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How to Remove and Charge a Sea-Doo Battery [Video]

How to Remove and Charge a Sea-Doo Battery [Video]

There could be many reasons why you’d like to remove the battery from your Sea-Doo. Sometimes it’s just dead and needs a careful charge and maintenance, but if it’s old it may need to be replaced.

Also don’t forget that you have to remove, store and maintain your Sea-Doo’s battery during the winter, as this is part of a thoughtful Sea-Doo winterization.Overlooked or improper maintenance often end with the purchase of a battery! That’s why you have to pay attention to it continuously, to keep it in good shape year-round!

Whatever the reason you want to remove a Sea-Doo battery, you have to locate it and perform the proper steps of the process to avoid damage to it or even the Sea-Doo’s electronics!

Where is The Battery in a Sea-Doo?

The Sea-Doo’s batteries are located in various places depending on the model. In older Sea-Doos, you can find the battery in the engine compartment, but in newer models, the battery is typically located behind the front storage or in a compartment underneath the swim platform. If you can’t locate the battery in your Sea-Doo, always refer to the owner’s manual!

As you can see, Sea-Doo batteries are usually well-hidden because of the limitation of space, and safety issues. It means the manufacturer wants to separate the battery from the engine compartment as this area usually gets wet during the rides, or when you clean your engine and the bilge after a ride.

As they say, water and electricity are not friends, so separating the battery from the engine compartment makes sense!  Finally, it means you may need to do some research to find the battery in your Sea-Doo. Once you find it, you probably want to know how to remove it properly.

How to Remove a Sea-Doo Battery

To remove a Sea-Doo battery, you have to locate your battery in the hull and remove the access panels first. Then disconnect the cables, always start with the negative (black) cable! Then screw off the bolts and remove the battery. If it’s mounted in a plastic cage (battery holder) you have to remove it with the battery.

For your convenience, we’ve collected some tutorial videos which may come in handy especially if you want to remove a Sea-Doo battery for the first time.

Remove a Sea-Doo Battery From The Bow

Remove a Sea-Doo Battery From the Stern

The Proper Steps to Remove a Sea-Doo Battery

If you want to remove the battery from a Sea-Doo, make sure to read the owner’s manual first. The process and the tools you will need may vary from one model to the next.

Into this post, we’ve gathered the general steps on how to remove a Sea-Doo battery, but for further guidance, always refer to the manual!

  1. First things first, prepare everything you may need.
  2. Locate the battery and remove the access panels.
  3. Remove the rubber caps and the diagnostic connector from the holder.
  4. Disconnect the negative cable (black) FIRST!
  5. Disconnect the positive (red) cable. Never confuse the order as it can damage the electronics!
  6. Disconnect the breather hose. (Regular Sea-Doo batteries features these hoses, but sealed AGM and gel batteries don’t need this.)
  7. The battery in most models is usually mounted in a Sea-Doo battery holder, which is basically a plastic crate around the battery. You have to remove this crate with the battery inside.
  8. After the battery is removed, remove the crate as well and check the battery for damage. If you can see any cracks or swells, you have to replace it immediately.
  9. It’s always recommended you clean the battery as well as the tray as they may be dirty.

How to Change a Sea-Doo Battery

To change a Sea-Doo battery you have to remove the current battery from the Sea-Doo properly. Then purchase a new battery.  It’s best if you stick to sealed AGM batteries, as these are considered the best PWC batteries on the market. Finally, install the new battery into its place and connect the cables to it.

While doing this, make sure you follow the right order with attaching the cables. When you remove the battery, always disconnect the negative (black) cable first, but when you install the new battery, you have to connect the positive (red) cable first!  Be careful, as confusing the order can lead to damage!

How to Charge a Sea-Doo Battery

If your battery is weak or even dead, you probably want to know how you can charge it properly.

How to charge a Sea-Doo battery? Contrary to popular belief, you have to remove the battery from the hull whenever it needs to be charged. Then store it in a cool and secure place where children or pets cannot access it. Finally, attach a charger to the battery, then plug the charger in.

