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5 Best Places to Attach a GoPro Mount on a Jet Ski [Video]

5 Best Places to Attach a GoPro Mount on a Jet Ski [Video]

Based on our research, the five best places to attach a GoPro mount on a jet ski are as follows:

  1. Top Deck
  2. OEM Mounting Hardware (e.g. RAM)
  3. Handlebars
  4. Helmet/Head Strap
  5. Life Jacket/Chest Mount
If you want to find out more about the best jet ski GoPro mounts, this post is for you.

We at JetDrift have compiled all you need to know under one roof!

How do You Mount a GoPro on a Jet Ski?

1. Top Deck

There’s no question that the best place to mount a GoPro on your jet ski would be the top deck.

There are many great spots where you can attach the camera on the deck with a suction cup mount, but you can also use one of the fittings as a mounting base.

What’s more, you can install a special jet ski GoPro mount on your ski, which is available for various models.

2. OEM Mounting Hardware

Certain jet skis come with universal mounting hardware to which you can attach various accessories like a GPS, a fishfinder, speakers, or even an action camera.

One of the most well-known is the RAM system on Yamaha WaveRunners.

On flagship models, the mount base can be attached to the cup holders, while other WaveRunners come with built-in attachment points in front of the handlebars.

3. Handlebars

It may seem strange at first glance, but a GoPro can also be attached to the handlebars on a jet ski.

You can use a suction cap mount, or a bicycle/motorcycle handlebar mount to attach the camera to the handlebars.

Just make sure before your first ride that the camera or its mounting hardware doesn’t pose any danger to you.

Note that a sudden deceleration can force you towards the handlebars, so don’t mount the camera in a spot where it could cause an accident.

4. Helmet/Head Strap

There are many reasons why wearing a helmet on a jet ski is a good idea. It can protect your head in an accident or keep it warm on chilly days.What’s more, you can attach various GoPro mounts to your jet ski helmet.

From the base side/top/front camera mounts to the 360-degree rotating swivel mounts, your options vary widely.

If you don’t want to invest in a helmet, you could also use a simple head strap.

5. Life Jacket/Chest Mount

Last but not least, you can attach a GoPro camera to your life jacket or a chest mount.

This way is probably the easiest and safest way to carry an action camera on a jet ski.

However, the resulting footage won’t be as smooth as it would be if you had used any of the aforementioned solutions.


When it comes to attaching a camera to a jet ski, best practice is to mount it to the top deck.

For this purpose, you can use suction cup mounts, special PWC camera mounts, or even OEM mounting hardware like the Yamaha RAM system.

Your other options could be a helmet mount, head strap, or chest mount.

Keeping safety in mind, you should avoid hand grips and telescopic poles, since you need both hands to operate the ski properly.

As a last word, you should wrap your camera into a floating camera case to protect it from sinking!