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Yamaha RecDeck Review and Accessory List [Video]

Yamaha RecDeck Review and Accessory List [Video]

Yamaha introduced its RecDeck accessory platform for the 2020 model year. This innovative system comes with a variety of accessories and packages, including:

  • RecDeck Accessory Platform
  • Multi-Use Rack
  • Lounge Package
  • JetFish Package
  • Tow Sports Package
If you want to find out more about these Yamaha-exclusive accessories, you’ve come to the right place.

We at JetDrift have compiled all you need to know under one roof!

Yamaha RecDeck Review

The revolutionary RecDeck accessory system is Yamaha’s answer to Sea-Doo’s LinQ accessories. The heart of this system is the multi-function RecDeck platform, which is basically a swim platform extension designed to accommodate a lot of useful accessories.

As described by the manufacturer:“The padded RecDeck is finished with MarineMat and includes four cleats that connect the adjustable Multi-Use Rack accessory. The Multi-Use Rack expands to fit most coolers, and it also serves as the seat structure for the Lounge & Beach seat accessory. Available accessory options for the RecDeck are the JetFish Packages, the Lounging Package, and Tow Sports Package.”There’s no question that the RecDeck system is designed with recreational activities in mind.

The extended rear platform offers amazing versatility as it can be useful for a lot of different activities, such as fishing, swimming, and wakeboarding.

You can attach various Yamaha RecDeck accessories to this platform, including the Lounge seat, the Multi-Use Rack, and JetFish packages.

Would you like to find out more about these packages?

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Yamaha RecDeck Accessories

The Yamaha RecDeck system includes many innovative accessories, which are as follows:

  • RecDeck Accessory Platform
  • Multi-Use Rack
  • JetFish Package
  • Lounge Package
  • Tow Sports Package
Let’s get down to the nitty-gritty and talk about each in detail!

RecDeck Accessory Platform

The base of the RecDeck accessory system is the RecDeck platform, which can be installed on any Yamaha 2023-and-up VX, GP, and 2022-and-up FX WaveRunner without drilling.

This 6-square-foot platform is completely flat and covered with a high-quality CNC-cut MarineMat traction mat.

It houses four flip-up cleats, which can accept the Lounge seat and the Multi-Use Rack along with the available packages that go with it. It can also be used to strap down any type of cargo onto the platform.

What’s more, the RecDeck comes standard with a full-length reboarding ladder that can be retracted into the deck. You can find a grab handle mounted on the rear of the deck.

These additions make it very easy to reboard the ski!The key features of the RecDeck accessory platform are as follows:

  • Size: 6 square-foot
  • Full-length, retractable reboarding ladder
  • Rear grab handle
  • Tracks to accept accessories
  • Two-tone, MarineMat traction mats
  • 4 cleats to accept Multi-Use Rack, Lounge seat, or other accessories
  • MSRP: $999.99

RecDeck Multi-Use Rack

As the name suggests, the Yamaha Multi-Use Rack can be used for various purposes like carrying a cooler, storage box, fuel cans, and other gear. It is very handy when it comes to touring or even PWC camping.

This versatile rack can be directly attached to the cleats on the RecDeck platform.

Unlike the competitor Sea-Doo LinQ system, the Multi-Use Rack can accommodate regular coolers in different sizes and shapes.

Thanks to its adjustable rail system, you can tailor the size of the rack based on your needs. (In contrast, Sea-Doo LinQ cleats can only accept pricey LinQ accessories.)

Available accessory packages for the Multi-Use Rack are the Lounge Package and JetFish Package.

The MSRP of the Yamaha Multi-Use Rack is $599.99.

RecDeck Lounge Seat Package

The Multi-Use Rack serves as the base for the Lounge seat accessory. This comfortable seat is 26 inches wide, so it can accommodate two adults. When it’s not in use, the backrest of the seat can be folded down for compact storage.

