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Jet Ski For Sale Near Me: Find The Best and Closest Deals!

Jet Ski For Sale Near Me: Find The Best and Closest Deals!

Summer is right around the corner, and it’s time think about purchasing that jet ski that you’ve been wanting. If you have never bought one before you might be asking: “Where am I able to find deals on the best Jet Ski for sale near me?”Many buyers make the mistake of looking for “Yamaha jet ski for sale” or “Sea-Doo jet ski for sale” when shopping for a watercraft.

Why is this wrong? Because Jet Ski is the registered trademark of Kawasaki. Follow the link above to learn more about these manufacturers and the brand names they make.

If you’re searching for the most popular Jet Ski models, you can purchase from any number of Kawasaki Jet Ski dealerships.It’s good to know that Kawasaki isn’t the only manufacturer offering watercrafts. If you are interested in models from other manufacturers, check out the most popular Sea-Doo dealerships, or the best Yamaha WaveRunner Dealers.You can also compare several models of watercraft head by head, with our model browser and comparison tool.In this article we’ve listed the best sources where you can find used models if that is more your thing. Read the rest of the article to find out where to find them.

There are benefits and drawbacks to buying a new Jet Ski, and and we make the same pros and cons comparison for the used model purchases as well.

If you decide to buy a used model, don’t miss our used jet ski buyers guide.

Factors to Consider Before Buying a Jet Ski

A jet ski is a significant investment in years of fun and enjoyment for yourself and your family.

Before making a purchase there are several factors worth considering. We’ve listed a few important ones for you below.

Read this article before buying avoid the most common mistakes of buyers!

Based on the data supplied above, you may decide whether to buy a watercraft or not.

If you do decide to purchase one, you might be interested to know where to find a good Jet Ski for sale in your area.

Without further ado, here are our best recommendations for locating one!

Benefits of Choosing a Local Jet Ski Dealership

Convenience (saving time and money)

Probably the first, and most important, benefit for choosing the closest dealership is that you can save a a lot of time and money on travel expenses.

As we all know time is money, and it’s very precious these days with everything we have to do on any given day.

You just cannot afford to spend several hours or days running around to every dealer offering a sale, no matter how attractive the offer.

Service and Maintenance

Buying from a local Jet Ski dealership also helps create good relations with the staff and service technicians.

This is very benefical for you as probably they will be the ones providing your repair services and other things in the future.

Don’t forget that you will have to make yearly trips to the dealership for required maintenance and upgrades. This is perfect if you live close by, but not so good if it’s two states away from your home.

It’s a good idea to get your accessories and maintenance service at the dealership where you purchased your Jet Ski.

They may not have the lowest prices, but in case any warranty work is needed, having a good relationship with your dealer can net you some good perks that you might not get elsewhere.

Easier Delivery and Test Drives

Having a dealership close by means that delivery of your new Jet Ski will be quicker and easier.

It also means that test drives will be more available than going somewhere further away. Try out the latest model you’ve been dreaming of just miles from your house.

Taking one home is even easier than having it delivered, saving you delivery fees, if you live close to the dealer.

Supporting Your Community

When you buy local you give your support to your community including the small business owners in the are. Jet Ski dealerships are usually small businesses that are also part of that local community.

You can support your community by choosing an area dealership to to do business with!

Where to find a new Jet Ski for sale

If you are looking for some popular Kawasaki Jet Ski dealers we’ve done the research for you and collected them here, all in one place. New Jet Ski models are available from many top-quality dealerships nationwide.

Check the different offers available for good deals in dealerships which are a little farther from your home (in other states even).

Their prices may seem enticing at first glance, however, we recommend considering a local dealership first. There are several advantages a local dealership can offer that others cannot.

Benefits to buying a new jet ski

No one else has ridden it yet

One of the biggest advantages of buying a new jet ski over a pre-owned one, is that you will be the first person to ride it. While that may not matter to some people, it may be reason enough to choose new when it comes to making a purchase.

Another reason to buy new is that you can be sure that the Jet Ski you buy has no mechanical issues, accidents or other damage. This is one important factor many buyers consider when looking for a Jet Ski for sale.

Besides the important reasons, let’s face it; we all like shopping for new things. We get so excited bring it home and can hardly wait to show it off to everyone.

It makes us happy when we’ve had a bad day, and use shopping to buy gifts and celebrate events. Shopping and emotions are linked together.

Buying a Jet Ski is no different than shopping for other things. Just make sure to consider your budget before making a decision to buy!

Finance Rates are Lower

If you will be financing your watercraft, you can expect lower interest rates if you buy new.

That is because used vehicles and watercrafts usually finance at a higher rate, so if you choose to buy a new model your interest rate will be much lower.

It’s often better to check with your dealership first, as they can sometimes offer a discounted rate or special finance rates. Apply for all the programs you can to maximize your savings.

Latest technology and best features

New models have all the latest technology. It means they have the newest engines which means lower gas consumption and higher performance.

They are also equipped with the latest safety and convenience features as well as accessories.

