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How To Locate and Remove a Jet Ski Battery [Video Guide]

How To Locate and Remove a Jet Ski Battery [Video Guide]

There can be many reasons why you want to remove a jet ski battery. Maybe you just want to replace it, as jet ski batteries require regular replacement.

Another reason why a jet ski battery should be removed is if you want to charge it for some reason.

Contrary to popular belief, it is not recommended to charge the battery as long as it is in the jet ski! It’s because flammable fumes may accumulate in the hull, and in the worst case, these fumes can explode.

That’s why it’s imperative to learn how to charge a jet ski properly, as well as how to store it during the winter months. No matter why it should be taken out, you have to know how to remove a jet ski battery.

Where Is The Battery On a Jet Ski?

First things first, you need to know where the battery is on your jet ski. The battery location in a jet ski may vary depending on the model, but in most cases, you can find it in the engine compartment, under the seat. Sometimes the batteries can be found in the front of the jet ski or even underneath the swim platform.

The best practice is to remove the seat(s) first and look for the battery. If you can’t see it, you should check your owner’s manual.

If the battery in your jet ski is located in the front, it means you can reach it through the front storage. The battery usually can be found behind the “battery access panel” which is actually the plastic backside of the storage compartment.

Before you start to remove this panel, make sure to remove everything from the storage compartment.  You will have to remove some bolts/rivets and rubber ties which secure this panel.

Beyond the battery, you can usually find the fuse box here as well. Surprisingly, on some jet skis, the battery can be found under the swim platform!

Once you find the battery you can start to remove it.

How To Remove a Jet Ski Battery

If you want to remove the battery from your jet ski, the first and most important step is always to read your owner’s manual carefully.

The right process, as well as the tools you need, may vary from model to model, so never miss this step!

Here we’ve gathered the most common steps for your convenience, but again, always refer to the manual!

1. When it comes to removing a jet ski battery, it’s best to prepare everything carefully. You’ll probably need these items: a torch, rags, socket set with an extension bar, screwdriver, cable ties, and a chair or stool to stand on.

2. Once you’ve prepared and removed the access panels, you can start to remove the battery. First, you have to disconnect the cables from it. Remove the rubber caps, and start with disconnecting the negative cable (black). After this, you can continue with removing the positive (red) cable. Never reverse the order as it can damage your jet ski’s electronic parts!

3. If you have a regular battery, it probably features a vent pipe/breather hose which also needs to be disconnected. Note: the sealed AGM jet ski batteries don’t need this hose anymore.

4. The battery can be mounted in your jet ski in different ways. They are usually fixed by straps, but it’s not uncommon if they’re mounted in a special crate called the “battery holder” as well. In this case, you have to remove the whole bracket and not just the battery itself. When working, be careful as your back may be in an awkward position!

5. Remove the bolts with the socket; you’ll probably need an extension bar.

6. Once the battery is removed, you may want to check it for damage. If you see any, or the battery has a high self-discharge rate, you should consider buying a new one.

7. It’s always recommended you clean the battery tray as it may be dirty.

How to remove a jet ski battery? In summary, you have to locate the battery first, then prepare all the tools and equipment you’ill need. Disconnect the cables in the right order (negative first), then remove the bolts and straps from the battery. On some models, the battery is fixed in a battery holder that has to be removed with the battery.

Keep it Charged

If you don’t ride your jet ski regularly, the battery needs to be charged at least once a month or even more frequently depending on its condition.

If your battery needs to be charged, don’t hesitate to hook up a charger to it!  There are many good jet ski battery chargers on the market to choose from.

When it comes to winter storage, you may also want to know how to winterize your jet ski properly, and how to take care of the battery during the winter months.  It’s always worth paying attention to your battery, as improper storage/charging may result in malfunctions and shorter lifespans.  If you need a new battery, always stick to the sealed AGM jet ski batteries, as these models are more durable and maintenance-free.


As you can see, it’s not too hard to remove a jet ski battery, but as the first step, it’s always recommended you check the owner’s manual for the right steps.

The batteries on a jet ski can be found in many places, but the most common location is still the engine compartment under the seat. But on some models, it can be found in the front, or even under the swim platform.

Once you’ve got it, remove the cables carefully, and always disconnect the negative (black) cable first! Be careful when you remove it, as doing it wrong can damage the electronic parts.

The batteries are usually mounted with straps in the hull, but some can be found in a battery holder. These are special plastic brackets that accommodate the battery. You should remove this bracket from the hull, then you can remove your battery from it.

And finally, always remove the battery from your jet ski if you want to charge it! If it’s charged in the hull, flammable fumes may accumulate in the hull what can result in an explosion!

Moreover, the batteries also tend to explode if they’re overcharged. Although this happens rarely, there is always the chance that something can go wrong.

That’s why every manufacturer recommends removing the jet ski battery from the hull if it needs to be charged!

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