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1994 MasterCraft Wet Jet Duo 200 Specs and Review [Chart]

1994 MasterCraft Wet Jet Duo 200 Specs and Review [Chart]

The Wet Jet Duo 200 was the first MasterCraft jet ski in the marketplace. This ski was introduced in 1994, followed by the more powerful Duo 300 in 1995. The Wet Jet Duo 200 was built on a deep-V fiberglass hull and utilized a 2-stroke twin “440 Brut” engine.

If you want to learn about the very first MasterCraft jet ski, you are in the right place.

We at JetDrift have compiled all you need to know into this Wet Jet Duo 200 review!

1994 Wet Jet Duo 200 Review

MasterCraft entered the PWC business by acquiring the Wet Jet brand in 1993. Surprisingly, early Wet Jet PWCs featured a weird body, which looked more like a snowmobile than a vessel.

After the acquisition, MasterCraft dropped this outdated platform and engineered an innovative deep-V hull for its new PWC line. It was made of high-quality hand-laid fiberglass.

The very first jet ski in the MasterCraft PWC fleet was the 1994 Wet Jet Duo 200. This well-designed ski was forgiving and stable but still offered a lot of fun.

Compared to rival PWCs, the Duo 200 was slightly bigger, as it was 102 inches long and 44 inches wide. In contrast, the competitor Sea-Doo XP had a 100-inch long and 41.5-inch wide platform.

The Wet Jet Duo 200 was powered by a 440 Brut engine featuring CDI ignition, oil injection, and a single Mikuni carburetor. This 432cc, 2-stroke twin power source was rated at 50 HP and sat on aluminum mounts planted onto the hull.

The water jet was provided by a mixed-flow jet pump that housed a high-performance aluminum impeller.

Keeping safety in mind, MasterCraft also inserted a foam-filled inner liner inside the hull, preventing the machine from sinking. Unfortunately, this foam resulted in some extra weight, which resulted in a worse power-to-weight ratio.

Many riders said that this ski was underpowered, and for good reason. The top speed of the Wet Jet Duo 200 was only 40 mph, while competitor performance jet skis could reach more than 50 mph.

Because of this, MasterCraft mainly marketed this model for beginner riders.

Its wide seat offered comfortable rides while its footwells were covered with mats for the best traction.

Although the ski was rated for two riders, its weight capacity was only 325 pounds. As you can imagine, this tiny ski became quite tipsy with two adult riders onboard.

Standard features included an 8-gallon fuel tank with a petcock valve, fuel gauge, shut-off switch, grab handles, tow hook, a 1-gallon oil reservoir, and unique under-seat storage.

Unlike today’s jet skis, the Duo 200 didn’t have bow storage. Instead, its hull housed a special “storage tray,” which was placed beneath the seat.

This large plastic tray was designed to cover the engine compartment, but it also featured a recessed area on its rear. This incorporated bin was the ski’s storage space.

The seat had to be mounted on top of this tray, resulting in a well-protected and secure storage space.

The only drawback of this setup was that you had to lift out the tray to access the engine compartment.

Regarding riding experience, we can say that the Duo 200 offered safe comfortable rides.

Thanks to its deep V-shaped hull, the machine was surprisingly controllable and predictable in the corners. It also did a good job on rough waters, as its deep keel easily cut through the chop.

Its wide seat and well-positioned handlebars provided a comfortable seating position for an average sized adult.

The Duo 200 was only in production during the 1994 model year since it was replaced by the more powerful Duo 300 in 1995.

1994 Wet Jet Duo 200 Specs Chart

For your convenience, we’ve compiled the 1994 Wet Jet Duo 200 specifications into these charts!

1994 Wet Jet Duo 200 Dimensions

Wet Jet Duo 200Dimensions
Seat Length36.5"
Dry Weight400 lbs
Weight Capacity325 lbs

1994 Wet Jet Duo 200 Engine Specs

Wet Jet Duo 200Engine Specs
Horsepower50 HP
Bore / Stroke2.665" x 2.364" (68mm x 60mm)
Displacement26 cu. in. (432 cc)
Compression Ratio7.5 :1
StarterTop-mounted, electric
Battery12-volt/19-ampere hr.
IgnitionCapacitor discharge

1994 Wet Jet Duo 200 Drive Unit

Wet Jet Duo 200Drive Unit
PropulsionMixed-flow jet pump
TransmissionDirect drive
ImpellerHigh-performance aluminum

1994 Wet Jet Duo 200 Fuel and Oil

Wet Jet Duo 200Fuel and Oil
Recommended FuelRegular Unleaded
Minimum Octane86
Recommended OilWetJet Premium or marine 2-cycle TCW 3 or TCW II
Fuel Capacity8 gallons
Oil Capacity1 gallon
These charts are for informational purposes only! For exact specifications, please refer to the factory manual.

Vintage Wet Jet Duo 200 for Sale

If you want to ride one, you probably want to know where to find a Wet Jet Duo 200 for sale. It’s safe to say that this ski is already a collectible item, so finding one is not an easy task!

If you want one at all costs, you may want to start your research on vintage jet ski forums and Facebook groups.Besides these sources, you may also find some used Wet Jet Duo 200 for sale on Craigslist, eBay, PWC Trader, and other dedicated jet ski ad sites.


As a takeaway, we’ve answered the most common questions about the vintage Wet Jet Duo 200!

Who Made the Wet Jet Duo?

The Wet Jet Duo series was manufactured by MasterCraft from 1994 through 1997.

When was the Wet Jet Duo Introduced?

The Wet Jet Duo 200 was revealed in 1994 and was marketed through 1995. The model was replaced by the more powerful Duo 300 for the 1995 model year.

Was the Wet Jet Duo 200 a 2-Stroke?

Yes, the Wet Jet Duo 200 was powered by a 2-stroke engine.

What Size was a Wet Jet Duo 200?

The 1994 Wet Jet Duo 200 was 102 inches long, 44 inches wide, and 36 inches high.

How Much Did a Wet Jet Duo 200 Weigh?

The dry weight of the 1994 Wet Jet Duo 200 was only 400 pounds.

What Kind of Engine Did the Wet Jet Duo 200 Have?

The engine of the 1994 Wet Jet Duo 200 was a 2-stroke “440 Brut” engine. This 432cc twin featured an advanced oil injection system, CDI ignition, and a single Mikuni carb.

How Much Horsepower Did a Wet Jet Duo 200 Have?

The 1994 Wet Jet Duo 200 provided a moderate 50 HP.

How Fast Did a Wet Jet Duo 200 Go?

The top speed of a 1994 Wet Jet Duo 200 was only 40 mph in stock condition, but with some aftermarket mods, it could easily hit 42-45 mph.

How Much is a Wet Jet Duo 200 Worth?

It’s hard to tell the exact price of a vintage Wet Jet Duo 200, as it depends on various factors like its year, condition, mods, and location. If you are looking for a side project, you can find one with a blown engine for a couple of dollars. In contrast, the price of a mint Wet Jet Duo 200 ranges from $500 up to $1,000.