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The 10 Best Jet Ski Lift Systems On the Market [Video]

The 10 Best Jet Ski Lift Systems On the Market [Video]

Jet ski lift systems are more popular than ever with riders looking at jet ski storage options.

If you recently bought a new jet ski you need a way to store it that protects it from the water and other weather elements. Luckily, you have many different options for storage a jet ski but the easiest ways are still using jet ski lifts and drive-on floating jet ski dock systems.

These options offer the best solution when it comes to launching or storing a jet ski.

Now we’ll take a look at the best manual and electric jet ski lifts on the market!

The Main Types of Jet Ski Lifts

The main advantage of jet ski lifts is that they keep your jet ski out of the water when not in use. Prolonged exposure to water can do a lot of damage to the jet ski, enhancing the need for repairs. The jet ski lift does just this, protecting your craft from damage!

Interestingly, some models rotate in a 360 degree, meaning that you can maneuver and store your jet ski directly over your dock. This design makes cleaning, fueling, and maintenance easier and offers more protection for your jet ski. High waves and water splashes won’t damage your craft at all.

A jet ski lift has two main different models, connected and free-standing. It can be connected to a dock like a boat lift or on its own. Keep in mind the curb weight of your watercraft to avoid a jet ski lift accident!

Did you know that you can find jet ski lifts with varying size and weight capacities, and some will even hold 2 jet skis (called dual jet ski lifts as well)? For added protection from the sun, there is a possibility to add a jet ski lift canopy to keep the paint and seat from cracking and fading.

The lifts also have a locking mechanism which makes them safer and worry-free.

Lifting and launching is performed with either a hydraulic lift or a hand-cranked wheel. You can easily lower your jet ski anytime you want to go for a ride. Upon returning just place your jets ski on the bunks and lift it using the winch. Easy and hassle-free launching!

Unfortunately, this kind of revolutionary technology for jet ski lifts does not come cheap. If you would like to add jet ski storage equipment it’s wise to add this cost into your budget ahead of time. Additionally, they do require more maintenance than floating jet ski docks.The wide variety of the different types of jet ski lifts, docks and mounts can be confusing, especially if you’re a beginner.

For your convenience in the table below, we’ve collected information and reviewed the available data about jet ski lifts and other storage devices!

If you want to store your jet ski close to the water, you can currently choose from these solutions:

Type of StorageFree Standing
Fixed Mount LiftsNo
Cantilever LiftsYes
Vertical LiftsYes
Floating DockYes
Shore MountsNo
Boat Platform MountsNo
DIY Jet Ski DocksNo
Let’s check these systems one by one!

Fixed-Mount Jet Ski Lifts

The fixed-mount jet ski lifts are probably the most popular models on the market. You can mount them to a dock or a seawall securely, which means you can start your jet ski from these lifts easily. The best models can be rotated 180 degrees over the dock. This feature has many advantages as it offers a more protected place for your jet ski above the dock.  

Additionally, you can fuel and maintain the jet ski much easier, and putting on the cover also means much less hassle.

With these fixed-mount jet ski lifts, you can lower and raise your jet ski with a manual or an electric winch depending on the model.


First, you’ll need a heavy-duty dock as jet skis and lifts can be quite heavy, which can overload small docks easily. Moreover, unlike the drive-on docks, fixed-mount jet ski lifts require regular maintenance, especially the electric models.

Freestanding Jet Ski Lifts

There are two main types of freestanding jet ski lifts, the vertical freestanding and the cantilever jet ski lifts. As their names imply, both models can stand on their own. You can easily place them near your dock if it doesn’t have enough capacity to install a fixed- mount lift.

But these freestanding jet ski lifts can come in handy, especially if there is no dock at all nearby, as it’s not a good idea to store your jet ski in the water in the long run!

Keep in mind that if your freestanding jet ski lift is in the middle of the water instead of near the dock, it means you’ll get wet each time before your rides!

Let’s take a closer look at the different designs (cantilever vs. freestanding lifts), but you can also see the differences in this video:

Vertical Freestanding Jet Ski Lift

With a vertical freestanding jet ski lift, you can lift your jet ski vertically. This model’s main advantage is that you can store the jet ski higher above the water’s surface compared to cantilever lifts. So if there are bigger waves in your area, you can’t go wrong with this type of lift.

On the other hand, these vertical jet ski lifts have a main drawback, namely the cables on which the jet ski hangs.

Simply said, you can raise your jet ski with a bunch of cables, but this method can go wrong in many ways, so they need attention and maintenance. What’s more, keep safety in mind, and be prepared to replace the cables every few years

Cantilever Jet Ski Lifts

Unlike vertical lifts, a cantilever jet ski lift raises your jet ski with a metal frame which connects to the main frame with hinges. Thanks to its simple design, you can pull your jet ski out of the water with one cable and some pulleys!  

