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72 Best Jet Ski Accessories That You Should Have [Chart]

72 Best Jet Ski Accessories That You Should Have [Chart]

If you’re getting ready to buy a new jet ski, or even a used one, it’s important that you learn all about the different types of gear you may need out on the water.

While there are many jet ski accessories that are not absolutely essential, most of them you’ll find very useful to have on hand at all times.

However, some are extremely important and absolutely necessary, like safety equipment, which is needed to keep you safe and to meet certain legal requirements.

We at JetDrift have compiled the ultimate list of the best jet ski accessories available, which you can find below. We’ve provided detailed information on each, so that you can determine which ones will work best for you!

ALL of the accessories are listed on these charts, but if you want more information on a particular category, you can get that by reading these posts:– Safety AccessoriesStorage gearClothes and ProtectorsWatersports stuffJet Ski Fishing accessoriesOther gear fur funLife Jackets

The Beat Jet Ski Accessories for Safety

The following chart includes a list of the most commonly used safety gear on jet skis. If you want to learn more about these items, just keep reading. You’ll find out why they are so important and when you need to use them!

Jet Ski Safety Accessories
Registration number
ID card
Jet Ski Licence
Life jackets
Fire extinguisher
Air Horn/Whistle
Safety lanyard
Bilge pump/ Baler
Reboarding step
Knife, tools
Firts aid kits
VHF Radio,
Map, compass
GPS and Smartphone
Complete PWC Safety Kits
Safety must be your number one priority when you are out on the water, which is why we listed this category first. There are several jet ski safety accessories that not only keep you safe but are also required by law!

Because the U.S. Coast Guard considers personal watercraft to be Class A vessels, all the safety gear and equipment as well as the operational laws that apply to boats under 16 feet also apply to jet skis. So, before you launch, here are a few things you’ll need to keep in mind if you want to have a safe, legal and hassle-free day out on the water.

Note: The safety gear legally required on jet ski varies state-by-state. Do not forget to check the applicable laws in your state so that you can comply before you hit the water!

PWC Registration Before your first launch, you will definitely need to obtain a jet ski registration number because this is required in every state. Make sure you get this right away! There are specific requirements for properly placing the validation decal on your jet ski, so follow those instructions. Don’t forget that you must keep the certificate onboard at all times, so it is available if an enforcement officer asks to inspect it when the vessel is in operation.

Jet Ski LicenseA Boating Safety Card (jet ski license) is NOT required in every state, however you would certainly be wise to get one and keep it onboard. If you want to know how and where to obtain one, don’t miss our detailed guide on jet ski licenses.Jet Ski InsuranceEven if the law doesn’t require you to have insurance on your jet ski, it’s highly recommended that you get your jet ski insured. Make sure you keep a physical copy of your insurance policy on your jet ski as well.

ID CardIn addition to the above, some states require that you have some form of official identification with you while operating your jet ski. The best practice is to keep it in a dry box with other important documents.

Life JacketThe number one and most important jet ski accessory for safety is always a life jacket that is USCG approved. The best ones are made of neoprene because they are so comfortable. Remember, your passengers are required to wear a life jacket as well.

Jet ski Safety LanyardA Safety Lanyard is not only required by law, but it will turn off the jet ski engine should you fall off your seat. The best practice is to keep it connected to your life jacket. Air Horn or WhistleYou must also keep a sound-signaling device onboard. Most people attach a whistle to their life jacket, but an air horn works just as well.

Fire ExtinguisherThe U.S. Coast Guard requires boats to have at least one B-1 marine fire extinguisher onboard. However, this is one of the most frequently overlooked essential jet ski accessories. Why do you need to keep a fire extinguisher with you on the water? Surprisingly, you can use it to save lives and valuables as well. The hull and gas tank on a PWC are flammable, plus there are things that could cause your jet ski to explode!AnchorAn anchor may not seem like safety equipment, but you can make really good use of one in many situations, including emergencies. Jet ski anchors come in all different shapes and sizes, so get one that will best meet your particular needs.

PaddleDo you really need a paddle in a jet ski? Yes! It can really come in handy when your engine stops. This can by caused by a number of problems, like items being sucked up into your pump or simply running out of gas. However, the paddle would only be helpful if you are fairly close to the shoreline.

