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Krash Industries PWCs (Product Page)

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We’ve compiled all the key facts on this well-known PWC brand right here under one roof:


KRASH Industries began as just an aftermarket hull builder back in 2008. They initially started their business in Australia, but before long they’d entered the U.S. market.

Realizing the frustration that customers were experiencing trying to build a complete freeride/freestyle craft with only an aftermarket hull, Nick Barton, President and CEO of KRASH Industries, set out to provide customers with a complete, turn-key solution.

Being a decorated and highly respected freestyle jet ski champion, Nick has always been the driving force propelling the KRASH brand. He succeeded in designing and manufacturing everything required to build a complete, turn-key PWC, including its KV997 engine. And he did it all keeping the right price point in mind for customers.

In 2014 KRASH finally launched its complete “Ready to Perform” freestyle/freeride PWC. It was Nick’s vision that initially led to the formation of the business and it’s clear that he has been very instrumental in its success.

KRASH Industries now works like any other OEM, offering complete units for sale, as well as parts and service through a dealer network.

Customers can even finance their KRASH watercraft through the dealer. This means you can select the model according to your riding style, press the start button and you’re basically Ready to Go.

KRASH Industries has set out to become one of the dominant players in the PWC market and it seems as if they are well on their way.

The company keeps its focus on the roots of jet skiing, while still designing and building new innovations for the marketplace all the time.

It will be no surprise if we continue to see many more KRASH models out on the water!