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What is a Stand Up Jet Ski Called? Are They Still Being Made? [Video]

What is a Stand Up Jet Ski Called? Are They Still Being Made? [Video]

“What is a stand up jet ski called? Are stand up jet skis still being made?” These are the typical questions many beginners ask.

If you are new to the world of jet skis you probably want to know more about these unique types of jet skis.

For your convenience, we at JetDrift have compiled information on the currently available production stand up jet skis on the market, as well as some basic facts on them into this post!

What is a Stand Up Jet Ski Called?

The stand up jet ski is a special type of jet ski, one that was invented in 1972. Unlike the popular sit-down models, stand up jet skis don’t have seats, so you can ride them in standing or kneeling position. Riding a stand up jet ski requires much more effort, practice, and athletic skills, which is why they are much less popular than sit-down models.

You can find out what the main differences are between these two categories in this chart:

FactorStand UpSit Down
Available models744
Min price$8 699$5 499
Max price$16 799$18 000
Top Speed (mph)45-6240-67
Engine stroke2 or 44
Performance (HP)73 - 16060 - 310
SuperchargerNoYes / No
Rider Capacity12-3
Fuel capacity5-6 Gal8-21 Gal
Storage Capacity00,4-56 Gal
Net weight (lbs)273 - 503405 - 935
Curb weight (lbs)303 - 571458 - 1074
Length (")87-105130-147
BrakeNoYes / No
ReverseNoYes / No
SkillsPractice neededEasy start
Riding positionStandingSitting
If you are still wondering which would be best for you, a stand up or sit down jet ski, don’t miss our comprehensive comparison post, so that you can make an informed decision!

Are Stand Up Jet Skis Still Being Made?

Yes, the good news is that stand up jet skis are still made! If you are looking for a new stand up jet ski, you can choose from 7 different models made by three manufacturers: Yamaha, Kawasaki, and Krash. Don’t hesitate to discover and compare these stand up jet skis here!

How Heavy Is a Stand Up Jet Ski?

An average stand up jet ski weighs 270-500 pounds depending on the make and the model. These numbers refer only to the net weight, which means with fuel you can expect a stand up jet ski’s curb weight to be around 300-550 pounds.

How Long Is a Stand Up Jet Ski?

An average stand up jet ski is around 82-105 inches long and 26-30 inches wide. These models are generally much smaller than sit down jet skis, that’s why they are so lively on the water! You can find the production stand up jet skis’ weight and dimension specs in this chart:
BrandModellength (")width (")net weight (Lbs)curb weight (Lbs)
Krash50 CAL8230.5308338
KrashFoot rocket8226308338
KrashFoot rocket Pro8226273303

How Fast Do Stand Up Jet Skis Go?

An average stand up jet ski goes as fast as 45-62 mph depending on the model. Surprisingly, you can still find 2-stroke stand up jet skis in production, which usually offer a top speed of around 45 mph. Beyond the speed numbers, don’t forget to pay attention to the power-to-weight ratios!
BrandModelHPTop speed (Mph) Power to weight ratio
Krash50 CAL130460,42
KrashFootrocket Pro130460,48

What Is the Fastest Stand Up Jet Ski?

The fastest stand up jet ski is the Kawasaki SX-R 1500 on the market. This jet ski is powered by a 4-stroke, 160HP engine and offers an amazing top speed of 62 mph. If you are looking for the fastest production stand up jet ski, the SX-R 1500 is for you!
BrandModelHPccmCylin- ders2T / 4T
Krash50 CAL13099722
KrashFootrocket Pro13099722

How Much Does a Stand Up Jet Ski Cost?

New stand up jet skis cost around $8,600-$16,800 at this time. If you are looking for a used stand up jet ski, be prepared to pay $1,000-$6,000 depending on its year and condition. Also, don’t forget to check the modifications on the ski, as they can also affect the selling price.
BrandModelPrice (USD)
YamahaSuperJet$8 699
KawasakiSX-R$9 999
Krash50 CAL$12 599
KrashReaper$12 599
KrashPredator$12 599
KrashFootRocket$12 599
KrashFootrocket Pro$16 799

How Do You Transport a Stand Up Jet Ski?

You can transport a stand up jet ski on a trailer, on a truck bed or even on a hitch hauler. The most popular way to transport stand up jet skis is by towing them on a trailer, as they can be towed with smaller cars due to their low weight.


Stand up jet skis represent a unique category among jet skis.

Unlike the sit-down models, you have to ride them in a standing position. This means you will need a lot more skills and practice to ride them, or just to start them from the water!

As you’ve learned, stand up jet skis are still in production and available from three manufacturers.

Speaking of dimensions and weights, stand up jet skis are significantly smaller compared to sit down models. Let’s see the key specs of stand up jet skis in a nutshell:– 7 different models are available on the market

– The average stand up jet ski price: $8,600-$16,800 – The average stand up jet ski weights: 270-500 pounds net weight, 300-550 pounds curb weight – The average stand up jet ski dimensions: 82-105 inches long and 26-30 inches wide. – The average stand up jet ski top speed: 45-62 mph

This is our short fact sheet on stand up jet skis. We hope you find it useful!