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Are you wondering what kinds of tricks you can do on a sit-down jet ski? Although sit-down jet skis aren’t primarily designed for tricks, many of them have the potential for doing huge jumps, spins and even backflips!

If you want to know how to do these tricks, don’t hesitate to read more. We at JetDrift, have collected the best jet ski tricks videos available, as well as a guide on how to choose the best sit-down jet ski for tricks.

But before we jump more deeply into the topic, let’s look at what the potential risks are if you want to do tricks on a sit-down jet ski!

The Risks of Jet Ski Tricks and Jumps

Accidents and injuries: The main drawback to doing tricks on a jet ski is that even if you’re an experienced rider, a huge wave jump may end in a serious injuries or even death. If you ride aggressively or do tricks, the right protection is a must!

Damaging the jet ski: Beyond hurting yourself (or others), you can also damage your jet ski in many different ways. Contrary to popular belief, sit-down jet skis are not designed for huge jumps. The dynamic impact can damage the hull, or in the worst case, even cause the engine to shift (even a small shift could cause huge problems)! This damage can lead to serious mechanical problems or water leaking, which can end in costly repairs.

Disturbing others: Let’s face it; jet skis can be pretty loud, especially when they’re jumping over the water again and again. This noise pollution can be disturbing and annoying for others around you. To reduce these negative effects, try to do these tricks as far from others as possible!

The Best Sit Down Jet Skis for Tricks

Stand-up jet ski vs. sit-down jet ski debate

When it comes to doing tricks on a sit-down jet ski, many experienced riders say that the best trick you can do is to sell it and buy a stand-up jet ski. Of course, this funny advice is coming from stand-up enthusiasts, so it should be taken with a grain of salt!

Sit-down jet skis (especially today’s 3-seater models) are often considered “couches” due to their large size, convenient seats and lack of agility. It’s a fact that stand ups are designed for tricks, but on the other hand, they have their own limitations and disadvantages as well.

As we don’t want to go deeper into the stand-up jet ski vs. sit-down jet ski debate here, in this post we’ll stick to the sit-down models.

Selecting your sit-down jet ski

When it comes to sit-down jet ski tricks, the rule of thumb is that the lighter weight and smaller hull offer more opportunity and fun on the water. Unfortunately, jet skis became bigger and bigger over the years, so many of them seem like little boats now.

If you want to do tricks and are thinking about a new jet ski, you should look into the Rec-Lite category, as you can find the smallest and most agile models there.

The other way is to consider a vintage 2-stroke jet ski, as these models are much more lightweight and flexible due to their small dimensions. However, maintaining and servicing these old crafts could be a challenge, so don’t overlook this factor before you purchase.

And finally, many buyers are looking for sit-down jet skis, because they want to take passengers with them, ride for longer distances or even try new activities like jet ski fishing. Just be aware, that even the smallest sit-down jet skis have limited use for such activities! They’re somewhere between the big 3 seaters and the stand-up models!

So now, without further ado, let’s check the best tricks on sit-down jet skis!

The Best Jet Ski Tricks on Sit Downs

Accelerating and sharp turns

Jet skis are designed for high speed and great acceleration, which always means fun on the water! You can expect really aggressive acceleration on many jet skis, especially on the supercharged models.

Although high speeds and sharp turns are not the most spectacular stunts, these are easily available to every rider.

Wave jumping

Wave jumping is also big fun, so this is one of the most popular tricks on a sit-down jet ski. Even the biggest models can do it easily; what’s more, these are typically more stable on bigger waves.

Drawbacks? Huge jumps can be really dangerous for you, for your jet ski or even for others!


The donut is a simple jet ski trick that you can do even on the larger sit-down jet skis.

Basically, it means you’re spinning around in one place with your jet ski. But beware; this often leads to capsizing your jet ski!

Surfing with a jet ski

Because of its benefits, jet ski-assisted surfing is more common these days. This can be fun and thrilling for jet ski riders as well!

That’s why you can sometimes see jet ski riders who are surfing on waves just for fun on their jet skis. Although it’s more common for surfing with stand- up jet skis, it’s not impossible with a sit-down model, either. But be careful again; riding on bigger waves is not for beginners, as there are many risks involved!


Wheelies without wheels? Yes! Some models (like Sea-Doo Spark Trixx) are able to raise their nose really high, giving the same feeling as a wheelie on a motorcycle.

It’s a lesser-known fact that many vintage jet skis can do this trick as well, however you’ll need more practice on these models.

180 Spin
Due to their agility, you can do spins on the smaller jet skis with a little practice.

Doing a 180 spin on a jet ski is much easier and it’s achievable for most riders.

360 Spin

Doing a 360 spin on a jet ski is definitely not a beginner’s trick.

You see this trick on the water very rarely as it needs good skills and tons of practice. What’s more, it can be done exclusively on a really lightweight, old 2-stroke jet ski!

Backflips on a sit-down jet ski

Many jet ski enthusiasts are wondering if it’s possible to do a backflip on a sit-down jet ski or not. To dispel any doubts, we’ve dug deeper into Youtube to find the evidence:


Riding on more dangerous waters doing the trick “Superman” could be really dangerous. It’s highly recommended to avoid tricks like this!

Other stunts
Beyond the list above, there are some “non specified” tricks, but most of them could be really dangerous. These are typically stunts like riding while facing backward, and many others.

Keeping safety in mind, it’s best if you don’t do these tricks, as they may end in a really serious accident!


As you can see, there are several tricks that you can do on a sit-down jet ski. When you’re considering buying one, always focus on the weight and dimensions.

When it comes to sizes, the smaller and lighter hulls always promise more fun on the water. You can find these models in the Rec-Lite category, or you can try an old 2-stroke watercraft as well.

Beyond the fun, always be aware of the potential risks. Huge wave jumps can be especially dangerous for you and for jet skis as well!

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