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5 Reasons for Not Storing Your Jet Ski Outside [Video]

5 Reasons for Not Storing Your Jet Ski Outside [Video]

The five main reasons why you shouldn’t store your jet ski outside are as follows:

  1. Potential weather damage
  2. Molding issues
  3. Low overall security
  4. Potential damage caused by animals
  5. Limited accessibility
If you want to find out more about these risks, and read some jet ski storing tips, you’ve come to the right place.

We at JetDrift have compiled all you need to know under one roof and explain why enclosed storage space is much better for your ski!

5 Reasons for Not Storing Your Jet Ski Outside

1. Weather

Let’s face it, outside weather can damage your jet ski in many ways, especially throughout the winter.

In a nutshell, the most common weather-related types of damage on a jet ski are as follows:

  • UV rays: Sunlight can damage the hull or even the top deck and seat on the jet ski if not covered properly.
  • Hurricanes and storms: Heavy storms can also destroy or damage your ski in many ways.
  • Falling objects: Falling tree limbs and debris through storms and high winds can also cause significant damage.
  • Hail: Hail can also cause extensive damage to your jet ski if it’s stored outside.
  • Moisture: Excessive moisture can cause rust that will slowly destroy the metal parts. Just a corroded wire connection can cause many headaches next spring!
  • Ice: There is a high chance that its cooling system will get damaged throughout the winter by ice if you don’t winterize the ski properly.
  • Fire: Although it is not the biggest risk factor, fires are unpredictable and can spread very quickly.

2. Mold

No matter how carefully you cover your jet ski, water, and moisture will find their way under the cover.

During the winter this moisture can easily turn to mold, spreading through the cover, seat, and the inside of the hull.

And removing mold from a jet ski is neither easy nor pleasant, not to mention the potential risk of long-term damage to the cover and the seat.

These molding issues and their extent strongly depend on the climate in your area.

3. Security

Storing your jet ski outside means your jet ski faces much lower overall security since thieves and vandals can easily steal or damage your jet ski.

You can add an extra layer of protection by locking the ski to the trailer and installing an alarm system, but the most secure place for your ski is still inside an enclosed garage.

4. Animals

Believe it or not, animals can also damage a jet ski in many ways during long-term outdoor storage.

Moths, bees, crickets, or rodents can easily find their new home under the cover, inside the hull, and even the jet pump.

They can build nests causing a lot of mess and even damage to the machine.

5. Limited Accessibility

Finally, don’t forget that storing a jet ski outside allows you limited access to the machine.

It’s always wise to keep your eyes on any vehicle when they are stored, and jets skis are no exception.

But if you keep your jet ski outside through the winter, more than likely you won’t be taking a close look at it until the following spring!

How to Store a Jet Ski Outside

If you have to store your jet ski outside throughout the winter for any reason, here are some vital tips to keep it in the best possible shape:

  • If possible, store it in the yard rather than the driveway
  • Use a high-quality factory cover on it
  • Make sure the cover is properly vented to prevent mold
  • Remove drain plugs
  • Put some mothballs in a can and place it under the cover to keep animals out
  • Get the tires of the trailer off the ground by placing blocks under the axles to avoid tire damage
  • Tilt the trailer back to drain the water from the footwells
  • Check the machine from time to time
  • Inspect the ski carefully before the season starts
Consider a thorough inspection as part of the de-winterization procedure. Animals are prone to building nests in the pump, or even in the airbox.Remove them and clear out the mess before you fire up the engine!

Conclusion – Can You Store a Jet Ski Outside?

Although it’s far from ideal, you can store a jet ski outside throughout the winter.

Compared to an enclosed garage, outdoor storage provides much less security and protection for your ski.

Weather, mold, animals, and thieves are all potential risks, even if you carefully prepared your ski.

If long-term outdoor storage of your jet ski is unavoidable, the key is to keep your eyes on it through the entire off-season.

Install a tight factory cover on it, and make sure that it’s properly ventilated. But no matter how tight the cover is, water can find its way under it.

Also, tilt up the front of the trailer, and put blocks under its axes to avoid tire damage.