This means a cantilever jet ski lift is much more durable and requires less maintenance.

Electric Jet Ski Lifts vs. Manual Lifts

When it comes to purchasing a jet ski lift, one of the main factors you have to consider is whether you want a manual or an electric jet ski lift. Manual jet ski lifts are usually operated with a winch or a large wheel. This means lifting your jet ski needs some physical effort, as you have to spin the wheel or operate the winch by hand.

But don’t worry, jet skis weigh less than boats which usually means most of the adults can operate manual jet ski lifts easily. But there’s no question that electric jet ski lifts are much more convenient. You can launch or raise your jet ski with a push of a button.

Surprisingly, manual jet ski lifts are not significantly cheaper compared to the electric models. That’s why these models are so popular!

Electric jet ski lifts come with 12-volt or 110-volt motors depending on the model. The 12-volt lifts feature batteries, of course, which can be charged even with a solar charger.

The main drawbacks of the electric jet ski lifts are that more maintenance is needed, and there is some risk of people stealing some of its parts.

Other Jet Ski Lift Alternatives

If you want to keep your jet ski close to the water instead of trailering around, beyond traditional jet ski lifts, here are some alternatives you can consider:Drive-on Jet Ski Docks: Drive-on floating jet ski docks are probably the most convenient devices to store a jet ski on the water. No moving parts, winches, motors, and you can drive the jet ski onto the dock directly from the water!

DIY Jet Ski Docks: Beyond factory-made docks, DIY jet ski docks are increasingly popular. If you have some skills and like building things, you can consider building your own jet ski dock.

Shore Mounts: Jet ski shore mounts are also a cheap and popular way to store a jet ski out of the water.

Boat Swim Platform: If you have a boat or a houseboat, why don’t you store your jet ski on the swim platform? If you don’t have a boat, you can consider buying one. As they say, this is one of the most stylish ways to store a jet ski!

How Much Do Jet Ski Lifts Cost?

How much is a jet ski lift? Single jet ski lifts cost from $1,000 to $2,500, while double jet ski lifts cost around $2,000-$3,500. The prices depend on the material, quality, and features. Surprisingly, the electric jet ski lifts are not significantly cheaper compared to the manual jet ski lifts.

The material also affects the prices; the cheapest jet ski lifts are made of steel, but they are prone to rust. The stainless steel jet ski lifts are always a better choice while the best jet ski lifts are made of durable aluminum.

In the following, we will review the 10 most popular jet ski lift manufacturers on the market.

The 10 Best Jet Ski Lifts on the Market

Shoremaster Jet Ski Lift Solutions

ShoreMaster is the king of aluminum boat and jet ski lifts.

They have perfected the design to offer superior reliability, stability and performance from season to season.

ShoreMaster Lifts have welded construction and the highest-quality components that make them one of the most trusted boat and jet ski lifts in the industry today. They are easy to install and just as easy to operate.

Their signature double v-side design provides access to your jet ski anytime, and the optional Whisper Winch operates really smooth and quiet. The whole operation literally takes minutes from lift to launch!

Mr. Lifter Jet Ski Lift

Mr. Lifter Jet Ski Lift rotates 360 degrees offering convenient and safe storage of your personal watercraft.

The advantages of storing your watercraft over the top of your dock are preventing chipping and flaking of the hull from exposure to water, being able to store it out of the way, and the ability to launch and dock with ease.

Cleaning is a breeze and you can cover it or leave it uncovered if you choose.

The Mr. Lifter comes ready-to-assemble with everything you need for a professional and flawless installation. The UHMW (ultra high molecular weight) polyethylene bearings provide effortless operation and are whisper quiet. The wood jet ski lift bunks are pressure treated and can be adjusted to fit a variety of watercraft sizes.

You can choose a manual clutch/brake winch or one with an electric winch. Electric jet ski lifts are always the best choice if you’re looking for a more effortless launching solution.

Get more for your money with this adjustable, rotating jet ski lift. It’s the strongest lift on the market and comes at an affordable price, sometimes less than competitors. The Mr. Lifter™ has been in the industry for 20+ years.

The galvanized metal frame of the jet ski lift can hold more weight than other comparable aluminum models. The latest upgraded model has been recently designed for the newest jet skis!

ShoreStation Jet Ski Lift

ShoreStation Jet Ski lift is built strong for dependable use. The ShoreStation Power Winch is considered to be one of the best PWC lifts on the market.

