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The 3 Best Inflatable Jet Ski Designs [Video]

The 3 Best Inflatable Jet Ski Designs [Video]

It’s safe to say that there are three major inflatable jet ski designs in the marketplace. The most affordable models are simple inflatable pool toys, while their more advanced counterparts feature a small electric motor. Towable jet skis are a completely different breed since they are designed to be towed by a boat or a “real” jet ski.

If you want to find out more about the best inflatable jet skis, this post is for you.

We at JetDrift have compiled the best designs under one roof!

The 3 Best Inflatable Jet Ski Designs

1. Inflatable Jet Skis

Believe it or not, inflatable jet skis have been around for many years.

The simplest units are very basic jet ski-shaped pool toys designed for small kids. They are close relatives of inflatable pool mattresses and lounge chairs.

Due to their small and nimble attitude, they are primarily recommended for pools but can be used at the beach as well, but under proper supervision.

They are typically made from heavy-duty nylon and feature some grab handles.

Note that the majority of these toys are intended for small kids since their weight capacity is typically 70-100 pounds depending on the model.

In return, they only weigh 2-3 pound, which makes them very easy to handle and transport.

2. Motorized Inflatable Jet Skis

Motorized inflatable jet skis are more advanced configurations of their pool-toy-like siblings.

They feature a battery pack and a small electric motor with a propeller mounted on the bottom of the ski. This miniature propulsion system can be controlled by a standard handlebar.

Therefore, these electric jet ski toys can do real maneuvers like turns and move in reverse. But don’t worry, your kids won’t be able to do any freestyle tricks with them in the pool, since the top speed of these machines is only 2-3 mph.

The key advantage of these units is their simple design and easy operation. They can be assembled in 10-15 minutes without using any special tools.

On the other hand, they are significantly heavier than their non-motorized counterparts. You can expect the weight of these units to be anywhere from 30 to 60 pounds depending on their size and features.

As one may expected, the largest jet ski manufacturers grabbed the opportunity and added their names to some of these toys.

As an example, the inflatable WaveRunner is labeled the Yamaha Aqua Cruise. This battery-powered ski offers a top speed of 2 mph and a remarkable 40-minute running time with continuous use.

The manufacturer recommends this model for children 8 years or older while its load limit is a whopping 155 pounds.

Keeping safety in mind, it comes standard with a wide range of safety features including overheating protection, auto shut-off function, master switch lock, and a caged propeller.

Its worthy competitor is the Sea-Doo Aqua Mate, which comes with quite similar features.


Only the price tags, since these electric inflatable jet skis cost no less than $300-$400.

3. Towable Inflatable Jet Skis

Towable inflatable jet skis are basically towable tubes wrapped in a jet ski shape.

They can be towed behind a boat or standard jet ski, as long as it meets the legal requirements.

Some of the most well-known models in this class are the Airhead Xcelerateor and the Jetpilot Towable Runabout.

The former can carry two adults or three kids with ease. It comes standard with a quick connect system, six grab handles, and a patented Speed Safety Valve for quick deflating and inflating.


Most inflatable jet skis are simple pool toys that are designed for smaller kids.

However, older children go crazy with their battery-powered equivalents. These tiny machines are propelled by an electric motor mounted on the bottom of the hull.

In the past, there used to be larger inflatable jet skis for adults, but they were discontinued due to poor market interest.

Besides these pool toys, we also have to mention towable jet skis. These towable tubes are shaped like jet skis but are towed behind a motorized vessel.