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Jet Ski Motorcycle Hybrids – How To Build Your Own? [Video]

Jet Ski Motorcycle Hybrids – How To Build Your Own? [Video]

Jet ski motorcycle hybrids (also known as jet ski bike or “scootski”) are special vehicles that you won’t see every day on the streets.

But once you see one, you’ll never forget it! You may also have several questions about these creatures.

Just what are these hybrids exactly? Are they jet skis, or are they really motorcycles? Can they float on the water or can you use them just on the streets? And are they street legal?

If you want to learn more about jet ski bike hybrids, don’t hesitate to read more. If you fall in love with them  and decide to build your own, you can also rely on our step-by-step building guide!

What is a Jet Ski Motorcycle Hybrid?

Jet skis and street bikes are really close relatives. In fact, jet skis are considered the motorcycles of the water, and with good reason!

When you ride them, you sit on a saddle, and operate the machines with handlebars.

Even the feeling of the rides is very similar as both of them are designed to produce thrilling adrenalin rushes! You also need some exercise so you can keep your balance during the rides while your muscles get some training!Because of the similarities between these two machines, more people are starting to build their own jet ski bike hybrids (also known as jet ski motorcycles).

These vehicles are custom-made models, and they’re built from an empty jet ski hull that’s installed on the top of a smaller motorcycle or scooter.

Are you wondering how they operate and how much owners love them?

Without further ado, let’s see the most popular jet ski motorcycle hybrids!

Jet ski bike hybrid

The Most Famous Jet Ski Motorcycle Hybrids

The Scootski

One of the most popular jet ski bike, also known as “Scootski”, was developed by Nick Stemple.

As he said, he was inspired by one of his friends who had already owned a similar vehicle.

The Scootski was built based on a regular motorbike with a 250 cc four-stroke engine. So this hybrid is much better on gas (30-40 miles per gallon) compared to real jet skis, which can burn 20-25 gallon of gas in one hour!

What’s more, the Scootski is really fast as it can hit 70 mph on the road.  Surprisingly, it’s completely street legal! But its main advantage is still its unique design, as it gets tons of attention from amazed onlookers!

Nick is extremely happy with his new development, and doesn’t plan to ride anything else. He reports:“I love this thing! I’ve gotten rid of my other motorcycles. I ride this every single day…The first question I always get is ‘Does that thing float on water? And I always say, ‘No, there’s a huge hole at the bottom of it’.”

Another Jet Ski Bike From Florida

Another jet ski motorcycle has appeared recently in Florida. The owner says he was also inspired by other vehicles he saw on social media. Based on these examples, he decided to build his own vehicle, mixing a small scooter with a jet ski.

His hybrid got a ton of attention after this video went viral in social media:

A Competitor From Europe

Custom jet ski bike builders are appearing everywhere around the world, just like this Dutch guy who built his own jet ski motorcycle hybrid. He reports that he was driving his newly built jetski motorcycle after a friend finished it the previous Easter.

He said he built it because he woke up one day thinking about such a thing and decided it had to happen. Now that it’s done, he hasn’t yet decided what to do with it!

The Stand Up Jet Ski Bike

These jet ski motorcycles are super cool, there’s no question.  But are you wondering what could be even more impressive?

A stand up jet ski motorcycle hybrid! It’s hard to believe that these units really exist as well:

Can a Jet Ski Motorcycle Hit the Water?

It seems these vehicles run on the roads pretty well. But you may wondering, can the owners use these jet ski motorcycles the water?

The answer is unfortunately, no. The reason for this that there is a huge hole cut in these jet skis bottom around the wheels.

On the other hand, the jet ski’s original engine were completely removed to give place for the motorcycle inside the hull. It means even if it could float in the water, there would be nothing to propel it forward!

How Can You Build Your Own Jet Ski Bike?

If you want to own Jet Ski Bike, you probably want to know how can you build your own. Building this vehicle is not a rocket science, although if you haven’t any mechanical skills or the proper tools it’s not recommended to get started with this!

But if you have experience it could be great side project for you for the long winter months. For your convenience we’ve collected the most important steps:

  • Find a jet ski hull: First, you will need an empty jet ski hull, the best practice if you stick to the vintage 2 stroke sit down jet skis as theese models have really small hulls. Today’s jet ski hulls are too bulky what could be a pain in the traffic and also makes harder to put your feet on the ground. You can find empty jet ski hulls sometimes at E-bay or even Craigslist. Try to find the closest deal as delivery can be difficult and costly as well.

  • Get rid of the engine: To build a Jet Ski Bike, the best practice if you purchase just an empty jet ski hull if it’s possible. If you can’t find a hull for sale, try to buy one with a faulty engine. As you won’t need the engine it doesn’t make sense to buy a jet ski that still works. After the purchase, you have to remove the engine to give space for the bike.

  • Buy a bike/scooter: Beyond the jet ski, you will definitely need a motorcycle or scooter. You can choose from several models, but you have to stick to the smaller models. As you can find a bike much easier, we recommend to start with purchasing the jet ski hull. Once you get it, double check its dimensions and try to find a bike what fits into it perfectly!

  • Build your Jet Ski Bike: Once you have the jet ski and the bike as well you can start the building process. From the jet ski you have to remove the engine, and also get rid off everything else you find inside the hull included the gas tank, battery, bilge pump, wires, hoses and the handlebar. You also have to remove some parts from the motorcycle or scooter what won’t fit in the hull. These could be plastic body parts, mudguards, seat, and many other. Cut a hole into the bottom of the jet ski hull to get access for the wheels, than fix the hull to the motorbike’s frame properly. Make sure that it’s tight perfectly and you can steer the new vehicle properly. You can even install the motorcycle’s gauges into the place of the jet ski’s original gauges.

  • To stay safe and legal: It’s essential to make sure your new Jet Ski Motorcycle operates properly and you can ride it without any issues. Also, make sure that your vehicle is still street legal as the laws and regulations may vary from state to state (don’t mentioned other countries!). Depending on your location, you may have to add lights or other additions to your vehicle or even a revision would be needed to keep your Jet Ski Bike legal. Again, don’t forget to check the local rules and regulations upfront!

The Life With Your Jet Ski Motorcycle

Once you have your own jet ski motorcycle hybrid, you probably want to ride as much as you can. But be careful! Your jet ski motorcycle is much more bulky and heavy than the original bike was.

So it might be challenging to ride especially for the first time.

The best if you start with some practicing in an abandoned place before you go out into the traffic. Once you are ready to ride on the street, you can collect and enjoy the amazed glances!

See you on the water streets!