The Power Winch is operated by keyless remote similar to a keyfob and makes getting on and off the water fast and easy. Fits a variety of jet ski models, and lets you spend more time enjoying your ride on the water.

The Hydraulic jet ski lift supports weights of up to 1,500 lbs. It is one of the safest and dependable lifts on the market. ShoreStation PWC Lifts make launching and docking a breeze!

Golden Boat PWC Lifts

Golden Boat Lifts is committed to supplying Boat and PWC Lifts that are safe and dependable.

The founder of Golden Boat Lifts, Bill Golden, is a long time boating veteran whose motto is “When It’s Done Right, It’s Golden!”  That pretty much describes the company’s work ethic.

Bill wanted to carry on that tradition of quality craftsmanship and a safe, dependable product that he could be proud of. Golden Boat Lifts uses modern methods, technology, and highly-skilled technicians to create their masterpiece of technology. Their Lifts are welded because they believe that a welded aluminum body and frame is far superior to a bolted one.

This is the same technology used in manufacturing some of the best quality vehicles in production. They have over 30 years of experience and knowledge of boats and PWC lifts to produce one of the finest lift in the world.

360 Boat Lifts

Safe Haven boat lifts offer 3 different options that make jet ski launching easy and stress-free.

Their jet ski lift designs are safe and simple to use with minimal effort. Safe Haven strives to make things as convenient for you as possible so you can spend more time enjoying the ride. They maintain high-quality standards, and manufacture personal watercraft lifts that are low maintenance and Eco-friendly.

These jet ski lifts help protect the hull of your watercraft from the damage due to algae growth from sitting too long in the water. Being above the water also keeps metal from corroding due to saltwater exposure.

Why Do You Need a Jet Ski Lift? During off-season times the water can get choppy and damage can occur from flying debris or being bumped up against the dock. During high-tide or unstable water levels, a jet ski lift also protects the craft from hitting the dock in a storm. Holes, cracks, and leaks can be expensive to repair!

The Jet Ski engine and pump is often one part that is overlooked when thinking of storage and protection options. These lifts minimize the deterioration that can occur, increasing the lifespan of the craft by 75-80%.

The company also offer drive-on floating jet ski lift docks as well!

Boat Lift US

Boat Lift U.S. Inc. boat and jet ski lifts are crafted with the highest-quality stainless steel and 6061-T6 aluminum for maximum strength and long-lasting durability. Boat Lift U.S. is also known for its revolutionary no-weld boat lift that eliminates weak points left from welding.

These unique cradle-style boat lifts have become the standard of quality. They come in flat-plate and Gearbox™ styles with a 4-, 6-, and 8-piling design. The enclosed motors, no-weld aluminum construction, all-aluminum bearings, and machine-grooved cable winder are all marks of their high-quality construction and technology. The cables wind easily and without tangling or twisting.  All moving parts are smooth and make no noise at all.

Need one delivered to your location? They can put a Boat Lift U.S. lift in your boat house that is compatible with watercrafts of different sizes. They offer uncompromised quality with a full range of products. Your satisfaction is guaranteed.

Ask about the Up-N-Over® jet ski lifts.  This lift enables smaller crafts to be lifted up and out of the water and rotated over the dock for convenience and easier maintenance.

These jet ski lifts are made of heavy-duty stainless steel and aluminum construction, and can be used for standard or custom designs.

Imm Quality Jet Ski Lifts

Imm Boat Lifts and Quality Boat Lifts were two of the country’s premier boat and PWC lift brands. The two companies merged in 2008 to create the world’s one of the largest and leading boat and PWC lifts manufacturer.

This company manufactures their products at a state-of-the-art facility in Fort Myers, Florida. Imm Quality is a family-owned and operated company run by 3 generations of craftsman. They have skilled technicians and engineers who create their boat lifts and are responsible for the reputation of excellence the company maintains.

These boat lifts offer convenience, safety, and protection for your PWC for years of trouble-free maintenance.

This company makes products that are long-lasting, dependable, easy to use and visually appealing. They use only the very best materials and latest proven techniques in the industry.

3 Models of IMM Quality PWC lifts to choose from:

  • The PWC 1,500 swivel lift rotates over your dock for storage and is perfect for one jet ski.
  • The larger PWC 3,000 lift can manage jet skis, small jet boats, and small skiffs with no problem.
  • The 4,500 Dual PWC lift is an elevator lift with dual jet ski lift bunks to hold a pair of PWCs. This lift features an 8 foot long access plank for walking between crafts.
Both PWC 3,000 and 4,500 models are available in both incline and vertical models. They also have full I-beam tracks which are recommended in areas where high levels of electrolysis are likely to occur.

