-table dishes. For over 20 years, travelers have voted it as the Best U.S. Island.

If you’re coming to the Hawaiian Islands, it’s one of the first things people want to enjoy – soaking up the sun and playing in the water.  Why not add a little more fun in the sun with a jet ski ride?

The number one reason people opt to rent a jet ski from Jet Ski Maui (Pacific Jet Sports) is the thrill and rush it gives them without putting their life at risk.

People are under the mistaken impression that getting a rush means skydiving or sailing the world – a jet ski could give you all the thrill you need without the feeling of missing out.

When you know the rules, how the jet ski operates and wear your life jacket, the experience can be very safe to enjoy. Don’t want to go alone? You don’t have to! Take a friend or family member with you to enjoy the ride even more!

By the time summer ends or it’s time to go back home stateside, you’ve probably grown weary of the beach and sand.

However, jet-skiing brings fun back to the beach and water. When you’re tired of the snorkeling, diving, building sandcastles or whatever, you can take a ride on a jet ski and have fun once more.

It’s A Totally New Experience

If the two reasons above were not enough to convince you of why you need to partake in this fun of jet skiing, how about the idea of a new experience? While you may take it easy initially, chances are you’re going to open up and have the ride of your life.

Before you know it, you’ll be addicted to the fun and what to do it every chance you get – no matter what time of year or where you are!

Jet Ski Maui will allow you to easily rent your jet ski at any time.

Renting a jet ski is a great way to enjoy your downtime on the island. Rides generally last anywhere from 30 to 60 minutes, which means you can do the other daily activities on your list even after you’re done jet-skiing.

No doubt, a one-hour ride on a jet ski will be a memorable event! For years, it’s been routinely voted as the best water sports activity in Maui. And, for many good reasons!

What You Can Expect From Jet Ski Maui

When you met at Kaanapali Beach, you take a three-minute board ride to Jet Ski Island, which is regarded as the private island of the Pacific Ocean and the start of your jet-skiing adventure. Here, you’ll be given a rundown of the riding area, how to operate the machine and do it safely.

Jet Ski Maui provides you with an exhaustive list of instructions before you get out on the water. You will be given tips on how to operate the jet ski on the ocean and how to get the most use and fun with it while you rent the machine. You’ll also be outfitted with life jackets (for free) to ensure your safety.

Once you’re done enjoying the ride, partake in the refreshments and snacks offered on jet ski island or check out the floating boutique to buy a souvenir t-shirt. And, when it’s time to leave, you take the three-minute boat ride back to Kaanapali Beach.

The rental recommends people to purchase their jet ski activities ahead of time to save themselves money.

One of the great aspects of Jet Ski Maui is that it’s adjacent to all hotels and airport. All you have to do to get there is input the information into a GPS (or look on a map) and take your rental car to the destination.

Take The Whole Family For A Ride

According to Pacific Jet Sports Ted King, pick your jet ski rental up on Maui’s west shore and have some fun.

Jet Ski Maui will go over every aspect of the machine with you to ensure you are comfortable before taking it out for a spin. They want you to get everything out of the experience for the time you have rented it for. This includes:

  • An in-depth description of where you’ll be riding (boundaries included)
  • How to start and stop the jet ski
  • How to handle and steer the jet ski
  • How to avoid colliding with other jet skiers
  • How to climb back onto the jet ski should you fall off
  • How to get back to the jet ski dock when the time is up

Riding and Safety Tips from Jet Ski Maui

Your safety is of the utmost importance while jet skiing. There are a host of things you must be mindful of if you plan to rent a jet ski from Jet Ski Maui including:
  • Staying 100 meters or yards apart from each other
  • Realize what your surroundings are like at all times while jet skiing
  • Listen to the safety briefing and lessons
  • Always wear your life jacket
The best part about Jet Ski Maui is that your rental time doesn’t start until the machine has been started. If you don’t know how to swim, can’t swim well or have a physical handicap, then a jet ski is the surefire way in which you can still enjoy the water… without getting into it.  You can have a great time on the water when you go jet skiing.

It’s so fun and easy to do!

