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Fishing Near Me: Find the Best Fishing Spots With This Locator

Fishing Near Me: Find the Best Fishing Spots With This Locator

Where can I go fishing near me? – This is one of the most frequent questions asked by many anglers.

Whether you fish from the shore, a boat, or even a jet ski, you can find the closest fishing spots near you by using this free locator tool:

If you’d also like to find your own spots instead of fishing the popular and crowded areas, thanks to TakemeFishing you can browse countless fishing spots, boat ramps and marinas on this interactive map!

Fishing Near Me: Find The Best Fishing Spots

Using this extremely informative map, you can get a lot of useful info and locate many places, like:
  • Best fishing spots near you
  • Localized fishing maps
  • Best places for boating and jet skiing
  • Marinas and boat ramps
  • Boat ramps
  • Additional information about native species
  • Where to buy fishing gear
  • Fishing license vendors
  • And many more!
You can choose the closest fishing spots around you by zooming in on this interactive map, but you can also make good use of the search bar at the top.

One of the best features of this map is that you can browse the fishing spots by species, which may come in handy if you want to catch specific species. Moreover, you can check which baits  are recommended to catch these fishes.

If you’re planning to discover a new area, don’t worry, as you can browse fishing license vendors, as well as shops where you can buy gear and lures. This can help you in many ways, as professionals can inform you about the specific species and the recommended bait!

Regarding the interactive map, beyond the location of the fishing spots, you can also check the species you can catch there, and what the recommended gear and bait would be.  Moreover, you can also check the fishing forecast at a particular location.  This means you can find tons of useful info under one roof!  If you still have questions about the map, we can recommend this short but informative tutorial video:

Even if this “fishing near me” interactive map from TakemeFishing is super cool, there are many good fishing spots out there that don’t appear on the map. Because of this, you may want to know about the other common ways to locate fishing spots.

We, at JetDrift, have collected the most popular ways to find the best fishing spots near you!

Other Ways to Find The Best Fishing Spots Near You

Where can I go fishing near me?  This is a typical question asked by many anglers.

As they say, when it comes to fishing success, choosing the right fishing spot is just as important as your fishing skills! The good news is that there are many good ways to locate the closest fishing spots near you, like doing online research upfront, using fishfinders, or even asking locals.

Let’s take a closer look at these practices one-by-one!

Do Your Research

One of the most popular ways to locate the best fishing spots is to do your online research in advance.   You can get a good start by checking some local fishing associations, forums or even some tourism and vacation websites.

You can also find endless Facebook groups, so don’t hesitate to join for the latest news and the nearest fishing spots!  Once you find your spot, don’t forget to check the local rules and regulations.

Apps for Locate Fishing Spots

Beyond regular online resources, you can find an increasing number of fishing apps. Your smartphone is probably always with you on your fishing trips, which can come in handy in many cases.

Beyond posting the latest catches in social media, you can use your phone for navigation and many others. You can choose from many great apps in the app stores.

Where Can I Find Local Fishing Spots? Just Ask the Locals!

Although online research is very useful and can save tons of time for you, it’s always recommended you get some info from locals.

In general, when it comes to finding local fishing spots, the local bait shops seem a reliable source of information. The staff doesn’t only know some of the best places to fish, but also can give you a lot of useful tips about the species, lures, gear and many others.

They’re usually happy to share their knowledge because they want to see you again!

How do You Find a Secret Fishing Spot?

If you’re looking for another reliable source for finding some secret fishing spots, a local guide may help you! In many cases, you can be much more efficient on the first day if you hire a professional guide. Moreover, in this way, you can discover some secret fishing spots, which would be difficult to find on your own!

If you can hire a local guide for a reasonable fee, it means you can spend more time fishing and less time searching for a good spot!

Another common way to find the closest fishing spots is by asking local anglers, but be careful, as locals are prone to fib. You never know what to believe!  But you can’t go wrong if you talk to anglers on the waterfront who are catching successfully!

Using Google Earth

Are you still wondering: Where can I go fishing near me? Why don’t you try Google Earth?  Because of its precision, using Google Maps is a lesser-known way to find the best spots.

What’s more, this is one of the most efficient tools to understand a body of water’s characteristics. You can use it to discover and map out a body of water conveniently.

Whether you’re fishing from the shore or a boat (or even a jet ski), it’s always good to know where can you find the deep and the shallow areas, steeper banks, shady trees, or even docks. They all come in handy, especially if you fish in a new area!

If you have time you can delve into the details deeply, which may result in browsing the map for a long time. It’s hours of fun!

In the case of smaller bodies of water like lakes and rivers, you may be surprised how much information you can gather just from Google Earth. The work you put in on the research end on Google Earth to find your fishing spot may seem tiring, but it’s definitely worth the effort.

Maps and Mapping Software

Beyond Google Earth, you can find many other special mapping software and online tools that are designed for anglers and boat owners. Some of them are available for subscription, but you can also find some free tools that do a good job.

The most popular online maps are probably Navionics, and a well-known software is the Lake Master Contour Elite.

