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8 Best Jet Ski Beach Carts and Motorized Launchers [Video]

8 Best Jet Ski Beach Carts and Motorized Launchers [Video]

Without further ado, the 8 best jet ski beach cart and launcher manufacturers are as follows:

  1. Florida Sailcraft
  2. Aquacarts
  3. Factory Zero
  4. Wheeleez
  5. JetLift
  6. Fresh and Salty
  7. Beach Rover
  8. Beach Launcher
If you want to find out more about these manufacturers and their products, you’ve come to the right place.

We at JetDrift have information compiled on the best jet ski beach carts and launchers under one roof!

The 8 Best Jet Ski Beach Cart Manufacturers

1. Florida Sailcraft

Florida Sailcraft is one of the most well-known names in the marketplace.  According to the manufacturer, its first model was equipped with hard plastic wheels, but today they exclusively use 21” balloon tires. They currently offer no less than five different models, which are as follows:

  • Tiger Tote Jet Ski Dolly (2 wheels)
  • Bigfoot 2-Wheel Jet Ski Beach Dolly
  • Bigfoot 4-Wheel Jet Ski Beach Dolly
  • Ski Buggy Jet Ski Dolly (4 wheels)
  • Bigfoot 6-Wheel Jet Ski Beach Dolly
These high-quality carts are suitable for virtually any type of jet ski.

The most famous and most popular cart in the offering is arguably the affordable Tiger Tote Jet Ski Dolly. This model can carry both stand-up and smaller sit-down jet skis up to 550 pounds.

The weight capacities of the larger Bigfoot Jet Ski Beach Dollies range from 650 up to 1,500 pounds.

2. Aquacarts

U.S. based Aquacarts offers a wide range of jet ski beach dollies, including:

  • Beach Blaster (2-wheels)
  • 2-Play (2 wheels)
  • 4-Play (4 wheels)
  • 6-Pak (6 wheels)
  • Octo-Cart (8 wheels)
The Octo-Cart is one of the best heavy-duty jet ski beach dollies as it features a strong 2×4 boxed aluminum tube frame and 8 wheels!

However, it’s still easier to handle than a regular 6-wheel model, thanks to a shorter wheelbase and lighter footprint.

3. Factory Zero

The Japanese-based Factory Zero has been in the marine manufacturing industry since 1992. Their high-quality aluminum jet ski totes are commonly used by freestyle jet ski racers.

The key advantage of Factory Zero jet ski beach dollies is that certain models can be disassembled for easy transport.

4. Wheeleez Jet Ski Dollies

There’s no question that one of the biggest players in the jet ski beach cart market is Wheelez, Inc.The Asia-based manufacturer currently offers three different models for various jet ski sizes:

  • Wheeleez PWC Dolly 12 (2 wheels)
  • Wheeleez PWC Dolly 24 (4 wheels)
  • Wheeleez PWC Dolly 36 (6 wheels)
What’s more, these products are available worldwide through the company’s eCommerce website.

5. JetLift Jet Ski Totes

It’s safe to say that the JetLift jet ski tote stands out in a crowd, as it’s the only modular jet ski tote in the marketplace! You can transform this tote into a shop cart or even a beach jet ski stand, thanks to its versatile design.

What’s more, its patented adjustable rail and pinch block design allow you to match the support rails to your jet ski’s hull. You can also move the wheel axis longitudinally to balance the tote for more precise handling.

These carts are also equipped with telescoping handles, which can be retracted into the frame for easier storage. On top of that, they feature quick connectors that allow you to disassemble them for transport.


Mainly their lower weight capacity as the JetLift totes can only carry up to 700 pounds.

6. Fresh and Salty

Another popular jet ski beach cart brand is Fresh and Salty, and with good reason.

Their carts are not only built on heavy-duty aluminum square tubing frames, but they also come with outstanding DURO rims. These amazing and highly durable wheels give the totes a sophisticated look.

Therefore, it is no coincidence that Fresh and Salty was the official beach tote supplier of the 2021 Pro-Watercross!

7. Beach Rover

What is the main drawback of the traditional beach carts presented above? That you have to move them by hand or on a vehicle!

While 2-stroke stand-up jet skis can be moved relatively easily by hand, the larger sit-down skis typically require an ATV or another 4×4 vehicle to tow them. But what if there is no suitable vehicle nearby?

This is where Beach Rover beach launchers come into play. These self-propelled jet ski launchers are designed to launch and retrieve your jet ski without requiring any physical effort.

Beach Rovers are actually large arched frames on wheels that can lift and carry any jet ski up to 1,500 pounds. They feature a hydraulic drive system that can move the machine up even on sandy inclines up to 20%.

8. PWC-H Beachlauncher

The PWC-H Beach Launcher does the same job as the Beach Rover but in a completely different way. Instead of wheels, this machine runs on durable caterpillar tracks designed to handle any terrain with ease.

The bunks are fitted on top of the machine, which can accommodate two skis, just like a regular double PWC trailer. Powered by a Kohler 26.6 HP industrial engine, the device can simply drive into the water to launch the ski.

The PWC-H Beach Launcher is intended for waterfront homeowners who don’t want to invest in a dock. However, a floating jet ski dock or a jet ski lift could be far cheaper and more durable alternatives to these machines!

The key features of the PWC-H Beach Launcher include:

  • Capable of carrying and launching two jet skis
  • A combined payload of 3,000 lbs. (1,500 lbs. per jet ski)
  • Powered by a Kohler 26.6 HP industrial engine
  • Capable of riding up a 33% incline (hard surface)
  • Wireless remote control with a range of 600 feet
  • Hot-dipped galvanized coating on the metal parts


There are many reputable jet ski beach dolly manufacturers in the marketplace, but some of the best of these are arguably as follows:
  1. Florida Sailcraft
  2. Aquacarts
  3. Factory Zero
  4. Wheeleez
  5. JetLift
  6. Fresh and Salty
  7. Beach Rover
  8. Beach Launcher
The first six companies produce regular beach carts that can be moved around by hand or a 4×4 vehicle. They are affordable, durable, and virtually maintenance-free.

In contrast, the Beach Rover and Beach Launcher PWC beach launchers are self-propelled machines that do all the work for you! You can simply drive them into the water and launch your jet ski without any effort.