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Are you confused about the differences between the various categories of PWCs? For your convenience, we’ve listed the PWC categories here, along with their descriptions:


Rec-Lite is considered to be the entry-level PWC category. These machines are the most affordable PWCs on the market and require little maintenance, so they’re easy to care for.

Their small lightweight hulls ensure easy launching and lively rides. Rec-Lite PWCs are typically powered by highly fuel-efficient 60-110 HP engines that allow them to reach a top speed of 40-55 mph.

On the other hand, they lack storage and seating capacity and many other convenient features. Another drawback of these tiny PWCs is that they tip over easily when carrying a passenger and provide bumpy rides on choppy waters.

If you are looking for a “budget” PWC that is fun to ride and won’t break the bank, you can’t go wrong with a Rec-Lite watercraft.


Recreation PWCs are usually mid-range models with excellent price-to-value ratios. They have larger hulls than Rec-Lites, which result in better stability and more storage capacity.

Additionally, Recreation models come with a longer 3-seater saddle, which can hold three adult riders. Thanks to their 100-180 HP engines, these machines can reach speeds of up to 50-60 mph.

If you are in the market for a “general” PWC for family use, you should take a close look at the newest Recreation models.


Performance PWCs are the most powerful models on the market and are specifically designed for skilled riders and racers.

Their supercharged engines crank out 230-310 HP, ensuring an impressive top speed of 67-70 mph. Many Performance models can do 0-60 mph in about 3 seconds, which means they can even beat the fastest production supercars!

Their race-inspired hulls and features are designed for quick turns and maximum performance.

If you are an experienced rider who wants to be the fastest on the lake, these adrenaline-filled Performance models would be perfect.

Luxury & Touring

The high-end Luxury and Touring categories are often classified together, as both are typically built for long trips. Therefore, they are equipped with the most comfortable seats, large storage compartments, and many other features for comfort and convenience.

Just like their Performance counterparts, these crafts are powered by extremely powerful engines, but their hulls are usually a little larger. These big platforms offer the most stability and the kind of comfort you need on long rides. To extend the fuel range, they are equipped with very large fuel tanks and cruise control.

If you are looking for exclusivity, a Luxury model would fit you best with all its bells and whistles!

Tow Sport

As the name implies, Tow Sport PWCs are specifically designed for watersport lovers. These vessels can tow wakeboarders, water skiers, and even tubes with little or no effort.

Standard features include ski-eyes, tow-pylons, wakeboard racks, and a unique “Ski” riding mode to ensure easy starts and a smooth riding experience.

Do you enjoy tow sports but don’t want to invest in an expensive wakeboard boat? If so, you should definitely consider a Tow Sport PWC instead!

Sport Fishing

In addition to the Tow Sport category, another new category in the world of PWCs is Sport Fishing. These PWCs are built for fishing and come equipped with some very useful fishing accessories like GPS fishfinders, coolers, and rod holders.

You can learn all about Sport Fishing PWCs here and which ones are currently available.


Stand-up PWCs represent a unique class, as these machines can only be ridden in a standing position. Unlike their larger “boat-like” brothers, stand-ups don’t have a seat, just a tray that the rider stands on.

Stand-up PWCs are also built with a much smaller hull and a moveable handle pole. In past years, these machines were only available with 2-stroke engines, but today many of them come with a clean 4-stroke engine in response to environmental restrictions. Stand-up PWCs are fast and agile, so you need some athletic skills and practice to ride these machines. Riding them is a sporty activity, which is precisely why these models remain so popular!

If you are looking for a challenging crossmotor-like riding experience, you should take a closer look at the latest Stand-up models!


Major PWC Brands:


Sea-Doo is one of the most popular PWC brands on the market, manufactured by a Canadian company, Bombardier Recreational Products (BRP). The first Sea-Doo was introduced in 1968 and it was the first production personal watercraft in the world.

The company continues to launch the largest fleet every season, and the features are designed to meet many different customer needs. Sea-Doo is well-known for its revolutionary technologies, eye-catching designs, and an outstanding riding experience.

You can learn all about the current Sea-Doo models here!

Yamaha WaveRunner

Sea-Doo’s main competitor is the Japanese company Yamaha, which owns and manages the popular WaveRunner brand. The company entered the PWC market in 1986 when it revealed the innovative WaveRunner 500. Yamaha WaveRunners are famous for their legendary reliability and durability.

You can browse the latest Yamaha WaveRunners here!

Kawasaki Jet Ski

Another well-known PWC manufacturer is Kawasaki, which first became known for its stand-up Jet Skis. These machines were the first commercially successful personal watercrafts and they became extremely popular in the ’70s and ’80s.

Today the company offers a wide variety of sit-down models along with it’s continually popular stand-up Jet Ski. The most outstanding characteristics of Kawasaki Jet Skis are their extremely powerful engines and deep-V hull design, which does a great job on rough waters.

You can find the latest Kawasaki Jet Ski lineup here!

KRASH Industries

The Australian KRASH Industries is the most recent player on the field. The company was originally established as an aftermarket hull manufacturer, but now produces „turn-key” freestyle and freeride PWCs. Unlike competitor models, these crafts still utilize lively 2-stroke engines that ensure the best power-to-weight ratio.

If you are looking for something quite special, we invite you to discover the current KRASH PWCs!