RopesMentioning ropes may seem a little boring, but you definitely need to have one on hand. A rope can come in handy while launching or docking your jet ski, although bungee dock lines are more commonly used. You can also use a rope if you or another rider needs to be towed back to the marina. There are other situations that can come up when a rope would be very useful as well.

Ladder/Reboarding StepMany of today’s PWCs come equipped with a reboarding step for convenience. They make it much easier to reboard if you fall off your seat or are in the water engaging in tow sports. If your jet ski doesn’t come with a reboarding step, you can always buy one separately, or choose from a variety of universal jet ski ladders.

First Aid KitWhen people get their jet ski safety accessories, they often overlook a first aid kit. However, in the event of an accident and someone is injured, it can help a lot. So, it’s important that you have one onboard.

FlashlightsIt’s nice to know that there are some states where you can legally ride a jet ski at night. So, if you are considering a nighttime jet ski ride, you must have a flashlight onboard with you. Even if you aren’t planning on going out on the water at night, it’s still smart to have one in your PWC safety kit. If your jet ski breaks down, you could get stuck on the water after dark. In this case you would need your flashlight for some light or to even flash SOS.

FlaresThere are a countless number of safety flares available on the market. They are usually pretty small and inexpensive, and they come in very handy in situations like those mentioned above. Furthermore, many states require a flashlight to be onboard for nighttime jet ski rides!

Tools and KnifeYou certainly won’t need a knife every day, but it won’t take up much room and there will be times when you will be glad to have one. You may need to cut a rope on occasion if your pump sucks up an anchor line or tow rope. In addition to a knife, you may want to consider keeping a small tool kit on hand as well.

Navigation & CommunicationIf you intend to go longer distances on your jet ski, like for fishing trips or jet ski tours, you should have a navigation device onboard. You can use your smartphone for this, but this would be the absolute minimum type of navigation gear for this purpose.

To ensure a higher level of safety, you should have a GPS device as well as a good VHS radio. You might also consider keeping a paper map and compass onboard in a waterproof bag. They won’t take up much space, and you never know when they will be needed.

Bilge PumpInstalling a bilge pump on your jet ski serves as a form of insurance. It’s likely that you would need very rarely, but when the occasion arises you will definitely need it. It will remove water from the hull, which means it can save your engine should your jet ski start sinking. Aside from that, it wouldn’t hurt to have a baler as well!

Complete Jet Ski Safety KitsAs you can see, there are various types of gear and accessories that you will need to comply with the law and to stay safe on your jet ski. It may not be easy to find all of these items separately. But the good news is that complete PWC safety kits are available on the market, which you can purchase at your convenience.

But again, DO NOT forget to check the applicable laws in your state, as the list of required accessories varies from state-to-state!

PWC Clothes and Protective Gear

With the best jet ski clothes and protective gear you can expect a much better experience because they provide you with more comfort, safety and protection on the water. Let’s check out what to wear on a jet ski!

Jet ski clothes
Wet suit / Dry Suit
Shoes / Boots
Goggles and Sunglasses
Rash Guards
Life Jackets
Dry Bags / Boxes
Wet Suits and Dry SuitsIn addition to a life jacket, which is essential, jet ski wet suits and dry suits are also commonly worn by PWC owners. They come in a variety of shapes and thicknesses depending on the need.

ShoesAside from gloves, you can choose from a number of great jet ski shoes and boots to keep you from slipping and injuring your feet. They will also keep your feet warm.

GlovesA pair of jet ski gloves are inexpensive, take up very little room and something you would really appreciate during long tours, if you do tricks and ride aggressively.

HelmetsThe truth is that very rarely are helmets used by recreational jet ski riders. But if you plan on racing or doing dangerous tricks like backflips or wave jumps, you must consider wearing a jet ski helmet for safety.Goggles and SunglassesA good pair of sunglasses or even specially designed jet ski goggles are definitely on our list of the best jet ski accessories. If you’re ever ridden your jet ski faster than “no-wake” speed, you probably soon realized how important they are for a good ride!

Other ClothingThere is also a wide range of other types of clothing you could consider as well, including rash guards, hats, caps, scarves, masks and many others. And don’t leave your sunscreen and towels at home!