The main advantages of these tools are their great detail and accuracy, highlighted depth ranges and the easy-to-read contours, and huge databases of the bodies of water.

Moreover, these professional tools are constantly being developed, so you can be sure to get updated info at any time. You can learn more about mapping tools here.

Fishfinders – The Best Tools to Find Fishing Spots Near You

When it comes to locating the best fishing spots, you can’t go wrong with a GPS or even a GPS/Fishfinder unit.  You don’t only find fish with these special tools, but they can be used to navigate anywhere and in all circumstances.

That’s why they’re a great safety addition to any jet ski or boat. The most popular and reputable brands are Lowrance, Hummingbird, and Garmin.

A fishfinder uses sonar to find fish around you, and measures the depth and water temperature. Some of them can also inform you about the exact depth of the fish, but the accuracy always depends on the make and the model.

Moreover, they can locate vegetation, or objects on the bottom; all great places to find fish. This is probably the most important information to any anglers on the water.

Another good feature is that you can create maps with a fishfinder which clearly shows the depth contours. It comes in handy over time, as many marinas and harbors have no detailed maps.

What’s more, you can even improve existing maps. This means you can also install fishing maps on many fishfinders, which allows you to label and mark points that you want to remember, like favorite spots, ramps, marinas, docks, or even submerged objects.

Additionally, you can easily share these data with others.

Other Factors to Consider

Know Your Fish

You can’t find the fish even with the best tools if you don’t know what you want. This means you first always have to know what type of fish you want to catch. It’s a great start in most cases as different species like different things.

It’s recommended you study the fish’s behaviors upfront, which can help you to find the greatest spots where you can locate them.

While some species like certain water temperatures, others can be found in certain vegetation, but depth is also important when it comes to locating fishes.  All of these are key factors while you search for the best fishing spots near you.

Also, don’t forget about the lures. Be patient, because if you want to use a new lure, it takes time to get to know it properly. Experts recommend going fishing with only one type of lure. In this way you’re forced to use that lure and it can help you to learn how it works.

Seasons, Weather and Other Conditions

It should also be noted that the best fishing spots vary with the seasons. That’s why you have to follow the seasons and check the conditions when you select your spots.

The fish are usually moving into the shallow water in spring when the water starts to warm up.

Another issue could be the fluctuation of the water levels. After heavy rains, the water can also  rise many feet which may result in flooded grass and bushes. All great places to locate your fish or even the lures.

This is a good secret, as you can’t find fish in many inviting spots during most of the year. But once the season and the conditions have changed, they can put many great fish there!

Once you find a good spot, you may want to record the time and the conditions, as this might be useful in the following years!


Once you’ve located an inviting fishing spot, don’t forget to consider its accessibility. If you need a lot of time to reach the location, it may not be worth the effort.

Another question is what vehicles are available to you? Could you use a boat or a jet ski to reach the spots, or you are limited to shore fishing? If yes, don’t worry, as there are many species that can be caught without boats.

What’s more, you can find areas where 70-80% of the people fish from the shore! Additionally, you don’t have to wait at the ramp, or bothering with  launching and retrieving, which means you can spend more time fishing!

This can be especially advantageous when your time is limited;  that’s why many fishermen prefer fishing off the bank before they go to work.  But it also has to be mentioned that it’s not easy to catch the biggest, trophy-class fish without a boat.

Another advantage of boat fishing is that you can also cover a lot more water and can change your spots easily when the conditions change.

Moreover, you can expect more relaxing hours in a boat, as sometimes shores can be crowded which means you ultimately don’t get what you’re looking for.

Be Prepared

Contrary to popular belief, fishing is not a game of luck. Although luck does play a part in it, your efficiency mainly depends on your skills, gear, and preparation.  Surprisingly, good preparation is almost as important as selecting the right fishing spot!

Because of this, it’s essential to know your equipment and be prepared for anything. Things can change quickly and you never know what kind of gear you’ll need, or what your fish is going to do.  As a rule of thumb, the more preparation there is, the higher the chance to catch your fish!

Conclusion – Where Can I Go Fishing Near Me?

As they say, 90% of the fish are caught by 10% of the anglers. That’s because a lot of them just fish areas where they see the other anglers. Although sometimes it works, but in many cases it’s the wrong way!

Every successful fishing trip starts with selecting the best fishing spot, which means every fisherman has to their own homework. It may seem difficult for beginners to know how to find good fishing spots, but it is an important skill that every fisherman have to learn.

You may wonder: “Where is a good place to go fishing near me?” If you want to find a good place to go fishing in your area, you have to do your research. You can make good use of the interactive map above, powered by TakeMeFishing. Additionally, you can search for some good spots in online forums and Facebook groups, but Google Earth, special fishing maps, and fishfinders can also be helpful to locate your fish.

Beyond the technology, you can get many great tips in the local bait shops, while a private guide can take you to secret fishing spots.  Beyond selecting a great spot, the preparation is no less important, so make sure that you have everything you might need on your trip.  Also, keep in mind that you’ll not necessarily catch fish on the first visit. Be patient and you can join the 10% Club soon!

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