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Investing in a jet ski stand is always a good idea, as it can save space in your garage and can allow you to move your jet ski around much easier.

But moving the jet ski from the trailer to the stand is always a pain… unless you know how to properly do it!

We, at JetDrift, have done the research for you and compiled the most convenient solutions and the best equipment for this purpose.

Without further ado, let’s see how you can effortlessly move your jet ski to the stand!

How to Move a Jet Ski from a Trailer to a Stand

There are three different ways to move a jet ski from the trailer to a stand. The easiest method is to simply pull the jet ski over onto it by hand, but honestly this takes some physical effort! If you are looking for a more convenient solution, you can consider investing in a winch, hoist or even a crane.

Let’s take a closer look at each of these methods separately, since each has its advantages and disadvantages!

Moving the Jet Ski to the Stand by Hand

The simplest way to move your jet ski to the stand is to grab it and pull it by hand onto the stand.

Is it that simple? The answer is yes and no, as there are a few things you need to pay attention to. Here is a short step-by-step guide on how to move a jet ski from the trailer by yourself:

1. Make sure the trailer is securely locked to the tow vehicle, otherwise it could tip or move, which could be very dangerous!

2. If you drive the rear wheels of the tow vehicle onto small ramps it can lower the rear of the trailer, which can make the whole process easier.

3. As the second step, remove the tie-down straps and disconnect the winch strap from the jet ski.

4. Move the stand to the rear of the trailer, and make sure the bunks line up perfectly. The bunks on the stand should be at the same height (or slightly lower) than the trailer bunks.

5. Strap the stand tightly to the trailer frame with a tie-down. Otherwise, the stand would move away during the process.

6. Grab the rear side of the jet ski and carefully pull it onto the stand. Guard your waist while you lift and drag the ski.

7. Once you’ve pulled the jet ski over to the stand, make sure the hull is sitting on the bunks properly.

8. Disconnect the tie-down and move the stand with the jet ski on it away from the trailer.

You can see the whole process on this tutorial video:

If you find it too difficult to slide the jet ski onto the bunks by hand, here are some tricks that can help you with this:

Best practice is to make the bunks more slippery by spraying them with silicone spray. You can apply it on the trailer bunks as well as the bunks on the stand.

In most cases using silicone spray can make the bunks slippery enough to move the jet ski onto them very easily. This allows you to handle the whole process yourself much more easily!

Another trick is to replace the carpet on the bunks with plastic, which results in a more slippery surface.

If you still find it’s too difficult to move the ski alone, don’t hesitate to ask for help. If you get a friend or relative to help it will make the process much easier.


As a rule of thumb, the heavier the jet ski the harder it is to move it onto the stand.

While stand-ups and vintage 2-stroke jet skis can be pulled over very easily, moving a larger 4-stroke jet ski is more challenging.

If you move your jet ski from the trailer to the stand regularly, you can consider anchoring a winch to the back wall of your garage.

How to move a jet ski from a trailer to a stand

How to move a jet ski from a trailer to a stand

Using the winch allows you to effortlessly drag the jet ski from the trailer to the dolly.

Just make sure you follow the steps described above, but as the last step, you should attach two straps to the rear eyes of the jet ski and the winch hook to the other end of the straps.

Another trick is if you can’t install a winch in your garage, you can also attach it directly to the dolly. The main advantage of this solution is that the winch is completely portable so you can even handle the process on the driveway.

Here is another great DIY solution in this video below.

The structure is made of wood so it’s easy to build and it seems very strong as well:

Hoists and Cranes

Another solution for moving your jet ski from the trailer to a dolly is to lift it up with a ceiling hoist.

Although this may be another effortless solution, it’s much less popular since it can be dangerous in many ways.

The biggest concern is that as the jet ski hangs completely in the air, a sling slippage could end in serious damage.

If you can’t attach a hoist to the ceiling, a small crane might be a good alternative.

Although cranes are hard to store and aren’t among the cheapest jet ski accessories, they do a very good job when it comes to moving a jet ski.

Moving the Jet Ski from the Stand to the Trailer

As you can see, moving the jet ski from the trailer to the stand is always a hassle, especially if you have to do it by yourself.

But the good news is that going in the opposite direction is always much easier!

This is because you can load your jet ski from the stand to the trailer using the trailer winch!

Let’s see how to do this step-by-step:

  1. Make sure the trailer is secured to the tow vehicle.
  2. Move the cart into position and adjust the trailer bunks, the best practice is if they are slightly lower than the cart.
  3. You also have to lock the casters on the stand (if they are locking casters) or stabilize the stand by fixing the wheels some other way.
  4. Make the trailer bunks slippery by spraying them with silicone.
  5. Attach the trailer’s winch hook to the bow eye on the jet ski.
  6. Slowly move the jet ski from the stand onto the trailer by using the winch.


Owning a jet ski stand has many benefits but moving the jet ski from the trailer by yourself seems like a pain.

But the good news is that if you are doing it right it can be easier than you think!

Just spray down the bunks with some silicone to make them more slippery, lock the trailer to the tow vehicle securely, and strap the stand to the trailer frame with a tie-down.

Then, you can pull the jet ski onto the stand from the trailer just by hand!

If you are looking for mechanical help, best practice is to anchor a winch to the garage wall. This is a great help in moving the jet ski. Alternatively, you can build a wooden or metal frame for the winch, which can be mounted behind the stand.

Other lesser-known types of equipment are jet ski cranes or ceiling hoists.

But be careful, as while these can be also used for moving jet skis, they are less secure as there is always a risk of failure, which could end in damage or even injuries.

Beyond the stands there are many other ways of storing a jet ski, so don’t hesitate to discover them all!

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