Deco Boat PWC Lifts

DECO Boat Lifts is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of high-performance boat and jet ski lift systems.

They offer a large inventory of products crafted from the highest quality, durable materials. There are three standard boat lifts available– the entry-level Maxi, signature DECO and top-of-the-line Concept CRS.

These options make it possible to offer products to suit the budget of any boater and rider. These options feature lifts in beamless, traditional four-eight piling beam, elevator, and box-beam configurations.

You’re sure to find something that fits your needs as well as your wallet.

The company began manufacturing boat lifts in 1959, and developed a few proprietary technologies that allow these boat lifts to outperform their competitors.

One innovation is the gearbox system, in which they utilize a unique blend of lubricants for the gears and components to keep them moving smoothly.

This solution is self-locking for the ultimate in PWC lift safety and will keep your jet ski hoist whisper quiet for night docking and early morning launches. The patented Cable Retention System (CRS), which comes on all Concept lifts and creates a perfect wrap every time and extends the life of the cables.

Ultimate Boat Lifts

Ultimate Boat Lifts is a boat and jet ski lift manufacturer located in Littleton, NC.

They offer an extensive boat lifts and offer full-service installation. For convenience, most of their lifts can be purchased on-line. Due to the weight limitations in shipping, each order is calculated separately.

Ultimate Boat Lifts can also build lifts for special accommodations if pre-manufactured ones are not available. Both galvanized and aluminum boat lifts are available and in stock!

Lunmar Boat and PWC Lifts

Lunmar Inc. founded in 1993 by Mark Lundy as a marine service company, servicing all types of vessels. As their business began to grow and expand, they branched out into designing and manufacturing custom boat lifts.

There was such an unexpected demand for their boat and jet ski lifts, that it forced Lunmar to split into two parts. In 1995, they became Lunmar Yacht Service and Lunmar Boat Lifts.

Lunmar Boat Lifts has been in its current manufacturing plant since 1999, and has been producing high-quality; affordable boat and jet ski lifts and they have an incredible service department with the best technicians.

The company ships their boat and PWC lifts to every corner of the world!

FAQs About Jet Ski Lifts

Can you lift a jet ski?

Yes, you can lift a jet ski with a jet ski lift, crane, ceiling winch, or other devices within their capacities. There are many different jet ski lifting devices on the market to choose from based on your needs and your jet ski’s weight.

What is a PWC lift?

A PWC lift (known as a jet ski lift) is a special lift designed to make launching and retrieving a jet ski easier. Jet ski lifts arrives with different designs and capacities based on your needs. The most common types are the freestanding and the fixed mount jet ski lifts, but the floating jet ski docks also become more and more popular.

How do you install a jet ski lift?

You can install a jet ski lift by yourself, but some lift manufacturers offer installation services. Fixed-mount jet ski lifts should be secured to a dock or a seawall, while freestanding jet ski docks can be installed anywhere until the water depth meets the requirements.

Can you put a jet ski on a boat lift?

Yes, you can put a jet ski on a boat lift within its capacity. As boat lifts have generally greater capacities, you can store a jet ski on many boat lifts. Just make sure the jet ski sits properly on the bunks and again, check the lift’s weight capacity!

Why do people use jet ski lifts?

People prefer jet ski lifts as they offer a quick and convenient way to launch a jet ski. Trailering jet skis around, waiting and launching your jet ski at the boat ramps is always a hassle and means more risks to your ski, the towing vehicle and for others as well.

How much does a jet ski lift weigh?

Single jet ski lifts weigh around 100-300 pounds, while the double jet ski lifts weigh from 200 to 400 pounds depending on the make and the model. Aluminum jet ski lifts are not just more durable, but they’re also the lightest jet ski lifts on the market.

How much weight can a jet ski lift hold?

Speaking of capacities, single jet ski lifts can hold around 800-1,500 pounds, while double jet ski lifts can hold from 1,500 to 4,000 pounds depending on the model.


If you have a unique situation, there are several good manual or electric jet ski lift solutions to fit your needs and budget. If you are interested, you can find many used jet ski lifts for sale at Craigslist or even Ebay. (Or even jet ski lift parts if needed)

No matter how great they all sound, each one has its own advantages and disadvantages. You should thoroughly research any product you are considering buying. Get all the information you can before you make your final decision.

Besides single or dual jet ski lifts, there are many other ways to store your PWC, e.g. on a floating “drive on” dock, or even on your boat.It’s also a good idea to plan where you will service and store your watercraft before purchasing your new jet ski.If you have never been jet skiing before but are thinking about trying it, you can get some riding experience from jet ski rental services!