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What is the Steering Nozzle on a Jet Ski? [Explained]

What is the Steering Nozzle on a Jet Ski? [Explained]

The steering nozzle on a jet ski is a funnel-shaped conical metal nozzle mounted on the rear side of the pump. The main role of this device is to speed up and direct the water jet, which propels and steers the jet ski.

If you want to learn more about the jet ski nozzle and steering system, you’ve come to the right place.

We at JetDrift have compiled all you need to know under one roof!

What is the Steering Nozzle on a Jet Ski?

The jet ski pump features three main components; the pump housing, the impeller, and the nozzle.

The latter is known by many names, including jet nozzle, steering nozzle, and venture nozzle. This device looks like a large metal funnel attached to the pump with a hinged connection. It’s also connected to the handlebars via the steering cables.

As the name suggests, the primary function of the steering nozzle is to steer the jet ski.

However, it’s a lesser-known fact that the nozzle is also used for accelerating the water by taking advantage of the Venturi effect.

Are you curious about how the steering nozzle works on a jet ski?

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How does a Jet Ski’s Steering Nozzle Work?

Simply put, the steering nozzle on jet skis works largely due to the Venturi effect. This states that as water flows through a pipe with a constriction, which in this case is the nozzle, the water must speed up where its flow is restricted. In other words, the nozzle further accelerates the water jet coming from the pump.

Think of this nozzle like the nozzle sprayer on a garden hose. It reduces the size of the water jet while increasing its velocity.

The steering nozzle does the same thing on a jet ski, but only on a larger scale.

When you fire up the engine, the impeller starts to move the water in the pump towards the stern. The water passes through the stator vanes, which direct the flow axially and increase its velocity.

Finally, the water is forced through the jet nozzle. Since the nozzle has a smaller diameter than the pump, the Venturi effect comes into play. The nozzle reduces the diameter of the water jet while increasing its speed.

The high-pressure water jet squirting out the nozzle propels the machine forward through the water.

The nozzle is also used for steering the jet ski as it’s connected to the handlebars. Since jet skis lack rudders, they can only be steered by directing the thrust coming from the pump.When you turn the handlebars, it causes the nozzle to turn in the same direction. Eventually, this redirected water jet will turn the entire jet ski.

Takeaways – FAQs About Jet Ski Steering System

As a takeaway, we’ve answered the most common question about the steering system on jet skis!

What is the Jet Nozzle on a Jet Ski?

The jet nozzle on a jet ski is part of the pump. It’s a metal funnel-like cone attached to the pump assembly via a hinged connection. The jet nozzle is designed to speed up and direct the water jet to propel and steer the jet ski.

Where is the Steering Nozzle of a Jet Ski?

As a rule of thumb, the jet nozzle is connected to the rear end of the pump housing. If you check out a jet ski from its rear, you can see the jet nozzle in the center of the hull below the waterline.

The entire assembly is nestled in a nook inside the rear portion of the hull. On the bottom, this nook is covered by the ride plate.The nozzle is hidden behind the reverse gate if the ski is equipped with a brake and reverse system. You can access the steering nozzle by folding up or removing the gate.

How Does Jet Ski Steering Work?

The steering system on a jet ski works in a simple way. The handlebars are connected to the steering nozzle via cables. Turning the handlebar moves the nozzle side-to-side, redirecting the water jet coming out of the pump. The redirected water jet turns the stern, which causes the entire jet ski to turn.

What Happens When a Jet Ski Steering Mechanism is Turned to the Right? 

Turning the handlebars on a jet ski to the right causes the entire machine to turn in the same direction. The handlebars directly control the jet nozzle, which directs the water jet coming from the pump. This highly pressurized water propels and steers the jet ski.

Do Jet Skis Have Power Steering?

Jet skis are not designed with power steering, as their handlebars and steering nozzle feature a simple cable connection. Since steering a jet ski requires much less effort than a car, using a power steering system on these machines makes no sense.