Dry Bags and BoxesIt’s always best to keep your clothes and other gear dry while stored in your jet ski. In most cases the storage compartment is labeled “waterproof” by the manufacturer. But let’s face it, not all of them are! If you want to keep your stuff totally dry, you will need a dry bag or box.

Jet Ski Accessories for Fishing

Jet ski fishing is becoming more and more popular worldwide, and fishermen like taking as much gear with them as possible. At first glance it seems like it would be impossible to take all your fishing gear on a jet ski. But if you get the appropriate jet ski fishing accessories or even a specially designed fishing PWC, all things are possible!

Jet ski fishing accessories
Jet ski fishing racks/arches
Jet ski cooler
Fishing rod holders
Map, compass
Rescue board
Stabilizer kits (collars)
Baiting table
Canopy /Beach umbrella
Clothes/Sun protection
VHF Radio
Fishing gear
Jet Ski Fishing RacksYou will need jet ski fishing racks and rod holders if you plan on fishing from your PWC. You will also need coolers and extra fuel can racks if you want to make life easier with plenty of places to store your endless fishing gear!

Jet Ski CoolersIt’s not just fishermen who make good use of PWC coolers, all riders can keep their food and drink cool when they go out on the water. There is a wide variety of shapes and sizes to choose from, depending on your needs.

GPS/FishfinderA GPS is an important piece of safety equipment to have on a jet ski and the best models are a GPS/Fishfinder combination. Understandably, these are the most popular GPS devices among PWC fishing enthusiasts.

Rescue Boards and CargosIf you plan on fishing for something big, or want to carry extra gear, rescue boards may be your best solution. But there are also special types of “trailers” or “cargos” that you can pull behind your jet ski.

Stabilizer Kits and Boat AttachmentsIf you want to stabilize your PWC, or even turn it into a boat, there are several available solutions, from Dockitjet inflatable sponsons to Sealver jet ski boat attachments.Other Jet Ski Fishing AccessoriesIn addition to everything mentioned above, there are several very useful jet ski fishing accessories that can improve your fishing experience even more. These would be canopies or umbrellas, baiting tables and many other types of specialized fishing gear.

Watersport Accessories

There is no question that using jet skis for tow sports is becoming more and more popular. But before starting make sure that you’ve considered the pros and cons of using your jet ski for tow sports and have checked our step-by-step guide with all the basics.If you’re prepared in advance, all you will need is some special gear before hitting the water:
Jet Ski Watersports Accessories
Wakeboard Pylons / Tow eyes
Wakeboard racks
Wakeskates, wakeboards, skis
Tow ropes and handles
Clothes and protectors
Siker-Down flag
Impeller protector (shock tube)
Tube inflators/compressors
Booster Ball
Snorkeling kits
PWC Racing accessories
Towable DevicesWhen it comes to tow sports, there are several fun devices you can tow with your PWC. The most popular are wakeboards, wakeskates, water skis and tubes. Of all the jet ski accessories you could have, these watersport devices are easily the most fun!

Jet Ski Wakeboard Pylons and Wakeboard RacksFor a better towing experience, you can consider buying special jet ski wakeboard pylons and racks that are specially designed for jet skis.

Other Jet Ski Accessories for Tow SportsAside from everything discussed above, there are several more useful and important things you will need for tow sports, like ropes, handles, impeller protectors, booster balls, skier-down flags and mirrors, with many options to choose from.

Racing Gear If you plan on racing your PWC, aside from a helmet you will need other types of specialized equipment as well. Fortunately, you can choose from a wide range of options!

Jet Ski Accessories for Fun

Finally, the whole reason we’re on the water is to have fun, right? Beyond riding your PWC there are several other fun things to do on the water, or you can just enjoy your chill time more with the following gear:
Jet Ski Fun Accessories
Jet Ski speakers
Gopro cameras
Gopro mounts
Solar charger, Extra battery
Camping gear
Inflatable jet ski toys
Jet ski gifts
Watersport gear
SpeakersJet ski speakers and sound systems are the most popular upgrades on jet skis these days. Many models offer speakers as standard features, or you can have them installed as an addition. If factory speakers are not available for your model, don’t worry because there are other ways to have music on your jet ski! Jet Ski GoPro Cameras, Mounts and DronesCreating videos of jet ski rides that include the surroundings is also quite common and a lot of fun. You can choose from several good GoPro cameras, camera mounts and even drones!

