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The 10 Best Jet Ski Tuners and Performance Parts Dealers

The 10 Best Jet Ski Tuners and Performance Parts Dealers

If you want to make your jet ski go faster, you probably want to know where to go for support and parts.

For your convenience, we have compiled 10 of the best tuners and aftermarket parts dealers in the PWC industry:

1.       Riva Racing

2.       Greenhulk PWC Performance

3.       JP Racing

4.       BMS Racing (Broward Motorsports)

5.       Reliable Tuning

6.       Worx Racing

7.       VtechTuned Jetski Performance

8.       Ecu Xtreme

9.       Jet Ski Tune

10.     Jets24

If you want to find out more about these companies and their services, keep reading.

We at JetDrift have compiled the key specs on them under one roof!

The 10 Best Jet Ski Tuners and Performance Parts Dealers

1. Riva Racing

Riva Racing is often referred to as the best watercraft performance specialist, and with good reason.

The history of this company goes back to 1979, and now it employs more than 100 people while operating in six different buildings in Pompano Beach, Florida.

Besides two complete PWC parts warehouses and dedicated sales and technical support, Riva Racing has its own Research & Development department.

Therefore, it is no surprise that the company has become the main source of high-quality PWC performance parts and accessories.

In Riva’s offerings, you can find complete performance kits specifically developed for the latest as well as many of the older jet skis, including vintage 2-stroke skis.

2. GreenHulk PWC Performance

4-TEC Performance, more commonly known as GreenHulk PWC Performance Parts Store is another giant in the PWC industry.

Established in 2006, this company specializes in selling PWC performance parts for Yamaha, Sea-Doo, and Kawasaki Jet Skis, but also offers various services like a supercharger rebuild or an ECU reflash.

This US-based company is owned and operated by reputable industry professional Jerry Gaddis, who also owns the infamous GreenHulk PWC enthusiast forum.

Besides Riva Racing, GreenHulk PWC Performance Parts Store is another go-to source for many racers and performance-minded PWC tuners.

3. JP Racing

Located in Southwest Florida, JP Racing Inc. is a reputable jet ski tuner and repair company specializing in supercharged Sea-Doo and Yamaha SVHO PWCs.

Besides complete stage kits, the company markets high-quality performance parts like Fizzle intercoolers, air intake kits, and more.


Another Florida-based jet ski tuner company is Broward Motorsports a.k.a. BMS Racing, which is also claimed to be the world’s largest factory PWC race team.

As one may expect, their professionals have plenty of experience in PWC performance modifications.

Besides serving professional racers, the company offers services and parts for recreational riders as well.


5. Reliable Tuning

Close to New York, Reliable Tuning is located in New Milford, Connecticut.

This PWC tuning company offers complete tuning solutions for the latest Sea-Doo PWCs.

As its name implies, the tunes and kits of Reliable Tuning are designed with reliability in mind.

They are recommended for recreational riders who want to make their Sea-Doos more powerful but don’t want to overstress the engines.


6. Worx Racing

Let’s face it, tuning jet skis is popular not only in America but also in many other countries.

When it comes to Australia, the most well-known name in the PWC performance market is arguably Worx Racing.

This company claims to be a leading provider of performance PWC parts and modifications, packing in many years of experience.

They sell a wide variety of self-developed components including air intake systems, intercoolers, intake grates, steering components, ride plates, and complete performance kits.


7. VtechTuned Jetski Performance

If you are looking for another Australia-based jet ski tuner, VtechTuned Jetski Performance is for you.

Located in New South Wales, this company provides services and performance tuning for marine outboards and powersport vehicles, and jet skis are no exception.

They sell a wide variety of aftermarket PWC performance parts and performance packages for Sea-Doos, WaveRunners, and Kawasaki Jet Skis.

Besides regular maintenance and performance tuning, Vtechuned Jetski Performance provides many other services including running diagnostics and rebuilding engines.


8. Ecu Xtreme

If you are looking for a jet ski ECU remap specialist, you can’t go wrong with ECU Xtreme.

Just like the ones mentioned above, this jet ski tuner is also based in Australia and specializes in remapping ECUs and selling stage kits.

Besides jet skis, Ecu Xtreme offers tuning for many other vessels and vehicles like Yamaha jet boats, Sea-Doo pontoon boats, Can-Am Spiders, and Can-Am offroad vehicles.


9. Jet Ski Tune

Jet Ski Tune claims itself to be New Zealand’s premier jet ski tuner, and with good reason.

Even though you can find some car tuners who also deal with jet skis, Jet Ski Tune is the only dedicated PWC tuning shop in the country.

With decades of experience in PWC tuning, the company provides jet ski performance tuning at the highest level.

If you have any doubt, note this tuning shop has its own PWC Dyno to guarantee the desired increase in performance.


10. JETS24

Located in Palma de Mallorca, JETS24 is one of the most well-known European jet ski performance tuners.

This independent shop specializes in repairing and tuning jet skis from major manufacturers like Yamaha, Kawasaki, and Sea-Doo.

In addition, this company has the largest stock of new and used PWC parts, which are available in their online shop.

Interestingly, this shop is one of the few sources in Europe where you can find parts for many discontinued PWCs like the Honda AquaTrax or Polaris Sea Lion.



The most well-known names in the PWC tuning industry are arguably Riva Racing, GreenHulk PWC Performance, and Worx Racing.

These companies market a plethora of aftermarket PWC performance parts including self-developed components and complete performance kits.

Besides these big names, you can find many smaller shops and companies in the States that produce PWC tuning like JP Racing, BMS Racing, and Reliable Tuning.

When it comes to overseas, some of the most well-known jet ski tuners are Vtechuned Jetski Performance, Jet Ski Tune, and the Europe-based Jets24.