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How Much Does it Cost to Paint a Jet Ski? [DIY vs. PRO]

How Much Does it Cost to Paint a Jet Ski? [DIY vs. PRO]

How much does it cost to paint a jet ski? This a typical question when it comes to upgrading an old jet ski.

There are many reasons why you need to repaint jet ski. A hull can be damaged in an accident, or it’s just simply getting old.

In these cases, you can consider repainting your jet ski, but sometimes a thorough polishing could also do a really good job.

We, at JetDrift, have collected some information about the cost of a paint job on a jet ski, as well as a short DIY jet ski paint tutorial.  Without further ado, let’s see what your options are if you want to restore the paint job on a jet ski!

DIY Jet Ski Painting

Can you paint a jet ski?

You can paint a jet ski at home, but be aware that it’s not recommended for beginners. A good quality paint job needs experience and some special tools like a compressor, sprayer and many others. Or, you can consider a much simpler spray paint job, which is known as a cheap jet ski painting solution.  You also have to prepare the ski’s surface properly before painting, which also needs increased skills in many cases!

DIY jet ski painting

When it comes to painting a jet ski, the rule of thumb is: a paint job is as good as the preparation before it!  This means if you want a superb outcome, the most labor-intensive part of the job comes before you even touch the sprayer!

Without further ado, let’s see what the steps are for DIY jet ski painting!

1. First, clean the jet ski carefully; remove every speck of dirt and also use grease remover for better results.

2. Remove the registration number and other vinyl stickers.

3. If you can see scrapes or major damage on the hull, all need to be fixed before starting to paint! For this process, you’ll need sandpaper, fiberglass filler, or even fiberglass in the worst case scenario!

4. Remove the seat and other parts you don’t want to be painted. Then use masking tape to cover cover areas on which you don’t want paint. Masking is the process when you cover the parts you can’t (or just don’t want to) remove. Usually, masking is much easier than removing main parts like the handlebars! Always use professional masking tape and film, and a bunch of newspaper.

5. Once masking is done, before any painting, you may want to use a rag for final cleaning.

6. If you want to do this in your garage, make sure to cover everything carefully. If there’s no wind, you can consider painting your jet ski outside. Wherever you do it, it’s recommended to wet the floor before you start, to settle the dust.

7. Don’t forget the appropriate protection! A good painting mask and goggles are the bare minimum, but gloves and proper clothes are also recommended. As they say, prevention is always better than cure!

8. You’ll need paint, of course, as well as some other chemicals in some cases. Although it doesn’t seem very professional, you can consider using spray paint to repaint your jet ski. It’s cheap and much easier to use. In fact, this is the best choice if you don’t want to invest in a compressor and its accessories. Let’s face it; in the case of old jet skis, it doesn’t makes sense to spend a lot of money on a professional painting job.

9. When it comes to painting, you’ll probably need 3 coats, so make sure you have enough paint for the whole job. You also have to wait a certain amount of time before each coat. The recommended process and the time frames are usually described on the container, so check it carefully. Usually, you have to start with a tack coat, which means you have to dust the whole surface lightly with the paint. Then you have to wait (usually 10-15 minutes) before you continue with the second coat.

10. You have to wait until it’s completely dry before you remove the papers and tapes.

How Much Does it Cost to Paint a Jet Ski?

Professional jet ski paint prices vary widely depending on the quality, but if you do it by yourself, it costs at least $200-$300 to paint a jet ski. If you’re looking for high-quality painting, the best you can do is to leave the job to professionals, but be prepared to pay around $1,000 or even more.

The final price of a jet ski paint job depends on several factors like the hull’s size and condition, the complexity of the colors, and the quality of the paint. Moreover, beyond painting, body work and graphic kits always cost extra too!

How do you restore the paint on a jet ski?       

If you’re looking for something cheaper, you still have other opportunities to restore the paint on a jet ski. Probably the most common way to remove oxidation from a jet ski is a thorough polishing, but wet sanding is also popular to upgrade older jet skis.


When it comes to painting a jet ski, you usually have two options.   The first is to do it yourself in your garage, or even outside. To do it at a higher-quality level, you will need a compressor with a sprayer and some other accessories. If you’re looking for something cheaper and easier, you can even consider using spray paint.

Don’t forget to prepare the hull properly and get some protection, like googles, paint masks, gloves and clothes.  If you don’t have the skills, or just simply don’t want to bother with the painting, you can find many professionals who offer this service.

Speaking of prices, it costs at least $200-300 to paint a jet ski even if you do it yourself, but be prepared to pay at least $1,000 or more for a pro paint job.

And don’t forget to include the cost of hull repairs and graphic kits if you need them.

Remember, a good jet ski paint job costs money, and ultimately, you get what you pay for!

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