SnorkelingSnorkeling is another fun activity that you can easily do on your riding trips. Just take a great snorkel set with you on your jet ski and you’re ready to dive into the sea whenever you like.

Camping GearHave you ever thought of going jet ski camping? It’s true, you can’t take as much gear with you as would fit on a boat. But these days a lot of camping gear and accessories are quite small and lightweight, so they can easily fit on your jet ski!

Inflatable Jet Ski Toys and GiftsYou probably wouldn’t keep this stuff on your jet ski, but there are several nice inflatable jet ski toys that are a lot of fun in a pool or at the beach. Kids go crazy for these things! Also, have I mentioned there are tons of jet ski gifts you can buy for your friends (or yourself)?

Jet Ski Storage Accessories

Jet ski storage is always a concern, as most people only use their jet ski for 30-50 hours a year, which leaves at least 8700 hours each year that your PWC will be in storage.

Because of this, it’s essential that you have the best jet ski storage accessories to keep your craft in good shape for the upcoming season!

Jet Ski Storage Accessories
Floating PWC docks
Jet ski Lifts
Jet ski stands and dolly
Trailer accessories
Hoist and Cranes
PWC Locks
Fenders and Bumpers
Dock lines
Shelves and racks
CoverWhen it comes to properly storing your jet ski, it all starts with putting on a good cover. A top-quality cover can protect your jet ski from the weather and other dangers, so it’s a “must have” accessory for every owner.

Floating Jet Ski Docks and LiftsIf you keep your jet ski stored in front of your lake house or in a marina, you might want to get a floating jet ski dock or jet ski lift. These units are very convenient because they allow you to launch your craft in just seconds!

Jet Ski Stands and DolliesIf you store your jet ski in your garage, you might want to keep it on a jet ski stand (jet ski dolly) to save garage space. To do this, you will probably need a hoist with slings, or perhaps a crane.

Jet Ski Trailer AccessoriesYou will very likely need a trailer for your jet ski so that you can transport it. Therefore, you are going to need some essential and very useful trailer accessories, like straps and trailer locks, as well as many others that you should consider.

Docking EquipmentIn order to dock your jet ski, you will definitely need some dock lines and bumpers/fenders. If you plan on leaving your jet ski on the dock for any length of time, you should consider getting jet ski locks and other safety gear as well.

Storage UnitsAs you can see, the list of jet ski accessories is quite long. You are going to need a lot of stuff and not all of it needs to be kept on your jet ski at all times. This means that you will need some shelves, racks and other storage units for storing all this gear in your garage.

Jet Ski Accessories for Maintenance

Finally, it’s never a lot of fun but when it comes to maintaining and winterizing your jet ski, you usually have two choices:If you do not know how to service your jet ski and/or do not have the proper tools, OR your jet ski is still covered by its warranty:It is highly recommended that you NOT try servicing your PWC by yourself and instead leave it to the professionals. Take your craft to your local dealership and have them do the regular yearly maintenance and winterizing.

On the other hand, if you have the experience and all the right tools you can consider doing the maintenance and service tasks yourself.

The steps for performing these services, along with the necessary parts and even the tools will vary from model to model. Because of this it would be difficult to compile all the information and fit it into one article, so you will need to do the necessary research.

If you plan on handling the maintenance and services yourself, the best practice is to always start by carefully reading your owner’s manual first!


As you can see, there seems to be an endless amount of jet ski accessories to choose from.

But the most important type of gear is always the safety equipment, which you need to stay safe and to comply with the law on the water.

The right clothes and protective gear like helmets provide you with safer and more comfortable rides, while proper storage accessories are necessary to keep your jet ski safe and secure while not in use.

If you are seeking ways to have more fun on the water, you can choose from an assortment of great jet ski fun accessories like speakers, tow sport accessories, tubes and jet ski fishing gear.If you’re wondering where to find all these jet ski accessories for sale, you can start by going online. You can look at some general shops, but it would be best if you went to the shops that specialize in jet ski parts and equipment.

We consider this our “short list” of the best jet ski accessories and hope you find it useful!

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