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Floating Jet Ski Dock For Sale – How Much is a Floating Dock?

Floating Jet Ski Dock For Sale – How Much is a Floating Dock?

Floating jet ski dock systems have become increasingly popular these days, and for good reason!

If you buy a new jet ski, you’ll need a place to store it when it’s not in use. While there are many different jet ski storage options available, the most convenient way is still keeping your jet ski on a classic jet ski lift, or a floating jet ski dock.

If you’re looking for a drive-on dock for your jet ski, you can choose from several good-quality products, or you can consider building one yourself!

These systems offer easy launching and a lot of flexibility. If you want to keep your jet ski close to the water, you will definitely need one of these units, as it’s highly recommended you don’t allow your jet ski to simply float in the water.

That is the wrong way to store it because extended time in the water can cause corrosion and many other damages to your jet ski. It is OK to leave your jet ski in the water a day or two, if necessary and it shouldn’t cause any damages. But in the long run, it’s definitely not recommended!

These floating docks are very common at jet ski rentals locations and you see them in more and more marinas as well. While these provide a stable platform to walk on, you can launch your jet ski in 5 seconds with only one move.

What’s more, some of these dock systems can be assembled from several different components. It means you can build a double floating jet ski dock, or even your whole dock just from these floating units – including the walkways.

If you’d like to learn more about these drive-on floating jet ski dock systems, this post is for you. We, at JetDrift, have gathered the basics on these products and listed the best jet ski docks on the market!

How Does a Floating Jet Ski Dock Work?

As their name implies, floating jet ski docks don’t stand on the bottom of the river or lake, but they float on top of the water. These docks are made of durable, buoyant material and are usually connected to other docks or seawalls. The main advantage of these docks is that you can dock your jet ski very easily, as you can drive onto these docks by using the engine’s power.

There are two types of drive-on jet ski docks,.  The majority of the models feature a bunch of rollers which are lined up to make it easier to launch and retrieve the jet ski.    Since the jet ski’s hull is rolling on these little wheels, it means the hull’s paint and protective coatings won’t scratch off!

Unlike the “wheely” models with rollers, the “slider” type of jet ski docks feature plastic rails instead of rollers.

This means the jet ski simply slides on the plastic, which makes it harder to move, so there’s a higher risk of damaging the paint on the bottom of the hull.

The Pros and Cons of Drive-On Jet Ski Docks

Although these jet ski docks are very convenient, they have some drawbacks as well. Let’s see the pros and cons of these docks in a nutshell.

The Pros of Drive-On Jet Ski Docks

  • Easy to install
  • Portable
  • Made of durable material
  • Maintenance-free design
  • The most convenient way to launch a jet ski
  • Easy access to the jet ski (fueling, maintenance)
  • Flexible – you can link multiple units together
  • Floating docks can move vertically – significant vertical water movement is not an issue

The Cons of Drive-On Jet Ski Docks

  • Floating docks don’t work well in strong currents
  • They don’t lift the jet ski high enough, which could be a problem if the water is regularly rough
  • The jet ski is exposed to the elements like sun, rain, wind, and birds droppings
  • They offer less security compared to other storage solutions
  • Need some practice to drive the jet ski onto these docks safely
  • They are expensive; that’s why many jet ski owners build their jet ski docks

How do You Install a Floating Jet Ski Dock?

To install a floating jet ski dock, you’ll need a special installation kit. Sometimes these kits come with the dock or must be purchased separately. You can install a floating jet ski dock into a complete floating dock system, or attach it to regular docks or sea walls. If these are not options, floating docks can be moored into the bottom with special pipes, known as “auger pipes” or “pier pipes”.

You can see the whole installation process in this video:

Average Jet Ski Dock Dimensions and Weight

What are the dimensions of a jet ski dock?

The average jet ski docks are 120-160 inches long and 60 inches wide, however you can find some wider models which offer more space around the jet ski. These docks are usually 80 inches wide. If you need a longer or wider jet ski dock, many manufacturers offer jet ski dock extensions.   With these units, you can even build a large floating dock around your jet ski!

How much do floating jet ski docks weigh?

The weight of the floating jet ski docks vary widely depending on their design and material. The lightest jet ski docks weigh around 250-300 pounds, while the heavier models can reach a range of 300-400 pounds. But if you’re considering mounting extensions and other accessories to the dock, you can expect a lot more weight.

How much weight will a floating jet ski dock hold?

