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Why You Should Read Your Jet Ski Owner’s Manual

Why You Should Read Your Jet Ski Owner’s Manual

If you purchase a new jet ski, the first thing you may want to do is take it on the water to get your adrenaline rush doing cool tricks.

However, if you’re a careful owner, you should read your owner’s manual first!  This small booklet may arrive under different names like Operator’s Guide, User’s Manual or even Operator’s Manual, depending on the manufacturer.

Are you wondering why this is important to read, and what you can find in it?

We, at JetDrift, have collected these answers for you in this post!

The Importance of the Jet Ski’s Owner’s Manual

There are some simple but really important reasons why you should read your jet ski owner’s manual before you take the ski on the water.

Your safety, your jet ski’s wellbeing, as well as the safety of others and their property, are the main reasons. Due to the high risks, every jet ski manufacturer strongly advises you to read this manual carefully and to follow the instructions every time to avoid accidents and damage!

These booklets are usually released in several different languages, so there’s no excuse to avoid reading it. It’s highly recommended you take the time and go over it carefully to get familiar with your new jet ski.

By doing this, you can expect a smoother and safer experience, and you can even save money in the long run.

If you’re new to jet skis, you may be interested in what these manuals contain in general. In the next part, we’ve highlighted the main points.

The Content of a Jet Ski Owner’s Manual

General Information

If you open your jet ski owner’s manual, it will probably start with some general information about the machine, explaining its parts and accessories so you can get familiar with it. Additionally, this part contains some information for newbie jet ski owners.

Even if you’re an experienced rider, it always wise to read this part, as you can find valuable info in it.

Specs and Operation

The main parts of the manual contain instructions and guides on how to operate your jet ski.

These chapter will guide you step-by-step to learn the controls like the handlebar, throttle, buttons and many other important functions.

If your jet ski is equipped with a braking system, this part will also explain in detail how to use it in the right way.

The gauges are usually explained very well in these parts, so never skip reading them carefully. Beyond the above, you can read some instuctions on how to flip the jet ski the right way if it’s capsized!

Moreover, the jet ski’s detailed specifications also can be found here.

Safety Information

The other important part of the manual is usually the safety information, and for good reason.

Riding a jet ski can be dangerous, so you can always find endless safety warnings in the manuals to avoid injuries.

Beyond this relevant chapter, you can find several black box warnings (short highlighed text) throughout the manuals. Always read and follow these important safety instuctions!

You can also find many warning message stickers on the outside as well as the inside of the jet ski’s hull with the most critical safety warnings. Don’t skip  reading them before you hit the water.

Safety Equipment

Many manuals include the necessary and recommended safety equipment you’ll need on the water, like life jackets, wetsuits, gloves and goggles, and many other important safety gear.

It’s good to know that the final list of the necessary safety equipment may differ from state to state, so don’t forget to check local laws before you gear up your jet ski!


Beyond the operation and safety instructions, the maintenance chapter is no less important.

This part usually contains the essential pre-ride checklist with the steps that you should look through before every ride.

If you overlook these steps, you risk that your jet ski won’t start on the water, can sink due to a missing drain plug, or in the worst case scenario, it can even explode!

Beyond this, the after-ride care is no less important to keep your jet ski in good shape.

When it comes to regular services and winterizing, your manual also gives model-specific instructions for you.  If you do these tasks by yourself, it’s recommended you read this whole chapter very carefully.

But even if you get these services done by your dealer or a repair shop, you also have to pay attention to the service intervals to avoid malfunctions and other issues!

Manufacturers also give you some tips for the fueling procedure which highlights the type of gas that your jet ski requires. Never use other types of fuel, as it may lead to malfunctions!

Transport and Storage

Beyond regular maintenance, it’s also important to store and trailer your jet ski properly; that’s why manufacturers advise you in these situations.

Let’s face it; all of these things seems easy at first glance, but there are many useful tips and tricks in the manuals, so it’s recommended you check this part carefully.


If you purchased a new jet ski, it’s highly recommended you read the owner’s manual first, before you hit the water.

You can find many useful instructions on how to operate, store and maintain your jet ski properly. Additionally, the manual clearly states the service intervals and winterization steps, as well as the pre-ride checklist and after-ride care.

The most important chapter is “Safety Instructions” with essential instructions and warnings on how to operate your jet ski safely.

Safety is always paramount on the water, so take the time to read your manual carefully.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact your dealer for further guidance!

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