A Larger Selection

When purchasing a new watercraft, you have a large selection of models to choose from. You can choose models based on size or price, whichever is most important to you.

You might even consider a PWC from other manufacturers like Sea-Doo, Yamaha or Krash.

Test driving a Jet Ski is also much easier easier, you can select the color and extra features you want, instead of being stuck with one type.

If they don’t have what you want in the showroom, your dealer can order it by special request.


Another advantage of buying a new Jet Ski is that they come with a warranty. This is a significant benefit because you won’t find a second hand Jet Ski for sale with a warranty!

A warranty offers peace of mind that everything is in good working order and if something goes wrong it will be fixed right away, and with no money out of pocket.

Make sure you factor in regular maintenance service into your operating budget!

Where to Find a Used Jet Ski for Sale

We’ve talked about the pros and cons, so if you are committed to shopping the second-hand market, and looking for a used Jet Ski for sale here are a few good sources to try. We at JetDrift have collected this list from the latest available sources:PWC Trader: When it comes to buying a used Jet Ski, Sea-Doo, or Waverunner, PWC Trader is one of the most popular and well-known sources. Beyond PWC trades, they have several other sites for ATV, motorcycle, or snowmobile advertising.

Boattrader: You wouldn’t know it from its name, beyond powerboats and sailboats you will also find several watercraft at Boattrader. Similar to Boattrader, you can find several types of boats, as well as Sea-Doos, Waverunners, and Jet Skis for sale here at You can find some informative articles as well beyond the advertisements.

Craigslist: Craigslist is a well-known site for buying and selling just about anything. They have a huge listing and you can narrow the results by search functions for city or zip code. Besides watercraft you can find trailers, accessories, equipment, and more.

Ebay: Last, but not least we guess we have Ebay. You may be surprised to know you can find several used PWCs for sale on eBay, so don’t forget to check here when doing your research!

Advantages of buying a used jet ski

Lower prices and negotiation

One main advantage of a used Jet Skis is the significantly lower purchase price. Besides a lower price, you also have more room for negotiations for a better deal.

This is especially true if it has any scratches or minor damage, which is common with used models. Sellers are more inclined to give you more off the sale price for cosmetic issues. These minor issues do not affect the usability of the watercraft but make a good starting point for bargaining.

Lower price depreciation

Unlike new models, used jet ski depreciation is usually much more moderate. If you buy an older model, it in the next few years you may be able to sell it for nearly the same sum you paid for it.

Beyond a certain age, the condition and engine hours count more than year of manufacture.

Lower insurance rates

Besides lower sale prices, can also expect to pay lower insurance rates as well with a used PWC.

Less Pressure on Perfectionism

Most of the PWC fans like to keep their craft in the best condition every time. But life happens and we just have to go with it. Getting a scratch on a brand new Jet Ski is frustrating, since you spend so much time keeping it in good shape.

With a used Jet Ski, there is much less pressure to being perfect. Services and maintenances are still important though, (even if it is used), it comes with owning a watercraft.

But in this case, perfection would not be as high of a priority.

Disadvantages of buying a used jet ski

Worn out

Used Jet Skis are…well, used. In a worst case scenario it may not have too much life left in it.

If you are able to ask the seller why is he/she getting rid of it? Did they upgrade to a newer model? Did their family outgrow it, or does it have issues with the engine or the supercharger? Is it a fixer upper?

These are questions you need to have answered before you make your final decision. If you have no knowledge or experience with watercrafts, then it’s best to have a shop or an  experienced mechanic check the craft out for you.

It’s good to know that many watercraft rental services change out their fleet every couple of years to keep their crafts in top shape.

It mans, many second-hand watercrafts being sold at dealerships come from rental services. These models usually get much more use in a short amount of time.

Service Costs

One disadvantage of buying a used Jet Ski is that it may not be in as good a shape as newer ones. Meaning the engine has a bit more wear and tear and may require servicing more often.

Reliability is key point of every vessel. You need to know that the engine will start when you need it to and not leave you stuck in open water. Longer trips can be troublesome in case of engine failure or breakdowns.

Once you get back to the shore, you still have to tow your watercraft to the service shop. Repair bills could be large as well, especially in case of the models with supercharged engines.

No Warranty

In most of the cases second-hand Jet Skis are sold without warranty, especially those bought from private sellers.


You may also have to compromise on color, features, and other specifics. It may take you longer to find one that meets the parameters of what you’re looking for.


The most important thing to remember is always do your research before you buy.

Beyond Kawasaki Jet Skis, if you are also interested in other manufacturers, don’t hesitate to discover the watercrafts from Sea-Doo, Yamaha or Krash!

Deciding to choose a new or a used model is up to the individual’s preference. There are pros and cons on each side so it really just depends on what you need in terms of a PWC.

Now you have some ideas for places to look for a new or used Jet Ski.

The next time someone asks: “Where to find Jet Ski for sale near me?” you’ll know what to tell them.

There are several models to choose from so you’re sure to find one that will fit your budget. And finally, timing of the purchase is also an important factor when deciding to buy a new or a used Jet Ski.

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