Jet ski docks can typically hold 600-2,000 pounds. Speaking of floatation capacities, when you select your dock, don’t forget that you have to calculate the curb weight of your jet ski, and your weight as well!

How Much Does a Jet Ski Dock Cost?

Floating jet ski docks cost around $1,000-$1,500 depending on the make and the model. As you already know, there are two types of docks. The cheapest jet ski docks are the “slider” models which only feature rails instead of rollers, as these costs around $1,000, while a “wheely” type jet ski dock costs around $1,200-$1,500.

When shopping around for a dock, don’t forget the additional costs like delivery, installation kits, bow-stop or other additions.

Are you considering buying a floating dock? Let’s move on and take a look at the best jet ski docks on the market!

JetDock Jet Ski Dock

JetDock is one of the most well-known names in the jet ski floating dock industry.

The Jet Dock System was designed for ease of use and convenience. The individual cubes can be configured and combined to create any desired shape you like.

You can customize your personal floating dock any way you want. It is easy to assemble and disassemble for storage during the winter. These components are safe, user-friendly, and practically require no maintenance so you can spend more time enjoying the summer.

Jet ski hulls that are exposed to water for long periods of time can suffer corrosion and delamination (material separating into layers, flaking). Having a safe, dry spot to store your watercraft saves a lot of wear and tear on the unit and extends its life expectancy.

Unlike classic jet ski lift systems, JetDock’s floating jet ski dock solves the problem of having to use mechanical lifts for dry-docking. Instead, these keep your Jet Ski ready to use and easy to launch within 5 minutes.

Due to the ease of use and ample space creates with the cubicle system, it is easy to board, unboard, or store your watercraft. The simple design and locking system enables quick and easy stabilization, making it fast and hassle-free to dock your jet ski and go on to the rest of your day without worry.

EZ Dock Drive-On Dock Systems

When it comes to jet ski floating docks, the other very popular manufacturer is EZ Dock.EZ Dock was founded by two water enthusiasts who wanted a more simple and ecologically-friendly solution to storing watercraft. They realized that the conventional jet ski lift solutions require a lot of maintenance and storm repairs.

They created a product that can withstand heavy winds and harsh weather conditions, without chipping or peeling. Their system requires little to no maintenance and lets you spend your time on the water instead of repairs.

EZ Dock was the first company to introduce this newest method of launching a jet ski using the EZ Port drive-on jet ski dock released in 1996. The creative design utilizes an inline roller system capable of storing multiple jet skis at once.

EZ Dock has three different size options to choose from:


This little jet ski dock offers protection from the weather, wakes, and sinking giving you peace of mind of not having to worry about your watercraft when the waves come rolling in. Its small design makes it easy to clean and maintain the system so you can launch your Jet Ski effortlessly. The VXP is designed to store any brand or type of shorter-end PWCs less than 1,300 pounds.

EZ Port MAX 2i

This design is considered to be one of the best jet ski docks available today. It is so well-liked that their competitors have tried to copy their system design. It is definitely a game-changer because it is so easy to load and unload.

The docking system fits PWCs of any shape up to 1,700 lbs. They have even created a version with an Integrated Bow to help beginner jet ski users avoid overshooting the dock. Even newbies can dock successfully the first time! The integrated bow model accommodates models up to 1,380 lbs.

EZ Port MAX System

This version is an expandable, adjustable system capable of docking multiple jet skis, which is great for business owners so they can store their watercraft near their office. It is one of the most flexible options, because the jet ski floating dock can be customized for tight spaces and inlines. It also works with PWCs of different shapes and sizes.

Are you interested in an unbiased Jetdock VS. EZ dock comparison? If yes, don’t miss this video:

Wavearmor Floating Jet Ski Dock for Sale

Wave Armor floating jet ski docks are the latest in Drive On/Roll Off Ports. Wave Armor PWC Ports are foam filled for performance and durability.

They are RotoMolded and have soft urethane wheels that are adjustable to fit your needs. Designed with the jet ski enthusiast in mind, the Evolution Series are largest Drive On/Roll Off jet ski floating docks on the market today.

They carry 3 different models to choose from. The EVO5 and EVO6 are custom made, and extend 2 ft longer to accommodate larger jet skis. The EVO Sport is designed for use with smaller Rec-Lite jet skis and stand-up PWCs. They can also be connected to get a double floating jet ski dock:

ShoreMaster Drive-on PWC Docks

ShorePort is a drive-on jet ski dock that is simple and easy to use. The drive-on, push off functionality allows you to get in and out of the water quickly and easily. ShorePort’s durable molded construction makes it practically maintenance-free.