It’s very important to remove the battery completely before you hook up the charger. It’s because flammable fumes may be formed and accumulate inside the Sea-Doo’s hull while the battery is being charged.  Ultimately, it may lead to an explosion!

How do you hook up a Sea-Doo battery? When you hook up the battery charger to a Sea-Doo battery, make sure that you attach the charger’s positive (red) cable first to the positive terminal, then attach the negative (black) cable to the battery’s negative terminal. As the final step, plug the charger in and set the charge rate, which should stay below 2 amps!

You can learn more about battery charging and maintenance here, but if you want to store your battery during the winter months, this guide may come in handy as well!

Also keep in mind that if you don’t ride your Sea-Doo regularly, you have to charge its battery regularly. It’s because just like other batteries, Sea-Doo batteries are also affected by self-discharging, which means it loses its capacity when the Sea-Doo is out of use.

Do Sea-Doos have alternators? Unlike cars, Sea-Doos don’t have alternators, so your battery won’t be fully charged during your rides. Sea-Doos have only stators that give a “maintenance charge” to the battery, but usually it’s not able to give a full charge.  The best practice is to check your battery’s condition weekly if you don’t hit the water.

The Best Sea-Doo Batteries

What Kind of Battery Does a Sea-Doo Use?

In general, Sea-Doos Use 12V batteries, but the required amperage depends on the model. The newer, bigger Sea-Doos usually use a YB30CL-B battery which provides 30 amps, while Sea-Doo Sparks require a YTX20L-BS (20-amp) battery. Speaking of the vintage Sea-Doos, they typically use YB16CL-B and YB16L-B batteries which provide 19 amps.  But for accurate information please always refer to your Sea-Doo’s manual.What Voltage is a Sea-Doo Battery?

Just like any other PWCs, Sea-Doos use 12V batteries as well which typically provide 19-30 amps depending on the model.

What is the Best Sea-Doo Battery?

The best Sea-Doo batteries are arguably the sealed AGM batteries. Unlike regular flooded acid models, the sealed AGM batteries are spill-proof, maintenance-free, and more durable. If you have a regular battery, it’s recommended to replace it for a DEKA or YUASA sealed AGM battery when the time comes.

How Much is a Sea-Doo Battery?

Sea-Doo batteries cost around $50-$150 depending on their capacity and type. Even if the standard flooded acid Sea-Doo batteries are cheaper, they are not recommended as they will cost you more in the long run. The best practice is to buy a good-quality, sealed AGM Sea-Doo battery!

How Long Does a Sea-Doo Battery Last?

A properly maintained Sea-Doo battery lasts around 4-5 years. It’s always wise to pay attention to your battery especially during the winter, as overlooked maintenance can radically shorten the battery’s life. Year after year, improper winterization is the leading reason why many Sea-Doo batteries need to be replaced prematurely!

Can You Jump Start a Sea-Doo With a Car?

No, it’s highly recommended not to jump start a Sea-Doo, as it can damage the battery, the Sea-Doo’s or even the car’s electronic parts. It’s also not safe to jump start a Sea-Doo from a portable jump starter pack!


Sea-Doo battery replacement is not rocket science, therefore, it can even be done at home. If you are considering doing it yourself, always refer to the owner’s manual, and follow the right steps.

When it comes to removing a Sea-Doo battery, you should locate it first. It can be tricky as the location of the battery may vary from one model to the next. The battery can be found in the engine compartment, the bow (behind the front storage) or even underneath the swim platform.

When you remove the battery, make sure to perform the steps in the correct order, as doing it wrong can damage the Sea-Doo’s electronics.  It’s also recommended to not leave the battery inside a Sea-Doo when it’s charged for safety reasons.

And don’t forget that you have to charge your battery regularly if you don’t ride your Sea-Doo regularly, as your battery is self-discharging while the Sea-Doo is out of use.

The best Sea-Doo battery chargers are the smart chargers with slow charging rates (max 2 amps)!

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