This jet ski rental in Maui will give newbies a plethora of instructions that ensure the experience is one of fun and nothing else! There’s no reason to freak out about your riding a jet ski, especially if it’s your first time.

They’ll teach how to hop onto the vehicle, and then will place the engine’s emergency shut-off clip onto your life jacket. It’s imperative you clip this to you, as it keeps you from being thrown off the equipment should the jet ski’s engine suddenly quits.

Another thing you’ll learn about driving a jet ski is that it’s much like riding a bike. All you do is push the handlebar to the right or left to turn. The lever you need to go faster is on the right side of the handlebar – in hence, the gas pedal is in your hands.  With a little pressure for your index finger, you can go faster.

Once you feel able to safely operate the vehicle without the guidance of Jet Ski Maui, you’ll be given a little nudge away from the dock to start the countdown to have an adventure.  This is when your rental time will begin!

Many rookies make the mistake of flooring the throttle in the beginning. It only takes a couple of minutes to feel at ease, and in complete control of the vehicle you are on.

In The Unlikely Chance You Fall Off?

Remember to have the engine’s emergency shut-off clip attached to your life jacket.

Should you fall off, there’s no prop to be concerned with – something many people are worried about. And, if you do fall into the 80-degree year-round temperature, the engine shuts off automatically.

When you fall into the water, you just climb back onto the vehicle using the ladder bars the staff at Jet Ski Maui has installed, re-check your life jacket to ensure it’s secure, attach the clip once more and restart the engine.   Put both hands on the handlebars and push the button. Using your first two fingers on the right hand, slowly squeeze the throttle, ensuring your hands are on the handlebars.

When you’re next to the dock, you want the lowest speed level possible (10 miles per hour or less) so as not to cause a wake. Jet Ski Maui suggests doing practice turns at a slow speed until you have an idea of how your weight shifts on the jet ski.

The staff signal to you when your time is up, and you’ll need to return the jet ski to the dock. They will help guide in the jet ski and listen to you boast about how much fun it is.

Here are a couple of helpful tips to help you steer the jet ski:

  • You can better handle and steer the vehicle at seven or eight miles an hour.
  • Around 10 mph, you’ll leave beautiful wakes in the water but won’t have near as much control over the steering.
  • Aid your jet ski in the turns by giving it a little bit of gas – this keeps it going and you stay balanced. Backing off the throttle won’t coast the jet ski; just slow it down.

Flyboarding With Jet Ski Maui

Want to feel like you’re defying gravity and flying? With the option of flyboarding, you can do this. Anybody 16 years of age or older can partake in flyboarding training and rentals. There is a low learning curve that most people are comfortable within a minute and understand how to work the controls within five minutes.

How does flyboarding work?

A 60-foot hose attaches to the jet ski that puts you at least 45 feet into the air. An instructor is always behind the jet ski wheel to ensure your safety and offer you tips on how to get the most out of the adventure.

Riders are taught how to sky surf and dive like a dolphin when they want. No matter how high or low you want to go, it’s the kind of experience you never thought of before. And, your instructor will never take you higher than you feel comfortable going.

5 Frequently Asked Questions About Flyboards

Is It Difficult To Flyboard?

Actually, it’s much easier than people give it credit. That’s because the center of gravity is under your feet, making movement really natural. It’s so basic; it’s like standing up.

Can You Fall?

Like any sport out there, there is always the chance of something going wrong. However, it’s minimal for novices. Instructors have been trained to provide in-depth instructions and teach riders how the controls work and the right methods to get into the water.

What Happens If You Don’t Fly?

So long as you listen to the instructions, you’re going to fly. Most individuals are up in the air within a couple of minutes.

How High Will You Go?

This will depend on how the controls are held. There is always a chance to go 45 feet into the air, but the limit is based on jet ski power and rider’s weight.

Can You Do Any Tricks?

Once you have an understanding of the basics, you can start doing some advanced tricks. It really depends on what you feel comfortable with.

Are you interested in learning how to ride jet ski? Check out Jet Ski Maui on your next visit to the island and see what fun you’ve been missing out on.

Rent a flyboard from Jet Ski Maui!