It is easy to attach to any floating dock system. Simply position the jet ski perpendicular to your dock system for quick and convenient access. ShorePort can also be used to connect multiple docks together for the ultimate in jet ski storage.

Whether you have just one jet ski or several, ShorePort is the easiest way to dock and store your watercraft. It literally takes 5 seconds to dock and you’re on your way. There isn’t an easier system out there!

Product Benefits:

  • A textured, non-slip surface
  • Easy and maintenance-free
  • Designed to fit jet skis of different sizes
  • Smooth loading and unloading
  • Adjustable mid-level rollers accommodate any jet ski style. Rear roller system makes  transitions from the water to the ShorePort quick and easy.

Sunstream Drive-On Floating Jet Ski Dock

The SunPort from SunStream is a durable, smooth loading drive-on jet ski dock.

It is crafted out of foam-filled polyethylene and will not sink. It provides a stable docking port with plenty of room to walk around and to the back of the watercraft.

It only takes minutes to launch and dock due to the pivoting tail and mid-level rollers that guide the bow upon entry under minimal power.

The integrated bow stop aligns your PWC, gently guiding it into place, keeping it from over-docking. The sleek, hydrodynamic design keeps your jet ski floating horizontally on the port and dual rows of Stoltz rollers hold it snugly in place.

Founded in 1996, Sunstream uses proven technology to make docking your watercraft as easy as parking your car. They pioneered advances in remote-controlled boat and jet ski lifts and automatic cover systems.

They continue to make major advancements in solar and hydraulic power to make boating easier.

HydroPort Jet Ski Dock For Sale

The goal of the HydroHoist floating PWC dock (Hydroport jet ski dock) is to provide a safe and convenient structure to care for and protect your watercraft while not in use. The jet ski docks are designed for safe support of the craft; and for a stable connection to the boat dock.

The inventor of the HydroPort– a boater and a marina owner – says that the goal is still the same today, to provide safe and secure docking for PWCs.

Throughout the years they have continued to enhance and upgrade their products to better cater to riders. The Hydroport jet ski docks are made with impact-resistant polyethylene tanks, with all steel parts, simple drive-on docking, and roll-off launching.

They have lifts that will work for all types of vessels from jet skis to 40,000 lbs cruisers! What’s more, you can set together a custom set up based on your needs, it means you can create even a double floating jet ski dock easily.

Another benefit for HydroPort jet ski dock owners, should they ever want to sell their lift, the resale value for these hoists is good. There is an eager market of boaters waiting for a HydroPort to come on the market.

Check it out for yourself and see how your PWC will look nestled securely on a HydroPort jet ski dock. They fit all the newest personal watercraft models!You may be wondering; where can you find a Hydroport jet ski dock for sale? You can start your research at the manufacturer’s official website!


The JETSLIDE from CanDock is a little different from some of the other boat or jet ski lifts. It’s unique patented dry dock system protects your watercraft’s outer hull from wear and tear, and also from the accumulation of vegetation. The JETSLIDE also offers a product that is low maintenance and easy to use.

It’s easy to assemble, very flexible, and is compatible with different types of watercraft. It can be used for jet skis or as a boat dock.

The JETSLIDE floating jet ski dock is designed to evenly distribute the watercraft’s weight, preventing excess pressure on the hull and has wide walkways so you can access all points of the watercraft.

The JETSLIDE features a lightweight frame with no moving parts to assemble. It has a foam-filled interior, and will remain afloat, even in choppy waters.


As you can see, there are several good drive-on floating jet ski dock manufacturers to choose from.

Many of these jet ski docks seems quite similar at first glance, all of them have their own advantages and disadvantages. So it’s recommended to do your research before you make your final decision.

Most of the models can be assembled from several different components so you can build a smaller double floating jet ski dock, or even a larger custom dock based on your needs.

Additionally, there are many other ways to store your jet ski, e.g. on a jet ski lift, or even on your boat. It’s also always wise to plan ahead for storage before you purchase your new jet ski.If you haven’t any experience in jet skiing you can make a good start in some PWC rental services, as they are available nationwide!________Related Articles:The Top 10 Jet Ski Lift Systems on The MarketJet Ski Storage Ideas: Discover the 5 Best Solutions!8 Simple Ways to Store a Jet Ski on a Boat