The package comes standard with two saddlebags, which can be mounted on the sides of the rack. These five-liter bags are cooler-insulated and come with bungee pockets to hold your beverages.

Yamaha markets the Lounge package for an MSRP of $499.99.

Note that the Multi-Use Rack is required before you can attach the Lounge seat!

RecDeck JetFish Package

More and more PWC manufacturers are offering fishing accessories, and Yamaha is no exception.

The RecDeck system can be completed with two JetFish packages, which come with many useful accessories including:Premium JetFish Package ($1,199.99):

  • Engel 45 JetFish cooler
  • Two rod holders,
  • Two RAM cup holders
  • Tie-down straps
  • Large screen Garmin kit
The standard JetFish package ($499.99) is identical to the premium package except it lacks the Multi-Use Rack.

This kit is a must-have for any WaveRunner owners who are interested in PWC fishing!

RecDeck Tow Sports Package

The Yamaha RecDeck Tow Sports Package is designed with tubers in mind. It comes with the most essential tubing accessories, including:

  • Custom-designed, single-rider tube
  • 12V pump
  • Tow rope
  • Bungee hold-down
  • (MSRP: $199.99)

How Much is the Yamaha RecDeck System?

If you want to purchase the entire RecDeck system, be prepared to pay a whopping $2,800! To be more precise, the prices of the different RecDeck packages are as follows: (MSRP, USD)

  • RecDeck Platform: $999.99
  • Multi-Use Rack: $599.99
  • Lunge package: $499.99
  • JetFish Standard Package: $499.99
  • JetFish Premium Package: $1,199.99
  • Tow Sports Package: $199.99

Which WaveRunners Come with RecDeck Compatibility?

In the year of its introduction, Yamaha reserved the RecDeck platform and accessories for the flagship FX series. Starting in 2023, the GP and VX families are also being marketed with RecDeck compatibility.

Therefore, the RecDeck-compatible WaveRunners are as follows:

  • Yamaha FX (2022 and up)
  • Yamaha VX (2023 and up)
  • Yamaha GP (2023 and up)
What does this compatibility mean?

In a nutshell, each of these skis comes with a pre-drilled swim platform for mounting the RecDeck platform. Thanks to this preparation, installing the RecDeck is far easier on these models.

This platform can be also installed on some earlier FX, GP, and VX models, but it requires you to drill holes into the rear platform. (If you have an older ski, ask your dealer about compatibility.)

Are you wondering how to install the RecDeck on a Yamaha WaveRunner?

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How do You Install a Yamaha RecDeck?

The RecDeck platform has to be attached to the swim platform on the ski with mounting hardware. Here’s the manufacturer’s installation guide on how to install a Yamaha RecDeck platform:

Due to its versatile design, the RecDeck can be installed and removed fairly quickly. The process doesn’t require any cutting or drilling and can be done with basic tools.

The installation is so simple that you can even do it by yourself, but you can also have an authorized Yamaha dealer install it for you.


The Yamaha RecDeck is a revolutionary PWC accessory system that is now available on the GP, FX, and VX series as an option. The key elements of this system are as follows:RecDeck Accessory Platform: This 6-square-inch platform is the base of the other packages. It’s covered in high-quality traction mats and houses rails and 4 flip-up cleats that can accommodate various accessories.

Multi-Use Rack: As the name suggests, this rack can be used for various purposes like storing a cooler, cargo box, or fuel cans. It’s a must for long jet ski tours!JetFish Package: Includes an Engel 45 High-Performance JetFish cooler, two rod holders, two RAM cup holders, tie-down straps, and a large-screen Garmin kit. The premium package comes standard with the Multi-Use Rack, while the standard package lacks this unit.

Lounge Package: This package includes a 26-inch wide Lounge seat rated for two people and two cooler-insulated saddlebags.

Tow Sports Package: Includes a single-rider tube, 12V pump, tow rope, and a bungee strap.

You can find more information about the Yamaha RecDeck system and accessories on the manufacturer’s website.