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The 7 Best Jet Ski Hull Repair Services [Video]

The 7 Best Jet Ski Hull Repair Services [Video]

Jet ski hull repair is considered a necessary part of owning the vessel. After all, without it, you can’t have a good time if something were to go wrong.

Damage can occur to the hull in a multitude of ways, such as in an accident or on the trailer while towing or launching it.

If you opt to become a jet ski owner, you must keep the potential repair costs in mind when making your purchase. With a little foresight and preparation, you won’t be caught struggling to make these many-times costly repairs.

After an accident has occurred, you need to find a jet ski hull repair service that does quality work and can get you back out on the water quickly. The best repair shops will get your vehicle back into factory-looking shape!

If you’re in need of hull repairs don’t miss this DIY video below, or consider these seven professional jet ski hull repair shops around the nation. Don’t spend another minute out of action!

7 Best Jet Ski Hull Repair Shops

Anchor Marine Repair (Delano, MN.)

Regardless of the reason for your hull’s damage – be it an accident, storm damage or age – the experts at Anchor Marine Repair in Delano, Minnesota can help get it back to its factory shape.

The shop undertakes all kinds of jobs, including hull repairs, cosmetic repairs, upholstery replacement, etc. The professionals, with their 45 years of service, have worked on many types of watercraft with total perfectionism that gets owners back out on the water.

TRAIL Jet Ski Hull Repairs (Eagon, MN.)

No matter the reason for your jet ski hull damage – fiberglass stress cracks, collision, accident, weather damage – the professionals at TRAIL Auto Body and Marine can return it back to its factory days and extend its durability.

With their sound, high-quality work, you’ll be out on the lakes of Minnesota before you know it. Going to the lake is great, but enjoying the water on a jet ski makes it all so much better.

Mai Boat Service (Orlando, FL.)

The Mai Boat Service shop works hard to be the industry leader in the Orlando area. They treat every jet ski, boat, or other watercraft as if it were their own personal watercraft. The professionals work tirelessly to give you a jet ski that’s back in working shape and never appears as if it’s been damaged.

As your repairs go on, the shop will reach out to you and let you know what’s going on. This constant communication will alleviate your fears of when the jet ski hull repairs (and others) will be done. The company is committed to ensuring your total satisfaction.

Starboard Marine Repair (North Canton, OH.)

Starboard Marine professionals are certified fiberglass boat repair specialists who can offer jet ski owners the best service and prices in the Ohio area. They also work with customers’ insurance companies, so they don’t have to.

No matter who designed your jet ski, the staff at Starboard Marine Repair has the experience you need to make repairs quickly and efficiently. Since jet skis are designed using another type of process than the usual boat manufacturing, the repair process is also different.

No matter the reason for your repair – major accident, minor accident or cosmetic damage – the shop’s professionals will service the need you have.

Precision Marine and Motorsports (Brentwood, N.H.)

Precision Marine and Motorsports has 20+ years of experience in the Brentwood area, maintaining and repairing watercraft of all types. Shop staff have a desire to help people who love the water to get back out on it quickly.

Todd Smith, the owner of Precision Marine, is a factory-sponsored snowmobile racer, which amplifies his passion for watercraft and personal vehicles that spills over into taking care of his customers’ needs.

Fiberglass Atlanta (Atlanta, GA.)

Fiberglass Atlanta is a home repair shop that takes on any type of fiberglass repair service. While most of the business is focused on collision and structural repairs of jet skis, boats, and other watercraft, the staff also works on all types of vehicles.

The primary types of repairs Fiberglass Atlanta sees include wet, rotted, and failing transoms, as well as total floor and stringer replacements. When it comes to structural problems, a total replacement is a necessity to ensure vehicle safety.

The shop also focuses on jet ski hull repairs, regardless of the reason for the damage. When you need your hull repaired, Fiberglass Atlanta is the place to turn.

Color Pro Designs (serving both Oklahoma and Texas)

The professionals at Color Pro Designs are dedicated to fiberglass hull repairs and restorations. The shop can expertly repair and restore high-tech materials and fiberglass of watercraft vehicles – materials many jet skis comprise. Repairing high-tech materials is not the same as conventional fiberglass repairs. That’s why the staff, with its plethora of experience, uses only the newest technology to make any repairs.

For those with insurance, Color Pro Designs will work with insurance companies to restore the watercraft to its pre-accident condition.

A high-quality jet ski hull repair often consists of using Gelcoat repair, and Color Pro is a qualified Gelcoat repair facility. Its employees will bring your vessel’s beauty back to its former glory, matching colors, changing graphics, and dealing with metal flakes.